How to Get Dubai Driving License

Besides following the guidelines of your driving instructors, please keep following things in your mind when taking a driving test.

1.       Drive confidently in a relaxed mood at a good speed. Examiners don’t like driving too slow.

2.       Always make use of indicators and mirrors while start maneuvering, turning, and approaching a road or intersection.

3.       Never change lane unless you are asked to do so. However, shift to low speed lane after taking a U-turn in fast lane from a roundabout.

4.       Never start changing your lane while making the ‘shoulder and mirrors’ check. Start moving after completing the check.

5.       Speed up your vehicle immediately (within speed limit) after changing lane from slow to fast one.

6.       When turning on a main road from secondary road at T-junction, wait until approach is safe and road is clear ahead.

7.     After entering the main road from T-junction or intersection, immediately speed up your vehicle to drive the vehicle at a good speed.

8.   On roundabouts, slow up your vehicle. After taking exit from the roundabout, immediately speed up your vehicle to drive the vehicle at a good speed.

9.       Never enter a roundabout unless you find no vehicle coming from your left side.

10.   Change the lane only when there is no fast vehicle coming in the desired lane. Ignore examiner’s order to do so if there is no safe way for doing so. He will appreciate your decision.

11.   Always park your car parallel to the road when asked to park by the examiner. Never park in front of any entrance, gate or side road. Use hazard lights if enough space is not available for opening the driving side doors.





    That’s a nice informative education given by you to the people is fantastic effort, I do salute to your greatness Mr.Shahid Javed a beneficial Environment Protection officer and Engineer.

  2. Thanks a lot for your advices that I read carefully before going to my road test today morning. Alhamdolellah (Thanks God) I passed the test from my 1st trial after getting 4 classes in the same driving school of Jebel Ali (Belhasa). In addition to your beautiful advices let me add a couple of hints based on my experience:

    1- Even if you are already holding a driving license, like me as I have two in other countries, just play their game (i.e. stick to the rules as if you are a beginner and don’t try to be overconfident)
    2- Reflect your confidence using a smile.
    3- Try to socialize gently with the examiner and raise this advantage of having a driving license in another country. (What I did is that while setting in the car at the beginning of the driving test I prayed loudly to Allah saying “Oh Allah, I have two driving license, please let me get the third one today”. The examiner laughed and replied “Ok…Ok.. I heard you, let’s see if you deserve them”, and that’s exactly what I wanted, “Melting the ice”.

  3. Dear Mamdouh,
    I am very very happy today that at least I could help a person from this website. this is the blessing of Allah on you and of course your efforts. I am also very thankful for your tips. You are always most welcome here. Please also refer this site to your friends and colleagues who are trying for the same.

  4. “Change the lane only when there is no fast vehicle coming in the desired lane. Ignore examiner’s order to do so if there is no safe way for doing so. He will appreciate your decision.”
    Shahid Bhai I really liked this Sentence…….

    If and when ever I will enter into Dubai and else where, I will keep remember your advices for getting a new driving license successfully.

    “IGNORE EXAMINER’S ORDER” that’s very nice ….. I meant from this “ never do what other says but do what you understand and don’t let your life to be spoiled by just following other one but keep your pace and direction as you think ok for your self”

    take care and warm wellcome in Pakistan in coming December.

    May you and your all family members be in peace at all time.


  5. salam
    hi i am zeeshan
    Inshallah i will try to getting license very soon. pray for me and all of thers who is applying and trying for license. ALLAH HAFIZ

  6. Dear All,

    I have just started learning classes in Galadari.
    Is there any tips while learning??

    Thanks & Regards

  7. Your instructor will guide you during learning. Follow his instructions and ask questions where you have any doubt.

  8. One of my very nice friends, Mr. Zubair Tariq has also got the license. He told me that the tips given on this website proved very good for him and he got the liecense once he read them. I thank to Allah that I have been able to help some people at least…..

  9. Thanks for the tips. I am having my 6th test tomorrow, Please Pray for me.

    I shall let you know, Insha Allah

  10. Dear Shahid, Tips are indeed helpful – lets pray for my 4th try on 17th Feb – please note that examiner’s mode is another major issue while failing students. I will try this time your hint i,e Oh Allah this is my fourth try-bless me with driving license today. Take care. Nasir

  11. I conclude it is matter of luck and the mood of Shurta.

    I failed in my first road test today. I try to perform in the light of above suggestions also observe all the mandatory check while driving but Shurta failed all the four, remember my turn was the last.

    Although the first three could not perform up to the mark and shurta forcefully asked them to stop the car but in my case it was nothing like that as I become little more conscious from the predecessors.

    In my opinion, one can only get license if his luck is good and the mood of so called shurta is good (i.e if he really wants to pass that day). Today shurta was in hurry as he has to go to hell, he not only fail all of us but also all the four before us and all the four after us.

    Those who already have any license should pray for his lucky ‘today’ on the day of test.

  12. Irfan I congratulate you on getting the license in your third attempt. Its not that bad at all.

  13. the tips are nice here. it motivates and boost confidence. I got the licence in FIRST TRY. these tips helped me a lot.

  14. Thanks for good advise,
    I hope that I could pass in my third test
    Pray for me, Allah is great
    He gives, but RTA officers keeps with them.

  15. I have my first road test scheduled on May 19th. Indeed you tips sound encouraging and a very good crux of my learnings that I learnt from taking classes from Driving School.

    Wish me good luck!

  16. Dear,
    Thanks for the info about DL but let me tell you I sufer with some back pain and neck pain since I am an Arthritis patient, So I have difficulty to turn my neck and so I failed twice before as today was my test and apperaing for my 3rd test as I suffered with Pain and have difficulty for shoulder check and have some line change problem, so pls. let me know how to pass of this one and my instructor suggested me to wear a neck band from parmacy as i suffer with pain so atleast on those grounds of the changing and shoulder check i wont fail…. Pls. reply to my email for more.

  17. hi, could you please give me the tip : to park vehicle in 90 degrees parking??

    thanks in advance….

  18. My friend, it’s not a tough job. 90 deg. parking is easy. Just use your back mirror and side mirrors to check the safe space around your car. Your instructor can help you. just do it with him.

  19. shahid bhai,
    namaste. thanx for ur wonderful tips. i’m having my 2nd test tomorrow. hope i wud pass. please pray for me brother

  20. Dear Nandhini,
    I wish you a very good luck. Please let me know about your result. 🙂

  21. i want to get uae d/l. what should i do that i wil be pass in Ist or IInd test… what is the process..

  22. I regret having read this after failing two road tests. Still, thanks for posting this. I now have more than a week to prepare myself mentally having these tips in mind.
    As for those who have failed their exams before, keep in mind that perseverance and determination is key. You’ll appreciate the rewards in the end when you get that licence! 🙂

  23. I had my road test was my first test and i cleared it..
    before the test i had heard stories of how people do not pass in the first try etc.
    what i observed was time period for which u drive is just not sufficient..3 mins is a little to completely judge having said that..if u do no mistakes..u pass..
    there was a guy who was giving his test for the eighth time..and he was the one who drove before my turn..and honestly he didnt know how to break!! evey time he pressed the breaks all of us were flung of the seats..
    So guys drive without fear..easily said than done but drive confidently, trust in God and if u do no mistakes ull pass..

  24. Failed at my third attempt last Thursday. I guess third-time-lucky doesn’t work. I’m getting ready to go for my fourth (hopefully final) try this early September. As I’ve posted on my previous message, perseverance and determination is key. I hope in my next one my efforts and sacrifices will pay off.

  25. failed again in my third attempt. feeling very bad and depressed. my next is due on sep3rd. hope i pass in it.

  26. I have given 6 tests, Every time they will find 1 mistake. I am having saudi DL and Indian DL, driving for last 13 years, but could not pass the test, remember I was driving in Dubai for 6 months rent a car as I was on visit visa. I think even you follow all above points it’s just the wish of the RTA

  27. hi, thanks for the tips and supports
    I have one doubt- after setting the seat and mirror, after examinors order how to begin driving. is it like (when i m starting from a bus stop/parking position)
    Indicator->gear->release hand break or
    Gear->Indicator->release Hand break

  28. Hi,
    In reply to the last post ….
    Usually when you park at a bus stop, there is no need of putting the hazard lights on. However, if you are at a road separator (in most cases) then the order is:
    Indicator->Hazard lights off (guy getting off should have put it on)->gear->release hand brake (centre mirror, shoulder check) move out.
    This coming from a guy who has had 2 unsuccessful attempts so far.
    Sahid tips are great …will try to abide by them this time.

