Top 10 Best Male TV Drama Roles performed by Pakistani Actors

Friends this is just my opinion and choice. You may differ with the list and their rankings, but all of these are the legendary actors.

10. Shakeel for An-Kahi


9. Kashif Mehmood for Bulandi

Kashif Mehmood

8. Abid Ali for Samundar

Abid Ali

7. Sajid Hassan for Thorri Si Wafa Chahiye

Sajid Hassan

6. Fawad Khan for Humsafar

Fawad Khan

5. Shafi Muhammad for Aanch


4. Nauman Ejaz for Man-O-Salwa

NAuman Ejaz MOS.jpg

3. Asif Raza Mir for Tanhaiyan

Asif Raza Mir

2. Nauman Ejaz for Jackson Heights

Nauman Ejaz JH

and top of the list is……….

One and only;

1. RAHAT KAZMI (Dr. Ahmar of Dhoop Kinaray)

Rahat Kazmi


Punjab Nahi Jaoongi (Film review in Urdu)


پنجاب نہیں جاؤں گی ۔ اداکار و پروڈیوسر ہمایوں سعید کی اچھی کاوش

 پاکستانی فلم انڈسٹری کے لئے ۲۰۱۷ ایک بہتر سال ثابت ہو رہا ہے۔ اب تک تین اردو فلمیں یلغار، پنجاب نہیں جاؤں گی اور نا معلوم افراد 2 کامیابی سے ہمکنار ہوئی ہیں۔ خوش قسمتی سے آسٹریلیا میں رہنے والے پاکستانیوں کے لئے یہ فلمیں یہاں کے سینما گھروں میں بھی نمائش پذیر ہیں اور پاکستانی  فیملیز بڑے شوق سے انہیں دیکھنے پہنچیں۔

جب سے فلم انڈسٹری کراچی منتقل ہوئی ہے تکنیکی طور پر بہتر فلم سازی ہو رہی ہے۔ پرنٹ اور آواز کی کوالٹی بہت  بہتر ہو گئی ہے اور نئے اور جدید سینما گھر  بھی تعمیر کئے جا رہے ہیں۔ تاہم دوسری طرف ایک کمی جو نظر آرہی ہے وہ یہ کہ یہ فلمیں ڈراموں کے انداز میں ہی بنائی جا رہی ہیں اور یہی وجہ ہے کہ کافی فلمیں فلاپ بھی ہوئی ہیں۔

خیر، اب آتے ہیں ؛پنجاب نہیں جاؤں گی ؛ کی طرف جو حال ہی میں ریلیز ہوئی ہے اور میں نے خود سڈنی میں ایک سینما میں جا کر یہ فلم دیکھی۔ فلم پنجاب کے پس منظر میں بنائی گئی ہے اور لاہور کے بہترین ٹی وی  اداکاروں سہیل احمد، وسیم عباس،صبا حمید، نوید شہزاد اور ابھرتے ہوئے احمد علی بٹ نے اپنے کرداروں سے فلم میں جان ڈال دی۔

ہمایوں نے ایک پنجابی جوان کا کردار بڑی خوبصورتی سے ادا کیا ہے اور پنجابی تلفظ میں اردو اور انگریزی بولی ہے جو کافی مزیدار لگی۔ مہوش حیات نے کراچی کی ایک ماڈرن لڑکی کا کردار بہت خوبی سے نبھایا ہے، جبکہ عروہ حسین نے پنجابی جٹی کا کردار احسن طریقے سے نبھایا ہے۔ فلم کی خوبیوں میں اچھا مزاح، بہت اچھی موسیقی، عمدہ اداکاری اور اداکاروں کا بہتر انتخاب نمایاں ہیں۔ بہت خوبصورت سیٹ استعمال کئے گئے ہیں اور رائٹر خلیل الرحمان قمر کے ڈائیلاگ بھی بہت متاثر کن ہیں۔ سہیل احمد نے ایک دفعہ پھر ثابت کر دیا ہے کہ وہ ایک زبردست اداکار ہیں، جبکہ نوید شہزاد نے بھی کمال کے ڈائیلاگ بولے ہیں۔ اس فلم میں ایک گانا؛ اے دل ؛ موجود ہے جو آپ کے دل کو چھو جاتا ہے۔ اسے پاکستانی فلم انڈسٹری کے چند بے حد خوبصورت گانوں میں شمار کیا جا سکتا ہے۔ ڈانس بھی کافی بہتر ہیں اور آپ کو بالی وڈ فلموں کے سٹینڈرڈ کے محسوس ہوتے ہیں۔

جہاں فلم میں بہت سی خوبیاں ہیں، وہیں چند معمولی نوعیت کی خامیاں بھی ہیں جن پر توجہ دے کر آنے والے دنوں میں بہتر فلمیں بنائی جا سکتی ہیں۔ پہلی خامی بعض سنجیدہ نوعیت کے سینز میں بلاوجہ مذاق کو گھسیٹنا ہے جو اچھا نہیں لگا۔ دوسرے اس فلم کی کہانی بہت سادہ ہے اور ٹی وی ڈرامہ ؛دل لگی؛ سے متاثر دکھائی دیتی ہے جہاں ہمایوں سعید، مہوش حیات اور صبا حمید انہی کرداروں میں تھےاور میاں، بیوی کی لڑائی ہی موضوع تھا۔ اسی طرح مہوش حیات کو ایک حد تک لالچی دکھایا گیا ہے جو بہت عجیب لگا کہ جائیداد کے لالچ میں آ کر وہ اپنی محبت کو ٹھکرا دیتی ہے اور ایک دیہاتی فواد کگھا (ہمایوں سعید) سے شادی کا فیصلہ کر لیتی ہے۔  آخری خامی بینک الفلاح اور مکڈونلڈز کی بھونڈے طریقے سے تشہیر ہے، جنہوں نے غالباً اس فلم کو سپانسر کیا ہے۔ بہتر ہوتا اگر فلم کے آغاز میں ٹائٹلز میں ان کا بڑے حروف میں نام لکھ کر شکریہ ادا کر دیا جاتا۔

مجموعی طور پر یہ ایک فیملی فلم ہے جسے آپ جا کر اپنے گھر والوں کے ساتھ دیکھ سکتے ہیں اور سینما سے ہنستے ہوئے نکلیں گے۔ ہم اس فلم کی کامیابی پر ہمایوں سعید اور ان کی ٹیم کو مبارک باد پیش کرتے ہیں۔

Absence of strict laws helping pornography spread in Pakistan

When I was a college student in 90s, a video scandal got viral. That time famous Pakistani actress Shahida Mini’s sex video with some unknown male was easily available on the video rental shops. To my surprise no notice was taken at all. However Shahida Mini was strongly condemned over this vulgar act.

Last year Lollywood actress Meera got involved in a similar scandal when her private bedroom video got viral in which she is doing shameful activities with her friend Naveed. Both later denied the video by claiming that someone made it using computer technology. However again no one took any action at all. Later two TV actresses Sophia and Rida Isfahani also released extremely vulgar videos of themselves. These videos are uploaded on porn websites and can be watched easily.

PEMRA and other government agencies and authorities are silent on this sensitive issue which is simply affecting our youth. These actresses are using such videos for their sex marketing so that the upper class could pay them high for their time. We demand that PEMRA should immediately take up the matter and these culprits must be given strict punishments by the courts so that no one could ever do to do such ugly activities again. Also these artists should be banned by the media.