  29. Failed again for the 4th time. I’m beginning to hate myself. 😦 No matter what practice I do to correct mistakes I made before, it’s just not enough for the RTA! Just losing enthusiasm and losing valuable time to continue with this. Is it me, the RTA or the driving school that’s at fault?

  30. Dear Jocel,
    I can understand your feelings. I passed in the 4th try and when I got failed in my 3rd attempt, I got as much depressed that I decided to leave UAE if I would not have passed in the 4th attempt. I could find nothing on the internet for help and guidance. That’s why I created this page.
    Yes, they sometimes do lot of injustice while failing the students without any valid reason. Anyways, my best wishes are with you and I pray that next time you get a kind and soft hearted examiner.

  31. hi guys,
    I wanna know if there are any tricks in the road test?? why do u fail in it!!
    coz i’ll do my road test next week and i’m worried now after reading ur answers!

  32. Be brave dear… These are just tips that can prove very good for you. Just drive with confidence and smile.

  33. Firstly thanks for the tips, I drive for 6 years now and I have a very good experience. Do you think I should tell the examiner or keep my mouth shut and let him decide. Also any more tips for manual gear licence?

  34. Just drive with a smile and good confidence. Follow the instructions given here and also do if the examiner instructs you for any thing. Don’t try to be extra smart. However, change your line from the fastest one after taking U-turn from a round about. 🙂

  35. Respected sir,
    I want to narrate my experience next month i am giving my 7 test though I got 9 years indian driving expereince every time iam failing main things the time allotted is very less and also I dont know how to impress examiner to get licence Iam frustated for a small mistake we are failing can u advice to go for more tests
    The time given 8.45 am for road test and called by 12.30pm in this course of time people will get frustation
    I need at any cost licence for my post please give me tips to get licence and pray for me by profession Iam a manager
    hope I think this is my final attempt

  36. Wish you very best of luck. Just drive with a relaxed mood and smiling face. Follow the instructions provided here and show good coomand on the steering. Success will be yours!

  37. Dear Mr. Sheddy,

    I am approaching for my first road test on 29th October (day after tomorrow). Thank you very much for your tips…. I will keep the tips in my mind and will try for the best. Please pray for me…

  38. tomorrow my 7 th test in belhasa ,dubai,

    4 examiner changed,

    all my money gone,

    my driving become good.

    oh my god please help me to pass tomorrow exam

  39. I failed my 5th test today by screwing up at the parking. I’m disappointed at myself.
    I do want to share one thing to you guys. This advice came from my previous examiner (who failed me before, of course). He asked me how many attempts have I taken already and honestly answered “This is the 5th one, sir.” With a concerned tone he answered back “You know what, I guess counting your failures is clouding your concentration. Forget all about them! It’s done with and you should focus more on passing the next one. Ask your instructor to correct your mistake today then move on from there.” I was dumbstruck to hear that kind of advice coming FROM an RTA examiner. That moment today renewed my sense of hope for success!

  40. I finally passed my 6th try! This blog was very helpful, I already recommended this blog to my colleagues who are working on getting their licenses. All I can say is that all the fail-counting would go away once you pass it. 🙂

  41. i am also going to take driving test in dubai If some one help me I am ever great full to you . Thank you

  42. Failed in my Third attempt today at EDI . First time I have seen him asking me to do reverse parking after excellent drive all around and I goofed up in that ; I hardly got trained in reverse parking with the assumption that reverse parking is rarely given. Me too have not seen …

    Feeling pathetic and very low.

    Any tips on should I chage the institute to Dubai driving center; I see pass percentage in EDI is abysmally low

  43. wow! your tips are vary vary good .. my confidence increased.. confidence with good smile.. it’s the best way to getting anything..thanks my class about to start after 10 days.. so pray for me..khuda hafiz

  44. Is this true..just don’t make mistakes on the 1st five
    Things on the rta’s paper and you will pass?

  45. whats does this mean, the officer ticks this 2 thats why i failed the driving exam “failure to clear the road, land or round about before accessing” and failure to view above shoulder level or making a belated view” thanks.

  46. I failed in my first try, coz of my mistake. Passing the Road Test depends on how we drive,

    attentiveness and not the institute from where we learn. I dint follow the examiners


  47. Hey sir,

    I have just started learning classes in Galadari. I am done with my parking and the other tests…on 24/12/09 , i have my signal test, just wanted to know how the computer work and is there is any written exam also?

    You doing a good job sir with this blog…really loving it and really a good exp reading all ur scraps…keep up the good work….god bless u.


  48. Sir,

    There are many points on the RTA paper with the examiner, i would like to know leving the first five points , the rest how many mistake they fail us?

  49. They can fail you on any single mistake. They will circle 5-6 mistakes even you make one as per your idea….

  50. Just make practice on the RTA website. Many samples of this test are available there. Its very easy. I scored 10 out of 10.

  51. hey sir,

    i am done with the signal test just an hr. ago i scored 1o/10, and ya just to inform u that they r not failing any one on one mistake or two…they need total 8 marks out of 1o…i met few guys who passd with 8/10. so ask people not to worry.

    Sir here is the sight where any one can go and practise signal test, its 80% same. follow link below.
    any ways ur realy helpfull, my final test on 2nd jan 2010…any thing i need to b mor carfull about?

    sir keep this site going…its helping many individual’s

    Thanks onc again…

  52. Thanks for your tips.
    my road test is on 07.01.2010 (first try). today i have cleared my assesment test. but assesment test staff totally degraded me. i am totally worried about the test, what i have done today.

  53. hey sir, tomorrow is my final test..hope i get my licence…and i have no much hope as its raining.

    i will wirte everything what happen to me…

    wish me all the best and plz pray 4 ever one who driv’s the best tomorrow to get the licence..

    bye sir

  54. Pleas confirm whil taking U Turn which line we have to choose.

    Some time 2nd some time 3rd how we can decid if we are not aware of road….kindly confirm……

    i am confus in this point only

    Also while taking left which line among 3 ….sometime 3rd lin they say no bc it will end very early why is this?

  55. Rubesh even I have my Road Test on 7th at 10.30 EDI. Don’t worry about wt the staff told u. Just be cool. U can pass in the first Try itself.

  56. I got a New Job in Dubai, I am an Engineer and arriving Dubai from karachi in Feb-2010. Please advice me to get the Dubai DL as quickly as possible. I am driving for last 20 yrs in Karachi.

  57. My road test appoinment time is 10.00 am, but i went there and submitted my learning permit at 8.30 am, they have returned my permit at 9.00. after that i was waiting till 2.00pm they have not called my name, at last i went to rta people to ask about it they, said khalaas i dont know we never knew about your permit. finally after arguing with my driving school people i got a chance at 2.30. but the examiner not even allowed me to adjust the mirror, he said in hindi jaldhi jaldhi i have to go home. he never allowed me to stop at stop sign. and he failed me.

    do know i was alone driving with the rta examiner.

    i have failed in first road test.

  58. Hi Guys !

    This is Sam here ! I am going to give my Second Test tomorrow ! please pray for me !

    Thank u

  59. Hi
    I got it in first try………………..
    I believe in prayers and due to prayers you get confidence and nice RTA Examiner.

  60. Hello there,

    I had Saudi Arabia’s license and want to get Dubai Driving License. I have registered with Dubai Driving License. They told me that I am a direct test candidate and they didn’t enrol me on any classes! I passed the signal test and on the last stage, i.e. the final road test. I have the following concerns:

    1. If I am the forst candidate on the car to be tested, after checking the safety procedures what do I have to do? (Indicator -> Gear -> Release hand brake?) or if I am the last candidate then what are the procedures?

    2. Rules for overtaking? Is it side mirror -> Center mirror? neck checking ->Indicator or what?

    Looking forward to your prompt response.

    Kind Regards,

  61. Hi
    I have my test on 24.01.2010. Please pray for me. I’ll inform tomorrow what happened? I am keeping my Fingers crossed ! Lets see !

  62. Dear Sheddy,

    I am having road test on 16.02.2010 , 12PM. Please give some tips (Dos and Donts) for me to get pass in my first attempt.


  63. Hi,
    Today was my 2nd attempt for the driving test and i failed.
    I knew about that becasue i loose my confidence and because of this i cant concentrate on driving.
    When i drive with my instructor he says you drive so well but being with examinor i go lost. I guess this is fear or nervousness.
    Plz help me with some tips before sitting in the driving seat and to get over this nervousness. I feel like that way i won’t be able to pass the exam ever.

  64. Dear Hina,
    Just relax and enjoy the driving. I was also like this during my first two attempts. Dont worry and believe in Allah and yourself. Insha Allah you will succeed…

  65. I got my Driving License on 28.02.2010 on my 6th Attempt. Thank God ! Thanks for all the blog readers who prayed for me. What I wanna say is there is a saying ” Uske paas Der hae Andher Nahin “.

    Thanks for the guidance I got through this site.

  66. I will have my final exam tomorrow at 7am 1st try, this website is very helpful i pray that i will remember all of these, thanks a lot you are a blessing to other..

  67. I failed for my 1st try, i think my weakness is in parking, In and Out, can you give me an advice on how to do the correct in and out parking? thanks

  68. My brother was an instructor in Jabel Ali now he is moved to Canada. yesterday he was telling me that try to drive fast not slow, second ignore if you do not have passage to change the lane, take your time till you get the clear lane and during this time ignore the instructor direction. Same to you Mr. I appreciate both of you. And especially you that you right on web for us. Thanks a lot for your beautiful tips to get the license.

  69. Hello

    Can u guide us during the driving test in the first minute or say first few seconds which lane we should drive? i will do the test in the Ras Al Khaimah in this month. Please guide and give more tips. what steps we do before the start the car. give some backing tips. Tips for automatic drivers

    ghani syed

  70. Don’t drive in the fastest lane. Use only this lane, when you need to overtake or U-turn. After overtake or turning, come back to the centre (or right) lane.

  71. thanks…you tips are very helpful to someone like me who will try to get also a driving license in this country.i hope i can do it also.

  72. Assalam aelekum how are you all hope all is dong fine.i have fail my first test in dubai Galadare school i think its above to luck and to RTA please for me and all whos have any kind of test around the world pray for my next road test on 8 april wassalam.

  73. I will have my final Road Test Thuresday at 7am 3rd try in Belhasa Driving Center Jebil Ali , this website is very helpful i pray that i will remember all of these, thankxx

  74. dear roohul amin,
    drive confidently without nervousness, i pray for you…inshallah you will pass the test….

  75. thank you for the tips shahid bhai
    i followed it and i passed the test yesterday

    a good friend of my mine advise me “just think that you are driving your own car and the examiner is your friend, then drive confidently and relax” it works for me i passed on my first take..

    i recommend Al ahLI Driving Center,

  76. I failed in 4th test, guys who are doing mistakes they are passing, in 3rd test examiner has specified 17 small fault not a single big fault he wrote 6 faults for left and right turn and lane is correct, got irritated with this behaviour, please pray for me so I get good examiner who can do the justice.

  77. Hi,
    By reading comments, compliments and good news.Dubai Driving Test sounds like University Exams List…well i finished 17 classes and the environment of “shurta usually fails the candidate for unknown reason” is around me.I think this air is causing us to worry that we wont be getting in first try.I am sure if anyone comes to dubai and he hears about the core points of dubai, than “geting a driving licence in first try is a miracle” is one of them.
    Yesterday i saw a guy who was taking is test, and myself noticed that he was nervous and was confused what to do.I think its because when shurta sits next to you, there is always a nervousnous which is around you makes you pissed.
    After looking at that guy who was appearing for test, i put myself in his shoes and felt the samething.
    I wounder whether i will get it in first try or n number of try.
    My Instructor always give me this tonic that some people appear for 12~16 test some get in first try …its about TIME…..
    but when you get the licence, there is great happiness which is like feeling of becoming a father of a baby 🙂 . I saw this pakistani guy who had come with his brother who is appearing for 8th test.elder bother was really worried as i feel that he was praying to his god for his brother final test and his god did heard him…i felt sign of relief on his face.
    anyways that was wat i saw recently.
    wish you all happy driving and all the best for the test.

  78. Hi all, i got my license in dubai on the second try itself….guess how…
    The answer it right up there (top of this page). The tips given are fantastic and i just followed them…nothing else i did!

  79. Song in the momory of all those failed attampts

    With these much amount of time I have spent
    and the money that has gone in the making of a driver in me
    is sure for me to boost enough confidence to fly an aircraft

    They rob you off your money & play
    when they just manage to spot the mistake of your day

    Who will pay my credit card bills
    this thought is giving my spine a thunderous chill

    5th, 6th, 7th……..comes your luck date
    …the joy I never experinced even when I graduated

    But oh friend, getting a license is not an end of this chore
    Hefty insurances, sleazy fines, hunting radars & penalties too are in store

  80. Hi,

    Great suggestions here and nice of you to share with all that undergo driving test.

    I’ve got my first trial coming on Wednesday morning. My test area is in Al Quoz. After experienced the assessment test, I realize what people saying here is a real feeling that the examiner DOES make you difficult to concentrate on driving and hence silly problems just occurs which never really would during the classes.

    I’d say being the last candidate makes me feel more relaxed, especially after seeing all the others not really anywhere particularly doing better than youself.

    Wait post my result after Wednesday test, good wishes for all here !

    Thanks for the blog! My Compliment !

  81. Dear Sheddy
    You are really doing a great work…I have a doubt
    In road test the shurta ask us to park at the opposite side of the 90 degree parking slot, is it legal to park in that kind? because my instructor tell me that it is not permissible…If I was been ask again in the road test the same what shall I do?

  82. I passed my 1st Road Test!

    Miracle does happy, the key is to keep calm and perform at top best, showing examnier that you’re excellent driver.

    It is important to 100% focus, not focus on examiner’s order but 100% focus on the road, front, side, rear and signal positions. Don’t let your mind in a relaxed state, being high alerted and observe the situations around you is most important.

    Wish everyone read this blog here good luck, and thanks sheddy for your kind tips, works great.

  83. hi …i read ur tips nd find it really helpful…i gave my first test yesterday nd dint pass ..very depressed becoz i ve practised on same road 1 hrs before test nd thats not too difficult road but still dnt knw what goes wrong ….my next test will be on 23rd june plizzzzzz pray for me …

  84. Salaam,

    Thanks alot for the tips. I am learning from Galadari and have my first road test, Tuesday next week. The funny thing is I just bought my car today.

    No, I am not over confident but I am confident that I will keep trying. I believe in prayers, I will pray for all those who are trying for their’s. Please pray for me too.


  85. Its really amazing to read such a different thing. I appreciate your effort.

  86. hey people! yesterday i had my 3rd test and thanks to God Almighty, I PASSED! 🙂 Apart from all the wonderful tips given above,I would want to give small tip as well, which could help! my final road test was scheduled at 8.30AM, but i chose to take an hour of extra class, just before the test! i spent an extra of AED.210, but trust me, IT’S WORTH IT! It’s like that last minute revision, before you go in for the BIG EXAM, you have to clear! I got my last minute apprehensions and fears cleared! During the test I saw my fellow test givers, shivering and completely panicking! Sadly all of them flunked, while i was really relaxed and confident, thanks to all my loved ones who prayed for me! So folks, go for that extra class before your final test, shed your fears, go in for that test, and bring home your license! God bless…

  87. today its my 2nd test..nd by d grace of God nd nice shurta passed my test…i read above given tips nd its very helpful if v control on our nerves infront pf shurta….the most imp tips is the speed ..realy the dint like slow driving keep it in mind nd Good luck to everyone…

  88. Thanks God I Passed my test in third try in Rasul Khaimah. I did mistake in my first try but when i failed in second try the reason was i didnt do perfectly in U turn really my moral down. Because i guess i did the perfect U turn. I got the date after one month and on 2nd of this month i passed the test. I drove 2 to 3 minutes and clear the test. I drove the car over than 80 Km and limit was 60 without any problem. U turn perfectly and parked it used the hand break. In the Rasul Khiamah the rules are little bit change for example when you are doing reverse you will use double indicator and after complete the reverse you have to stop the Double Indicator before drive. Most of times you put your car on road and then off the double indicator it means you did the major mistake or say violation.