Aman Ullah – the king of comedy and mimicry

Aman Ullah

Since my early youth I have been watching Pakistani stage dramas live in Lahore, and on CDs. Pakistan has got the best comedy artists that include late Moin Akhtar, late Albela, Omar Sharif, Iftikhar Thakur, Muhammad Ali Mir, Shakeel Siddiqui, Sohail Ahmed, Nasim Vicky, Honey Albela, Saleem Albela and Sakhawat Naz. No doubt that all of them are gems of comedy and no Indian artist can compete with them in comedy and mimicry.

However there is one name that can be declared simply as the king of comedy and mimicry. Aman Ullah is the recognition of Pakistan. Wherever in the world people live who understand Punjabi, Urdu and Hindi, are his big fans. His dramas and programmes are watched everywhere. These days he appears on the Dunya TV show Mazaaq Raat, where he with his fellow comedians Iftikhar Thakur, Jawad Waseem and Sakhawat Naz, participates in social and political discussions and spreads smile on the faces of audiences.

Aman Ullah’s observation is just remarkable. The way he mimics lower, middle and upper classes, is highly commendable. His sense of humour is amazing and he sometimes really touches your heart with his though provoking sentences and judgements. In addition to this he has a great knowledge about the legendary artists like late Mehdi Hasan Khan, Madam Noorjehan, Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and many others. Aman Ullah has a very good control over the tone and pitch of his voice, and sometimes when he sings in the programme on request, his vocals are just amazing.

Pakistani nation is very lucky that we have got such an amazing and highly talented artist who always has brought respect and recognition for our beloved country.

Arif Lohar – the Desi Rockstar rocked Sydney

It was Saturday, the 23rd of May 2015. I was very excited as it was my first ever chance of attending the live concert of Jugni King Arif Lohar who was in Australia for his concerts in all major cities. Raja Taseer of Parwaz Multicultural Arts with the cooperation of Event News Australia and ARF (Ali Rana Folk) managed this beautiful evening for Pakistani and Indian people living in NSW, which will be remembered for a long time. I reached C3 Conference Centre at 7:00 pm where the gig was being held. There were hundreds of Jugni fans there waiting for the show to start.

Concert started at 7:30 pm with solo performance of Sydney based Pakistani Singer Shagufta Zia who beautifully sang Madam Noorjehan’s super hit Punjabi song ‘Way sub tou sohnaya’ (وے سب توں سوہنیا). She got high applause from the jam packed hall. Arif Lohar’s talented musicians played live for Shagufta.

Then came Sherry (Arif’s keyboardist-cum-singer) on the stage and performed a beautiful classical song. He had very good command on his vocal range. He also got good appreciation. He was replaced by Fauzia, the female back-vocalist of Arif Lohar Band. She sang three melodious Punjabi songs. Her performance was highly appreciated by the crowd.

Now the audience had got fully charged and they wanted to listen to Arif, who didn’t disappoint them at all. Arif came on the stage with 3 more musicians of his talented team. He started singing Punjabi songs of folk genre. Very few singers have such a wonderful command and over their musicians that I saw in Arif. His team understand his hand signals and gestures. They changed their way of playing according to Arif’s requirements, i.e. off-beat, extra beat, solo guitar riffs and fully fledged orchestra. Arif’s Dholak player Shahzad stole the show with his extra ordinary performance and stylish look. He played a great role in making the event superb. Guitarists played some beautiful electric guitar pieces. Drummer, flutist, keyboardist and others also played very well.

Arif sang his super hit ‘Jugni – Coke Studio version’ in the end. He was joined by four Sikh folk dancers for this and another song. I was amazed to see the way Arif managed them like a choreographer. Arif’s move-n-shakes were just like the chocolate topping on a very delicious ice-cream. Youngsters and middle aged guys danced wildly and many of them gave tips to Arif and his Dholak player Shahzad. Arif during his performance also went into the crowd and provided them with the opportunity of making their photographs with the Jugni King. At the end he asked Raja Taseer to come on the stage. Raja Taseer thanked all the audience for making the event a big success.