    I saw following mistakes which candidates did.

    1- Due to the nervousness candidate did not put hand break down espeicially I saw the candidate who drove first in the test day.

    2- They do not put the car in the reverse gear and doing reverse only for nervousness therefore car does not move and due to the increase the escalator you lose the point.

    3- As Sheddy told you examiner does not like that you drive slow. Please Please ….. do not forget You have to drive FAST over than the limit. If speed limit is 60 you have to drive near about 75-80 KM. I saw two candidates who did this mistake. Drove less than 60.

    4- Use mirrors, indicators, parking on slop use hand break are the most common and very important parts of driving. epecially when change the lane, before enter into the around about and parking.


    1- AT the test day; When you come on the road you should be in the middle lane ASK YOUR instructor about the next move. If he says straight then it means you have to drive FAST. This is the answer of this move. Otherwise if he says left or right turn you prepare yourself about the what follow Chat You have to adopt. Use your middle and side mirrors, using indicators and change the lane. These are possible answers of this move.

    2- During taking the classes You MUST remember the speed Limit of roads, remember the breakers or any important thing example School or hospital etc. so at the test day you know the speed and other important points.

    ** For those who are going to first try. Examiner take your test at the same areas where you took classes. These are their designated areas.

    ** AT the test day you are 4 candidates and one examiner. He will call the name who drives First.

    3- Do not forget if you take the round about and you are in the overtaking lane means last lane you MUST COME back in the middle lane by using the mirror and indicators.

    4- Please ask your instructor about the driving tips. Ever body can drive the car but when you do not have license we all have to need the important driving tips. Follow the tips I guarantee you; you will get the license in first try. Instructors dont tell us the tips when you ask then they will tell you. ASK the following tips;

    * Parking tip – If you have a footpath infront you then what is the tip to park till your car does not touch the footpath.

    * How do you park b/w the two iron bars.

    * Similarly how do you park as you car does not touch the parking lines.

    * U turn – When you are going to U turn that how much you cut your staring at the time of stop and how do you finish your U turn.

    Congratulate all of you to get the license and Best of luck who are going to.



  89. I don’t know how to thank you for these wonderful tips.
    I just read your tips before going to the test and tried to implement and i passed.

    I got my license in the first try itself.

    Almighty bless all those who are trying to get a license.

    Drive naturally. Don’t be panic even if you do a small mistake while driving and continue driving with confidence.

  90. what i personally feel, this driving center business is very good and more profitable. rather than trying get a license by spending lakhs of money, we can invest and start our own driving school. We can get free license as compliment.

  91. Hi i am frustrated and dissapointed by the RTA already nine times i have failed all my money is gone-no peace of mind-please pray and give me some tips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Pl follow the tips mentiond above and adding some more tips. Befor that i tell you some mistakes usaullay candidate does, I saw these mistakes and take the lesson from these.


    1- Due to the nervousness candidate did not put hand break down espeicially I saw the candidate who drove first in the test day.

    2- They do not put the car in the reverse gear and doing reverse only for nervousness therefore car does not move and due to the increase the escalator you lose the point.

    3- As Sheddy told you examiner does not like that you drive slow. Please Please ….. do not forget You have to drive FAST over than the limit. If speed limit is 60 you have to drive near about 75-80 KM. I saw two candidates who did this mistake. Drove less than 60.

    4- Use mirrors, indicators, parking on slop use hand break are the most common and very important parts of driving. epecially when change the lane, before enter into the around about and parking.


    1- AT the test day; When you come on the road you should be in the middle lane ASK YOUR instructor about the next move. If he says straight then it means you have to drive FAST. This is the answer of this move. Otherwise if he says left or right turn you prepare yourself about the what follow Chat You have to adopt. Use your middle and side mirrors, using indicators and change the lane. These are possible answers of this move.

    2- During taking the classes You MUST remember the speed Limit of roads, remember the breakers or any important thing example School or hospital etc. so at the test day you know the speed and other important points.

    ** For those who are going to first try. Examiner take your test at the same areas where you took classes. These are their designated areas.

    ** AT the test day you are 4 candidates and one examiner. He will call the name who drives First.

    3- Do not forget if you take the round about and you are in the overtaking lane means last lane you MUST COME back in the middle lane by using the mirror and indicators.

    4- Please ask your instructor about the driving tips. Ever body can drive the car but when you do not have license we all have to need the important driving tips. Follow the tips I guarantee you; you will get the license in first try. Instructors dont tell us the tips when you ask then they will tell you. ASK the following tips;

    * Parking tip – If you have a footpath infront you then what is the tip to park till your car does not touch the footpath.

    * How do you park b/w the two iron bars.

    * Similarly how do you park as you car does not touch the parking lines.

    * U turn – When you are going to U turn that how much you cut your staring at the time of stop and how do you finish your U turn.

    best of luck all of you. God bless you.

  93. Going for my 5th test and that also for automatic…shame on me…..please pray!!!!

  94. Hey guys thanks for the tips . i belong to the ras al khaimah emirate , here there are places where we are not able to distinguish the no parking areas . We can see some vehicles parked in that areas and if so shurta insist to parkthe car we get confused . Help me out of dis

  95. Useful tips. Thanks a lot.

    I got in first test today @ RAK. Alhamdulilah.
    I think all points mentioned here is applicable to all emirates.

  96. Got my D/L in First try itself, only after 23 Classes
    Thanks for the Tips.
    My Suggestion is drive confidently, with smile, and dont panic even if you make little mistakes.
    Always stop where there is a “Stop” sign, even if there is no traffic coming from the left side.
    Dont Park the Car in front of any entrance or exit.

  97. i am looking forward for my assessment test…plz pray for me in this holy month of Ramadan…i am worried but def. trying to concentrate on imp. points…!!!Plz Allah SWT help me…!!!

  98. Thank u very much. I started practicing now Im get 10 out of 10. Thank u again. God bless u you for sharing great tips………..

  99. ok today was my assessment test…and i got list of blunders with me..1st thing was driving too slow..40 was there…i was at around 20…ok bad i know..!!!

    but 2nd thing when she asked me to change the lane..i did all the five steps…and change lane..but she suddenly grabbed the steering..why???

    during my classes my instructor told mirror has three portions..right corner…center and the left…if the car is there at the left corner of the center mirror then u can still change the lane. and it is safe..(.i had to change lane to the left) i focussed on the left side of the center mirror…car was there ..i tried to change and she grabbed the steering ..danger danger danger!!!!…i don’t know instructors don’t give proper instructions…i only did what she told me…m so sad about this:-///
    not only did i fail my assessment but also further 8 classes i need to take..620 AED i have to pay now over 4510 AED…

    these schools just rob u!!!!!!!

    i hate EDI!!!..a big NO NO…

  100. hi thanks for all of your tips. i am going for my assessment day afte tomorrow.

    pls pray for me

  101. hi all i m going to have my first road test on 16th i m not sure if i m gonna clear in first try but i would like to share something what i face till now with al ahili driving school
    parking test clear in 3 time
    garage test clear in 2 time
    signal test (i m lucky clear in 1 time)
    assessment clear in 2 time
    total classes 71
    this all happen before going for final road test so now i think to clear final i need take more 71 classes.

  102. Thanks 4 d wonderful tips above… Very useful.. Read it b4 my test this mornin n Praise God, got my driving license today..!!

    I also had a wonderful instructor named Aziz at Belhasa Nadal Hamar.. Very comitted, sincere n patient person..Wud recommend him for beginners..

  103. hi all

    i got my driving license in first try…….. great feeling…………….thanks for tips it was really help full………

  104. I am highly obliged to all friends who read these tips and shared their valuable comments. My best wishes are always with all the readers without any prejudice.

    Congratulation for those who haev got licenses and best wishes for those who are attempting. I only can help you by giving suggestions.

  105. Thank you so much for these wonderful tips and refreshers, I passed my assessment yesterday and have final road test on Thursday! I really hope to pass on thursday and will keep reading here.
    Good luck all.