Kissay Apna Kahain… a memorable Urdu TV drama serial

Kisay Apna Kahain

Pakistan has a wonderful TV drama industry. Our highly talented artists, writers and directors have produced number of drama serials that cannot be forgotten. India is far ahead in making movies and their film industry is competing with Hollywood now. However they cannot beat us in TV dramas where we are the best without any doubt. Hum TV is these days leading in telecasting the quality drama serials.

I normally cannot watch any TV serial continuously as they require lot of time and to be honest most of the time they have extra elongated stories. Last drama serial that I watched completely was ‘Thori Si Wafa Chahiye’. This June I got some time for watching TV dramas on Youtube. My mother introduced me to a current TV drama serial ‘Kissay Apna Kahain’ (کسے اپنا کہیں) which has just finished.

This amazing drama had 44 one hour episodes. The story was so catchy that I could not resist myself from watching all the episodes completely. Veteran actors Shabbir Jaan and Rubina Ashraf have given their best ever performances.

The drama revolves around a family of an old couple (played by Shabbir Jaan and Rubina Ashraf) and their four daughters. The family passes through a very tough time. However their patience, strong faith in Allah Almighty and good intentions pay them and at the end everything gets normal.

Writer Mansoor Mushtaq and Iftekhar Usmani have done a great job by writing the story of this memorable TV serial which has been directed so professionally by Zeeshan Ahmed. Greatest living Pakistani singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has sung the beautifully composed and written OST for this drama serial. The best lesson that I got from this drama is that one should never feel down for having daughters. Good daughters are the blessing of Allah for their parents. I would recommend this drama especially to those who have daughters only.

WAAR – the amazing Lollywood movie that increased my patriotism!


Finally I got chance of watching the long awaited movie WAAR in Sydney last Sunday (18 May 2014). I with my friends reached the cinema for the afternoon show. Waar was given two shows on Sunday. I queued up for the ticket and when I reached the counter I asked the staff proudly that I wanted a ticket for the PAKISTANI film Waar. The girl gave me a good smile and handed over the ticket after being paid.

Waar name on Event Cinemas billboard

Waar name on Event Cinemas billboard

I entered the cinema and was delighted to see that around 150 Pakistani people in the groups of friends and families had gathered for watching this Lollywood film that has created a very good impact on the cine-goers. Film started after a little while. I could not believe that it was a Pakistani film. 90% of the dialogues were in English and I must appreciate the director Bilal Lashari who worked very hard on the accent of all artists. Lollywood superstar Shan is the hero in this movie and TV star Shamoon Abbasi has played role of the main villain. Other artists include Aisha Khan, Hamza Abbasi, Ali Azmat, Meesha Shafi, Kamran Lashari and Bilal Lashari. Producer and writer Hassan Waqas Rana has done a great job. Waar is the story about Pakistan Army’s war against the foreign supported terrorism in Pakistan. It shows how skilful and brave our army and police officials are.

Shamoon has played his negative role just wonderfully and has been shown as a highly talented Indian spy and killer. Meesha Shafi is his partner and agent in Pakistan who provides him with the resources and information for targeting the Army, police and the common people. Shan works for the Army and Aisha Khan and Hamza Abbasi assist him in his mission against Shamoon (Ramal in the movie). Whereas Ali Azmat has played role of a patriotic politician Ejaz Khan.

Camera, editing, background music, direction, sound quality all are just superb and match with the Hollywood standards. Climax is superb and audience in the cinema gave a loud round of applause to the creative team. The best dialogue in the movie was, “As long as history will be written by hunters, lions shall never be glorified”. I would recommend this movie with a loud voice to all those who haven’t watched it yet. I bet that you will for sure start loving Pakistan and our brave soldiers more than ever.



Geo TV’s insulting attitude towards legend Anwar Maqsood

Mr. Anwar Maqsood

Mr. Anwar Maqsood

These days Khabarnaak (خبرناک) is one of the most popular comedy show run on Geo TV network. Aftab Iqbal hosts this programme and discusses many issues with a team of six to seven jugglers. One of the jugglers is so called educated Muhammad Ali Mir who has a good talent of getting getup of any popular figure and mimicking their talking style.

It’s a good way without any objection to make people happy who are already having problems in their everyday life. However I have noticed that Geo TV management plays a great role in controlling the script and level of humiliation of the person who Muhammad Ali Mir presents in his mimicry. Anwar Maqsood is one of the most talented media persons of Pakistan. He is a wonderful compere, writer and producer. He has produced many popular comedy programmes with his highly talented colleagues late Moin Akhtar and Bushra Ansari from PTV Karachi centre. He is one of the best comperes/hosts who can be compared only with legendary Zia Muhiuddin, Naeem Bukhari and Tariq Aziz. In addition to comparing he wrote comedy scripts that gave popularity to late Moin Akhtar.

In many episodes of Khabarnaak, Muhammad Ali Mir adopts getup of Anwar Maqsood and is introduced by the host as ‘Danishwar Sahib’ (دانشور صاحب) which means ‘Scholar’ in English. Then he is shown as a very silly person which is a highly condemnable thing. It can be easily judged that this is being done on the orders of Geo TV management because Anwar Maqsood sahib is the recognition of PTV Karachi centre. Geo TV could not hire him perhaps for their channel and that is the main reason that they started humiliating such a nice and talented person.

Muhammad Ali Mir as dummy of Anwar Maqsood

Muhammad Ali Mir as dummy of Anwar Maqsood

Aftab Iqbal is a very rude person, who has attitude problem. He was removed from the Dunya TV’s popular show Hasb-e-Haal. Later he had issues with the senior actor Aman Ullah who was a permanent member of his Khabarnaak team. Because of his negative attitude talented artists Aman Ullah, Iftikhar Thakur and Sakhawat Naz left him and joined Dunya TV show Mazaaq Raat (مذاق رات).

From Sada-e-Shahid we demand Geo TV to stop insulting the national heroes and give them their due respect, because the nations who insult their heroes eventually disappear from the page of history.

Man-O-Salwa: An unforgettable story of Karam Ali and Zaini

Nauman Ijaz as Karam Ali

Nauman Ijaz as Karam Ali

Resham as Pari Zad (Zaini)

Resham as Pari Zad (Zaini)

Pari Zad

Since my school days, I have been reading Urdu stories and novels. I always used to develop a relation with the characters that impressed me. Inspector Jamshed, Ali Imran, Black Zero (Tahir), Inspector Kamran Mirza and Shoki are few of the characters to be named from the bestselling novels of Ishtiaq Ahmed, Mazhar Kaleem and Ibn-e-Safi (creator of Imran Series).

Those days PTV was the only Urdu channel in Pakistan and it’s dramas were so much impressive that they used to bind the families in front of their TV screens. Serials and series like Tanhaayian, Alif Noon, Sona Chandi, Waris, Un-Kahi, Andhera Ujala, Dhoop Kinaray, Ehsas and Hawayain are few to be mentioned out of a long list. Many characters from these dramas also are part of my memory and I always like to cherish these sweet memories with my cousins and close friends.

Umera Ahmed has emerged as a very popular and wonderful Urdu novel writer. She is a born writer I believe and her stories touch the heart and one cannot forget them for a long time. Her books Peer-e-Kamil (پیر کامل), Meri Zaat Zara-e-benishaan (میری ذات ذرہ بے نشاں), Haasil (حاصل), La-haasil (لا حاصل), Iman Umeed Aur Muhabbat (ایمان، امید اور محبت) , Amar Bail (امر بیل), Man-O-Salwa (من و سلوٰی) and Zindagi Gulzar Hay (زندگی گلزار ہے) set records of sales. Due to her increasing popularity TV producers contacted her and asked her to allow them for making drama serials on her stories, with little changes required due to electronic media requirements. She accepted the offers and now Pakistani people are enjoying her best stories in the form of dramas.