  106. All of the suggestions here are very helpful…

    I am one of those who are trying to get a driving license here in RAK. I am totally a beginner for DRIVING. I never drove a car before!

    I just recently passed the parking tests on first try and now taking my classes for outside driving. At first I was really excited to learn more about driving but unfortunately I encountered a very bad teacher who keeps on shouting and slapping my hands whenever I made mistakes. The problem was she doesn’t speak English very well. Sometimes she asked me to turn right but what she meant was to turn left and make U turn at the intersection with the traffic light. And due to this abrupt direction… of course I made mistake by not giving signal. And then she just started to say stupid things to me. We end up fighting at the driving school and insisting the owner to transfer me to other instuctor. She just puts my moral down and I lost my enthusiasm for driving….

    I already gave a lot of time and money about this driving and I don’t what to give up yet just because of this incident.

    I just really hope and pray that I will get my license soon!

    God bless us all!

  107. Cathy, I wish you very good luck. There are such stupid instructers here who make learners depressed. I pray for your success next time.

  108. Thanks alot sheddy for creating this web-site to help others. The tips will be very help ful to get licence.
    I have my first driving test on this month 27th but still i didn’t get a controle on stearing. Please advice.

  109. hi .. i’m preparing for my second test and these tips will help me to get the license this time .. last time my major mistake was not checking mirror .. wish all guys best of luck .. lets get it!!

  110. i passed my assessment test in 2nd having my road test this 27th plz those who are reading my comments plz pray for me ..

  111. thank GOD i have passed my test today (second try) .. thanks again for ur tips and wishing luck to all preparing for test .. just stay cool and follow instructions .. u will get it .. 🙂

  112. Many many congratulations. Thanks to Almighty Allah (God), Who has brought fruit of my small efforts. You alld deserve congratulations for making this SITE so useful. Love you all!!!

    Shahid JAVED

  113. sunday is my 3rd road test … this time i will follow ya instructions .. pls pray for me

  114. Hi everyone,

    any of you have an experience on Road test in DDC located in drydock,

  115. Dear Shedy bhai,

    you are doing great job here i love u..and i love all mankind who do something for others not only for theirself..ALLAH SUBHANA may give u all you wish (according to our limits) and peace and success in ur life. i’m learning driving classes for my road test on 10th of october i have some problems which i’m facing during practice by tutor.i wanna clarify tha wether they are corect and compulsory for passing test or just for his experience. question are.
    1-steps of moving vehile according to him (1-sit, 2-adjust seat, 3-adjust inside rear view glass, 4-adjust outside rear view glass, 5-make belt and ask to all for make belt.. and for moving the vehicle steps are:
    1-press cluth, 2-make gear, 3-see rear view mirron inside, 4-see outisde mirrons, 5-press brake and then pull down handbrake. 6-give left or left indicator, 7 check shoulders by moving neck. 8 move by pressing accelator by leaving cluch.. are all sequence is true or something wrong in it..
    where i confuses that is moving he says 1st u have to press cluth then make 1st gear then press brake before pulling of handbrake because if u at dump road ur vehile will not move down and also says u have to accelerator at moving position becuase when u leave brake ur vehicle will go down how can i press these three with 2 legs when i leave brake then i can accelerate otherwise i can so i immidiately move my foot to the accelerator but vehicle move down aur run not at stoping position how can i do this plz tell me .. in my point of view if i release handbrake just before pressing accelartor then i cant move down .is it correct or whats wrongs plz reply as soon as posiible my driving problems i will ask u tomorow..hope to ans ALLAH HAFIZ

  116. Dear Imran,
    Thanks for appreciating.
    I try to reply as best as possible. It depends on your situation. If your car is parked on a slopy road (bonut facing the upper side), always release the handbrake after pressing accelator. In case your bonut is facing the downward side, release handbrake first, with your foot on the brake. Then slowly release the brake and give accelator, if its safe.
    In case you are on a levelled road, release handbrake at the end, with your foor on brake. Then shift the foot on the brake to the accelator.

    I hope this will solve your problem.

  117. THANK YU ….THANK YU … for the very informative tips … gt ma license from the RAS AL KHAIMAH emirate in the third try . Jus you will have to follow the instruction listed above …

  118. I truly regret I’ve applied for this license here in Dubai.
    Keep in mind, this license is worth nothing back in Europe. The money I’ve spent on it here sums up to 5K; I’ve tried four times so far.

    The reasons this time are ‘being slow in a U turn’ and ‘not being careful enough’ – that’s very vague, ‘missed one right shoulder check’. I feel that Arab ladies just found are just taking advantage of the power they’re given.

    Took classes at Galadari. According to the instructor there is no more need in practice. I ruin his positive statistics as his students in general pass with flying colors – reason why he’s always fully booked. I drive around on my own as well without any problems and I love driving, yet have to look out for police each time and risk getting into trouble if some idiot hits me on the road.

    I also posses my home-country license, mechanic. And yes back home we have bad roads, rains, ice and mountains. The fresh drivers need to put a sticker with a speed limit on their vehicle though – a warning to other drivers, to keep extra distance etc. which I think makes sense and brings safety benefits to everyone.

    If there’s any justice in this world, the RTA lady should get struck by a lightning in the nearest future. The previous attempt I haven’t made any crucial mistakes and was surprised in a negative way when the result came out. I had to make countless tests and exams in my life but this… Russian roulette… Make your bets.

    It sucks. Costs time, which is money; and money on top of it. Besides, it makes u feel like a total loser. Powerless. It costs dignity and confidence.

    Sincerely looking for connections in RTA..

  119. Hey thanks for the tips …. got a icense fromras al khaimah in the 3rd try … hey sheddy i have a question … i heard that after the license if during the driving thee an accident occurs (let allah save us from all mishaps)…and if the mistake is not ours means , are we not eligible for the insurance claim ….and some say that it may lead to our license cancellation … is it true ?

  120. please pray for me guys as i have my first trial on 9th December,i live in ras al khaima.

  121. Assalamu alaikum,

    Inshah Allah on 1st novemebr I will be going for my third try. Please pray for me to get this time. Thanks to all….And Im praying for all for trying to get driving licence.

  122. hi all,
    the above tips are very helpful to everybody. anyway i am trying for my 2nd assessment test….pls pray for me….

  123. Hi,

    In RAK during test time for 1 st person and last person have to take the car out from police station and part inside the police station again. I am feeling difficulty in taking the car outside from partking because cars will be parked in left right and back-side so have to take the car outside very carefully
    Pleae give your valuable advices how to take the car out side and park again in police station.
    Thanks in advance


  124. Hi guys..
    .I just started my driving lessons in Al Ahli ,Dubai,.I wish these tips will help me to get my license easily…
    Insha Allah..and Do Pray me too..!
    Thanks in Advance.
    Fareed Bin Basheer

  125. yestarday was my 1st try and i am failed because examiner maked me so ocnfused and i changed the line on his wrong order next try is on 23rd dec 2010 pray for me

  126. Hi,
    I got in my first attempt (Manual) in dubai. My suggestions to those who attend the test.

    In RTA test score sheet, there are 5 major mistakes cited. One should not apply any of these mistakes, failing which you’ll immediately fail. There are also around 65 minor mistakes listed, some of those the examiner might be testing. If you exceed 12 minor mistakes, he will make you fail. The test candidates may please be careful about these. No need to be panic if you happen to do one minor mistakes in the beginning. If you feel that you gonna fail because of this, you are prone to make more mistakes and fail. Please go through those lists (especially the major mistakes) before you attend the test. Wish you success!

  127. Hi all.
    Thank you for your tips.
    I passed on my first try (Galadari Driving School-23rd Dec). Thanks be to God.
    I bet it all comes down to confidence & considering the test as just another drive with your instructor.
    I drove last.. got in, said ‘good morning’ to the instructor as I closed the door, set mirrors & seat.. and on his command I drove off as instructed.
    The 2 other candidates with me failed simply because they were nervous.
    Also we had a decent examiner who didnt raise his voice or give unnecessary rebuke.
    All in all it was not the horrible nightmare that had been painted.
    Good luck to you all.

  128. Hi all,

    I failed my first test last week, can anyone advice me what are the 5 major mistakes.