Today I am going to pay tribute to two of her characters that have affected me the most in my life. I read the book first and then watched the drama for four times. After that I read the book once again, which has about 700 pages. Honestly speaking I would say that these are one of the best characters ever introduced by any Urdu writer. Name of both the novel and drama is Man-O-Salwa (من و سلوٰی).

Zainab Zia (Zaini)

This is the character around which the whole story is focused. In drama Resham has performed this role just wonderfully. Zaini belongs to a poor family where she lives with her dead honest clerk father, mother, one elder married sister and a younger sister. She is engaged to her first cousin Sheraz, who is trying his best to become a CSP officer. Zaini is happy despite of many problems due to poverty. She loves Sheraz the most in the world, whereas she is the most favourite daughter of her father Zia. After becoming the CSP officer Sheraz joins the training at academy where he comes across boys and girls belonging to the rich families. Somehow he thinks that for bringing his poor family out of poverty he would have to earn high using all possible unfair ways. He gets involved in a rich family and breaks his engagement with Zaini by accusing her falsely of having an affair with a trespasser.

Zaini breaks down as she always had a very firm belief in Allah (God) being a religious and pious girl. Her parents, especially father tries his best to convince her that she would be getting a better person than Sheraz, but she loses her hope. She then decides to become rich and joins the showbiz industry as a model through a friend’s cousin who was running a modelling agency.

Her father cannot digest it and passes away. At this stage her family gets into lot of financial problems but they don’t allow her to help them out. Later Zaini, who already had shifted to a bungalow, brings them at her place. She settles her elder sister back to her home, who was kicked out by her husband after giving birth to third daughter. Zaini joins the film industry and within days gets great popularity….. At this stage she is invited to Australia (Canada in the novel) by a new producer who wanted to produce his first ever film with Zaini as the heroine.

Karam Ali

This is the best male character in this story that is a self-made rich man and lacks love in his life. In drama Nauman Ijaz has played the role perfectly. He belongs to a poor family and after passing through lot of struggles that include illegal entry into Qatar by boat and working at the horse stable there for 3 years (novel gives these details) finally settles down in Australia (Canada in novel). Later Karam Ali also settles his mother and brothers in Australia. They all enjoy a very good lifestyle. Karam’s family have been using him for their own interests since he left the country. Karam Ali was engaged to his first cousin Arifa and loved her so much. His family kept delaying their wedding by pretending that Karam was not well set. They used all his wealth sent to them in improving their lifestyle. Later they broke his engagement forcefully. Karam Ali was very disappointed at that stage. Later he found a Pakistani showbiz star Pari Zad (پری زاد) having great resemblance with Arifa. He then decides to produce a movie in Australia with Pari Zad as the heroine.

Karam Ali and Pari Zad

Zaini whose showbiz name is Pari Zad, reaches Australia for meeting Karam Ali so that she could finalise the film deal with him. She is of the view that Karam Ali, just like other showbiz men, would satisfy his physical desires from her. However Karam Ali remains within his limits and just enjoys Pari Zad’s company. They spend time together as friends. Finally last night comes for Pari Zad before her departure from Australia. Karam Ali invites her for the first time to his home for having dinner with him. She is still waiting for the film deal to be signed off, in which Karam Ali had shown no interest at all. That night she thinks that he would offer her to stay with him and she shows her perception to Karam Ali. He is shocked and asks her to leave. He tells her that the deal would be signed through his manager on the following day. Pari Zad leaves him and returns to Pakistan after signing the deal.

Karam Ali and Zareen

Zareen is a 20 year old beautiful young girl from Pakistan. She belongs to a very poor family and her parents are worried for her and her sisters’ weddings. Karam Ali’s greedy family after knowing about Pari Zad’s meetings with Karam decides to get him married with Zareen. Karam was already very disappointed with Pari Zad so he agrees for the marriage. After the wedding Zareen, who had a love affair with her age fellow poor and lazy guy Jamal creates problems for Karam Ali. She is very rude and keeps contact with Jamal over the phone. Karam catches her talking to Jamal on phone and later divorces Zareen on her wish. Being a thorough gentleman, he arranges work visa for Jamal and calls him to Australia. Later Zareen gets married to him and they enter into lot of problems due to the bad nature and greed of Jamal.

Karam Ali and Zaini

Pari Zad gets lots of success through films and becomes one of the richest persons of the showbiz industry. On the other side Sheraz (her ex-fiancé) was unhappy due to his rich wife’ and her father’s insulting attitude. He tries very hard to meet Zaini. She traps him and calls him for meeting at a guest house, where she already had planned a police raid when she and Sheraz are drinking wine. Sheraz is sent to jail and Pari Zad gets released within minutes due to her high level contacts. Later she is cut from the casts of many movies due to her bad reputation. At this stage she leaves the industry and settles in Australia without informing anyone.

One day Karam Ali finds her working on one of his stores. From here their love story starts, which is the most beautiful part of this story. They both finally decide to get married. After that what comes to them, I will not share here. Just watch the drama (available on YouTube), beautifully directed by Babar Javed. Then I suggest that you read the novel. You will be amazed.

I appreciate Umera Ahmed in high words for bringing such great story to us with lots of lessons to learn from.

Thori Si Wafa Chahiye: Analysis of Geo TV Drama Serial

Thori si wafa chahiye
I recently watched Urdu TV drama Thori Si Wafa Chahiye on Youtube. This drama was telecast in 2011 on Hum TV. However I could not watch it live and now in Sydney I got a chance to watch the 18 episodes of this nicely directed drama. Syed Wasi Shah is a talented script writer, who wrote this drama. One of the most popular OST ‘Jeena Koi Mushkil Tou Naheen’ is the soul of this drama, sung by none other than world known qawwal Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

Drama evolves around a family of four; Sajid Hassan (playing character of Sheraz) is head of the family and Iffat Raheem (playing character of Rania) is his wife. They have two cute young kids named as Maham and Arsal. There is lack of understanding between the parents and due to the arrogant attitude of Sheraz the marriage results in a divorce.

Sheraz is shown as a corrupt government officer, who has love affair with a beautiful young girl Mehreen (played by Mehwish Hayat) belonging to a poor family. He leaves his family for Mehreen and later gets married to her. He also forcefully takes his kids into his custody. The story moves on. Rania somehow gets her daughter and Sheraz agrees with her on keeping son with him. Rania gets married to a nice man Jasim (played by Adnan Siddiquee) who has a son from his expired wife.

Story is beautifully written and shows that a cheater gets cheated end of the day. Same happens with Sheraz when he is dismissed from his job on corruption charges. He, on advice of his assistant, transfers his assets in his new father-in-law’s name just for saving his skin. He is sent to jail after the investigations. Sheraz when comes out of the prison after a deal according to which he could not join his office again, he goes to his wife who is running love affair with his assistant (role played by Shamoon Abbasi). She asks him to get lost and tells that she would not give him a single penny.

Sheraz starts a new life with his son Arsal, who is diagnosed with brain tumour. From here story takes a dynamic turn. Sheraz doesn’t have enough money for his son’s treatment as with each passing day his son is getting closer to the death. How he manages the funds and how Rania reacts on her son’s sickness is the beauty of this great story. Actor Akhtar Husnain, who performed role of Rania’s brother Arif, also gave exceptional performance.

I would highly recommend this classic drama to all Urdu drama viewers. Only objectionable thing is the unnecessary bold dressing of Mehwish Hayat. Yasir Nawaz has done great job as a director and has proven that he is a talented guy.