    I am so worried my nest test is on 11 Jan.


  129. Assalamu alaikum & Hi guys,

    I am going for my first try on 5th Jan 2011. the above tips r really helpful and helped me for my assessment.. i passed in my first try.. 🙂 .. i hope these will b helpful for my road test also… plzz pray 4 me guys.. 🙂

    Thanks.. 🙂
    Mrs Shiras

  130. hi..
    i hav my 5th test this saturday!! i messed up small things for my previous test. All my examiners write drive in 2 lanes for right n left turn, n my instructor says iam driving ok. cant understand. really lost hope :(.. please guys, pray for me.. Insha Allah , i will pass!!

  131. hiiii..
    i passed my driving test 2de. Alhamdulillah!! Thanx a lot for d tips….

  132. Hi Sheddy,

    The above tips would make a very big help for me and thanks a lot for that.

    Tomorrow would be my first road test and insha allah i would pass.

    Please pray for me too..

  133. Hi Sheddy,

    Thanks for the tips. I passed my test today on third attempt and I’m really excited about it. I guess the examiners are human like us and looking for confidence and control of vehicle. If you can demonstrate these two skills, then you have passed your test. Oh and by the way, luck also counts a lot on the day of the test 🙂

    Good luck to all and keep trying your best!

  134. i had my first driving test today…but failed…the examiner didnt ask me to do anyother thing than left and right turn…candidates with me told that i didnt make any mistake but still failed…said the reason as approach slow…just 3 mins test…better luck next time…disappointed now cos failed without a proper reason.

  135. dear cloudy,
    i 2 was failed once for slow approach… just ask your instructor precisely wen to start your approach routine. he/she will help u.. all d best for ur next attempt..

  136. on 6th is my final road test…. so far all have gone well… wat are the main things they are looking for ( the RTA)
    for final road test,


  137. Hi sheddy!

    I just saw your tips in google and looking forward to pass my Assestment tomorrow and after I saw all the positive feedbacks and comments about it I am very happy that I will pass my test because of your tips! Pls. pray for me!


  138. Hi I’ve just passed my assestment test today and will be having my road test on monday @ 8am in Al Ahli in al quoz, hope to pass and get my first driving license, all! please pray for my success!.. thank you.. =)

  139. Hi Timothy,

    I’ve passed my first final test from that area, and the only things that RTA wants to see from you is to show them that you have these two things “SAFETY & RULES”. If you could do that on your exam i could guarantee that you would be PASSED!!!

    GOODLUCK…and all the Best!!!

  140. Hi!i have given 11 road tests,and m tryin to get the licence since long time and unable to get it.I have opened my file in edi and after 8 tests i have shifted my file to belhasa al wasel.there i gave 3 tests, n failed.M an Indian and m driving car (Ambassador) since class 8th in my country (15 yrs) but still unable to get the licence.on the other part my all friends who never turned the steering got it in 1st,2nd or 4th trial.M trying to find out why m getting failed everytime due to silly mistakes but i knw that i have good confidence in driving but still m upset after every tests,tomorrow is my 12th test for automatic LMV.Plz pray for me that i can get the licence now,its a painful job of doin classes all the tym and wasting a huge money.Plz Pray for me..plz plzzzzzzz

  141. hi vijay
    i jus passed the test 20 classes….singnal pass 1st try, assesment pass 1st try, road test pass 1stry

    total 20 classes+ road rule+ confidence

    thanks to all and to this blog for tips

  142. Hi guys. I have my driving test today. I was confident of passing the first attempt but failed. I sincerely hope to keep my nerves and pass this time. Pls pray for me all you wonderful people. Nothing is impossible for God.

  143. Darn I failed for my first try… 😦 getting ready for my next road test.. God please be with me..

  144. Preetham for sure we will pass on the 2nd try!.. 🙂 Good luck to both of us! I also failed my 1st Road test in Al Ahli yesterday!

  145. I did it :)).. yesterday 09.02.2011 was my first attempt and i was lucky to passed my road test. Could not believe that all of us (3) got it. Thanks for above tips.. Finally, I got my driving licence.. cheers

  146. I again failed my road test from AL Ahli 😦 for the 3rd test I need to pay again Dhs 830 :(:(
    I lost all my confidence..:(:(

  147. To everyone who tries for Driving License, my suggestion is if you don’t get within 2-3 tries please change ur instructor. In my case I tries several time and at the end one of the examiner told me that who has taught you to drive this way this is not correct so I went and told them and changed my instructor next test I got my license.

    That bloody instructor has eaten my hard-earned money. If I had changed earlier would saved so much.

  148. Alhamdullah..!! Thank God ! I got the license in the 3rd try…Iam so happy !!!:)

  149. Finally got my license on the 2nd try.. been very busy driving that’s why it became a late comment, anyway I recommend this instructor in Al Ahli main branch who teach me and gave me a lot of confidence to pass for my 2nd try he is ahmed an egyptian he is kinda old wearing eye glass anyway look for him tell him I recommend him my name. 🙂

    Good luck to all of you! see you on the road!

    I Finally got my car today. yipee!

  150. I passed today on my first try !! I think its just that you need to follow the rules drive at the road speed limit and be cool and to be tense and make stupid mistakes.

  151. Hi Guys,

    Well I already have GCC, Saudi licence. On comming monday i have the knowledge test… i want to know what exactly this knowlege test is? Is it the same signal test? or diffeent . Kindly let me if anyone recently wrote this exam. I am applying through EDI.

  152. I am going to attend Road Test on March 22.

    Every one please pray for me.

    I am feeling very confident after reading these tips,

    Thanks Sheddy for these tips.


  153. I am going to attend Road Test on March 22.

    Every one please pray for me.

    I am feeling very confident after reading these tips,

    Thanks Sheddy for these tips….


  154. My road test is tommarrow (28th March 2011)…..already having licence of Saudi Arabia & Pakistan. So let see how it goes.
    N.B: Anoop did u get the licence?

  155. Hi Sheddy,

    At first I am very thankful to you for your kind & gr8 work done for all of us…

    I have my Road test on 19 April, Pls share your precious tips & knowledge to help me..

    Kindly advice & clear some of my doughts below with your gr8 experience & knowledge:

    1. When all I need to put on the hazard lights on?

    2. When all should I change my lane…while on road test?

    3. If I am the first candidate on the car to be tested, after checking the safety procedures what do I have to do? (Indicator -> Gear -> Release hand brake?) or if I am the last candidate then what are the procedures?

    4. What are the Rules for overtaking?

    5. I have passed my parking test (parallel parking only) … will I be asked to park at 90/60 degrees or angle parking?

    6. Can I park at the opposite side of the 90 degree parking slot if my Examiner tell me to do so?

    7. When you are going to U turn that how much you cut your staring at the time of stop and how do you finish your U turn.

    8. Which all are ( RTA test score sheet, ) 5 major mistakes One should not apply any of these mistakes, There are also around 65 minor mistakes KINDLY SHARE THOSE ALL MISTAKES HERE …PLS.



    Hi Sheddy,

    At first I am very thankful to you for your kind & gr8 work done for all of us…

    I have my Road test on 19 April, Pls share your precious tips & knowledge to help me..

    Kindly advice & clear some of my doughts below with your gr8 experience & knowledge:

    1. When all I need to put on the hazard lights on?

    2. When all should I change my lane…while on road test?

    3. If I am the first candidate on the car to be tested, after checking the safety procedures what do I have to do? (Indicator -> Gear -> Release hand brake?) or if I am the last candidate then what are the procedures?

    4. What are the Rules for overtaking?

    5. I have passed my parking test (parallel parking only) … will I be asked to park at 90/60 degrees or angle parking?

    6. Can I park at the opposite side of the 90 degree parking slot if my Examiner tell me to do so?

    7. When you are going to U turn that how much you cut your staring at the time of stop and how do you finish your U turn.

    8. Which all are ( RTA test score sheet, ) 5 major mistakes One should not apply any of these mistakes, There are also around 65 minor mistakes KINDLY SHARE THOSE ALL MISTAKES HERE …PLS.


  157. Hie Guyz,

    My test date is on 14 April, m very scared. This ill be my second road test. I hope i clear it………..well!!! Thxx u so much 4 Tips…….


  158. Hello Guys!

    I’m absoultely happy to say that i have passed my first Road Test as of today at Al hil driving center. i was a beginner,this license is the first one i have got.
    All credits to my instructor Mr. Ashraf Kamel. This guy gave me all i needed to pass and he was sure that i will make on my first try as many of his candidates had done in the past.

    The RTA exmainer,thumbs up!!!!!!!! the guy was nice and we were chatting throughout my minutes of driving.

    So,i recommend my instructor to anyone who wishes to take driving lessons at Alhil driving center Al quoz branch.

    Note: it all comes down to your confidence,road safety & rules and of course, i can’t rule out luck.

    See you on the road guys.

  159. Dear,
    I cannot write much as I am in Australia these days. However, remember that hazard light you need to use only when you have to apply brakes all of sudden. On U-Turn you need to keep your car straight after completing the turn. You must leave the fast/overtaking lane after a little distance (around 50 metres). Don’t change lane and drive in the right most lane. Change if your examiner asks to do so.

    Angle parking is never asked in a road test. Overtaking rules are simple. Read your book in detail.

  160. Thanks Sheddy…for your valuable reply & help,

    I will go thought the book provided to my & will try to keep you valuable info memorizing myself,

    Pls pray for me,

    thanks once again,

    Jet li,

  161. Dear Friend,

    Am new to Dubai, Visa issued from Dubai, but posting is in Umm Al Qwain.
    Please Advise.

    1. I have a valid Saudi Driving License.
    2. Procedure to obtain a Dubai / Umm Al Qwain License.


  162. Hi Dear ,

    I have been go through from your instructions and got it helpful , like other students i am facing almost the same problems, i am doing with GMDC and couldn’t pass 2 times, i feel great difficulty in changing the lane, do you have any suggestion for me.

  163. Change the lanes only after making mirrors and shoulder checks. If its safe then give the indicator and immediately change the lane.

  164. Thanks for your instructions sheddy,Allhamdulillah! I have got it today in 3rd try 🙂

  165. my 2nd try also failed although i drove well.
    shocked to see some mistakes in the test report which never even occured

  166. assalamu aleykum thank you so much very nice and usefull tips you have given over here definetly i will use it Inshallah my first try is next week on 27th of april 2011 just pray for me……………
    i will get back after my test
    Allah bless u

  167. heyy ppl!

    i am in EDI and i am fed up really!
    iv give 7 road tests and failed !
    i duno wat to do, i followed these guidelines too but never seem to pass 😦
    iv startd feeling that il never pass!

    any tips? :/

  168. Hi,

    Pls advice…at open U-Turn in which lane i should go after U-Turn in both condition:-

    1) If other vehicle is coming/entering into last lane from the opposite direction?
    2) If no other vehicle coming/entering into last lane from the opposite direction?

    Kindly advice at earliest possible,

    Thanks in advance….

  169. I went to Belhasa driving center at Al Wasl (even though i stay at international city). I chose an instructor (John Jacob) because my friend took the lecture there and passed at first attempt (manual licence).

    I took my test on 20/04/2011 and I passed at my first attempt as well.
    The instructor is very good and patient. He will build your confidence and help you.

    You can email me if you want his contact details

  170. Hello Everyone!
    i just found this page and its too good. i have my Assessment test on 29 April Saturday. i am very nervous. can anyone tell me does assessment and road test method same? in both test the examiner from RTA or i heard that your one of your driving institute trainer take Assessment test. is it true? please reply and pray for me.
    Thanks and Best Regards

  171. Hi Sheddy,

    I have my first road test on 28th April, Pls pray for me,

    Pls advice of below my query if you could:

    Pls advice…at open U-Turn in which lane i should go after U-Turn in both condition:-

    1) If other vehicle is coming/entering into last lane from the opposite direction?
    2) If no other vehicle coming/entering into last lane from the opposite direction?

    Pakiza: Assessment is an internal test & conducted by your institute only not by RTA…so they examiner would be from your institute only.
    Consider this test as Road test would help you to built confident in Road Test….
    One of my friend & me also made so many mistakes in Assessment Test even we passed…
    Even my friend could not start the car in Assessment(he did not know how to start the car when the steering is lock & he failed to move the key & could not start the engine)

    Any one Kindly advice me for below my query; I have final road test on this 28th:

    At open U-Turn in which lane i should go after U-Turn in both condition:-

    1) If other vehicle is coming/entering into last lane from the opposite direction?
    2) If no other vehicle coming/entering into last lane from the opposite direction?

    An earlier reply would be highly appreciated,

    Thanks once again in advance….

  172. Hi sheddy,

    thanks for your valuable guidelines & help.

    I have passed my road test in very first attempt.

    many thanks once again.



  173. Hi all,

    I have cleared by road test today. Many information found on this site was useful. Thanks sheddy and many others.

    Hope the following tips learned from my expert trainer will be useful for you as well.

    1) On LMV-Automatic vehicle, it is a good habit to change engagement liver without looking at it.(shows that you are more confident).

    2) Before applying brake or applying signal , make sure you look at review mirror

    3) If examiner asks you to change lane and there is a Pedestrian crossing approaching , wait till you cross it and then signal

    4) Safe speed to enter round about is less than 40 KM/Hr.

    5) Stop completely at ‘STOP’ line

    6) Practice driving lesson on non-friday at least for couple of days prior to road test, if regular class is conducted on Friday.

    7) If you are asked to park vehicle on RTA bus stand, enter from first entry and pull up to other end.

    Most important things, if your Traineer not serious about your road test failure consider changing him. It worked in my case.



  174. Hi,
    Mabrook to all, who successd their test. unfortuntly i did not pass my Assessment test. and i knew that becacuse i cant control stering even after 44 class….. its very dificult for me to handle steering in roundabout and u trun..

    Now the reassessment will on saturday 7 may. i have to remaning 1 day for practise.i dont know i will do it or not.My trainer was saying you will must pass test but i did not, still she is saying the same….
    Any advice what i should do to control the steering?
    pls i need HELP…


  175. Just sit in a relaxed mood. Try to chew a chewing gum. It will reduce your tension. Do not hold the steering too tight. You must hold it in such a way that it should remain in place, yet can be turned easily when entering or leaving the roundabout.

  176. Thank you very much Dear, i will do the same on saturday or atleast try to do so…


  177. for getting the steering control just hold steering with one hand (hold with left hand at the top of steering and take of the right hand) not hard, just pretend u r holding the steering thus your confident will increase as you see the car is going the sraight way unless u rotarte the steering, and at turns (for left turn) put ur left hand at the top of steering and pull down, use right hand to push from bottom to top, then bring left hand to the top and continue the turn once you turn the car let the steering spun itself and u just pretend that u r turning the wheel showing the motion only.

  178. Hello,

    Thanks for your tips, tommorrow i am going for my 5 road test. Plz pray for me 🙂

  179. thanks to all for advices… i got it on my second try from EDI.. it’s great relief and unxplanbe feeling…

    my advices: do more practise on lane changing, till u get confidence.(i took one extra class for this)
    don’t drive over speed, but not too slow.
    Just try to interact with inspector before starting the test, it may reduce pressure.
    frequent mirror checking (head should move to show u r checking.)
    i wish success forall followers,

  180. Hi All,

    Although I passed my Assessment test but I’m not happy at all. because my examiner was not very happy with my driving. but problem is that my trainer always says that you do well and you will pass, but examiner told me totally different thing and me also think same. I don’t know what to do, I asked to change my instructor but EDI saying we cant change your instructor without any reason. so you should continue with it, I am thinking to take some extra classes before final road test with different instructor but new they are not provide so with same I will do some extra classes to improve my control on steering..

    I was upset because after 48 classes I cant control car steering…I was thinking am I the worst student in this word???????

    I am so disappointed now !!!

  181. pakiza .. tell your instructor to give more time for practicing u-turns and roundabouts instead of driving in straight roads .. that will give the steering control definitely ..

  182. Thanks a lot bc. at last I successes to change my instructor. the new one is better. yup I am taking some extra classes. my final road test on 28 may.

    I want to ask one thing does simulator training help to control steering? as I paid it but could not do this. so should I do it?

    please advice.

    what happened Rahul?

    Thanks and Kind regards

    Pakizalast i su

  183. I had my Driving Test today which I Passed. It was my second one. The examiner was actually very cool headed and he provided me ample time to demonstrate the skills he wanted to test. I was tested repeatedly on Lane Changing, Approacing higher speed road from a 40 KM road, Round About, Parking etc. Finally the instructor, on reaching back the Belhasa Driving School Al Wasl Parking asked me to park the vehicle and signed off my Test Result telling me “Pass”.

    The first test which I failed was perhaps due to an over conscious approach. Although I am pretty much sure that I did not do very wrong theoratically but did lack confidence driving the vehicle slowly.

    Best of luck to all of you who are getting trained for their tests.

  184. Friends also pray for me…..I am trying to get New South Wales Driving Licence and got failed in my first two attempts even after having Dubai licence and more than 20 year driving experience… Going to have my 3rd try on 8th June. Wish I get pass this time.

  185. Dear,defiantly you will get, I believe. but I am wonder that even you have Dubai license and you got failed. But INSHALLAH you will get it in 3rd attempt.
    My prayers are with you!!!

  186. Thanks for the wishes. Here the examiner was a lady and when she failed me I could not believe. I drove very safely as I have passed Dubai’s toughest test. It was just racism that she failed me….. And racism is very prominent in Australia. However if she fails me next time, I will file dispute.

  187. Failed again in my 2 test , bad luck tht both tym got same rude examiner who is mannerless and disturbs a lot by grumbling , her job is to examine and not to degrade the applicant. Pray for me so that I get kind examiner next tym. Though I drove quite well she failed me both tyms coz first tym I anwsered her back, she asked me go fast whn I did she said ur too fast I said u asked me do so she threw paper n wrote fail same moment, very unproffesional behavior from examiner, my test again on June 2 plz pray for me.

  188. Thanks for the wishes. Here at least you can challenge the decision if you are not satisfied.

  189. Thanks for educating us and best of luck for your DL.

    i had a test 2 days back and i failed 2nd times. The reason is changing the lane in fast manner. Same examiner who failed me in my 1st test says that you changing the lane in slower manner.

    I really stress bcoz of these guys activities. still i have confusion what exactly this guys excepting from us.

    Please pray for us to get the driving license and for good examiner.

  190. Hi, My 1st Road test on 28 May saturday I am too much in tense, I feel my heart beat so fast even when I think about test…I think the most difficult thing is when you have 1st turn, taking out car from Center itself difficult (in my point of view) .

    O guys Please Pray for me, and Aqsa You are right Examiner attitude make us more nervous. Best wishes for you and Sheddy too!!!

  191. At the time of parking which one need to do first

    Gear>hand break or handbreak>Gear

  192. I can understand the tension faced while failing again and again. Just remember that they like FAST driving…It was even very strange for me but they think like this. Be fast however remain within speed limits. Headchecks are very important in these countries so keep checking your mirrors whenever changing lanes or passing through a junction, roundabout or crossing roads.

  193. failed in my 1st attempt…i saw there are so many girls with 5 or 6th try…i dont know how far is my luck….

  194. Just don’t be depressed by looking at others. Try to follow those who get it early…. Go for 2nd attempt with more confidence and practice.

  195. Dear all
    These tips really giving adavantages during is after tommorw please pray for me its my first test.em getting bit hesitate when i change lane in much driving:please suggest me tips thanks

  196. Guys suddenly their asking for reversing parking. Masha Allah, everything i did well but failed in reverse parking. Please pray for me to get pass in 5th test

  197. today was my first Road Test and I failed, actually all three of us who took the test failed.
    the reason given to me was control on the car. i was really surprise because from the way i drove
    i made sure to check every mirror, MSPSL, mirror, signal, position, speed balance and look head.

    i even stop on a STOP signal for 3secs and made sure the road was clear and started moving.

    today, i paid another 440aed (Emirates Driving) for 2 more classes equivalent to 4 hours and after
    completing this, comes my 2nd test….

  198. Hand Break then Gear when stopping

    when moving from a park position > Gear then Handbreak

    this is the correct step

  199. Its all about luck, and the mood of the examiner. I failed twice, and there was a guy with me who failed for 11th time. Believe me the guy who failed 11th time did not commit any mistake according to my driving experience. The examiner was shouting and was so rude that anyone who is human will get nervous. I think its a great way of making money by driving schools.

  200. one guy was failed because he was given the command ”L-TURN”
    what he did was a U-TURN.

    but we all know that there is a language barrier here. RTA officer should have said LEFT turn.. not the abbreviated L-TURN..

  201. Hurraaah…..I got NSW (Australia) full driving licence today…thanks to all friends who wished me, especially Pakiza.

  202. Congrats Sheddy bhai. I hope you can once again feel the relief of getting the driving license which actually makes you going and going.

    My good wishes to everyone who is lined up here in the UAE for their driving test. Some real key tips come out of the discussions going on at this forum which really help beginners and learners to align their checklist with their driving skills.

  203. Million of Congrats Sheddy. I am so happy for you. but today was my 2nd test and I got fail although i drove quite well…I am so disappointed now.
    First the lady asked you are driving very slow, then I drove fast. at the end she said “fail” because you were driving very fast….I shocked at that moment but what can we do? except paying again 790 Aed again..

    Best of luck for everyone! and need your prayers also.
    Thanks and best regards

  204. Pakiza….don’t be disappointed….I can understand your situation. Just chew a chewing gum while driving. I did the same and passed. It makes you relaxed.

  205. I think i am a dumb after failing 3 times…i have never failed in anything so far in my life…this feeling is so killing..i think my problem is ..i just switch off my mind while driving…when i am taking classees ..she keeps guiding me the whole process and i work like robot but while in test ..i owe the onus ..and start behaving like a fool…i am so upset…..someone could u help me.

  206. Hello,

    I failed for the 3rd time yesterday. Right now i am having v. low myself..I used to be good in taking challenges but this time i am feeling so dumb….i don’t do any technical mistakes only my observations are weak..even my instructor says that you don’t check around only keep driving….i am praying for my next and final attempt on 23rd june….pls pray for me …i want to go through this….i need DL desperately for my kids….pls allah get me through this time…i don’t want to go through that feeling of failure..again….

    tell me one more thing bhai…when she calls out the names..i see other girls try to keep them behind that she doesn’t ask them to sit first…this time i was so much in hurry to get rid off that feeling of anxiety ..i sit in front …and definitely made mistakes…the other girl in middle was v. shrewd..she kept smiling and talking at the back and started talking to examiner after 5 min…they both kept talking about the accident on sheikh zayed rd yesterday…i don’t think that examiner even checked her closely…she passed and othr girl..who definitely drove much better than me..and i was hoping that too would pass ..failed…she told me that they like those who are relaxed and can talk while driving…only GOD knows what is the t ruth….everytime different stories…but i want to finish this …pls GOD help me this time…


  207. Hi Rajni .. hop you will pass next time .. and just because of talking to examiner while driving will not help you to pass the test .. If you are able to talk freely while driving it shows you are confident in your driving .. During my first test I didn’t make any mistake and the examiner said “very good” after parking the car .. but final result “Failed” reason unknown .. managed to pass second time for my luck i got the same examiner .. My brother as working as Automobile Mechanic for last 12years and attented 5 tests .. preparing for 6th .. So its all depend on our Luck .. Getting DL in Dubai is Like winning Lottery

    Stay cool .. keep saying yourself .. I WILL WIN TODAY

    cheers better luck

  208. i am also failed three times, coming 20th is my fourth test. I am felling so depressed this RTA guys only need money they keep on failing us without any reason.

    Can anybody clear this doubt pls. a roundbout has three lane but it has two exit only

    If i want to go roundbout u turn or roundabout left i will take left most lane is and get in to the first lane of rounabout to make u turn or roundabout left – Is this correct

    For right turn i will make right most lane to go right

    then what is the use of middle lane in roundabout?.

  209. Best wishes for you Rajni. and me too need thats prayers as next saturday i have my 3rd road test.
    Hope for Best

  210. 3 line in approaching road to RA .. be in the right most line to take right turn … middle line you can use for straight and left turn or even for u-turn .. left most line to take you turn [when you cross the third exit and before entering the forth turn (back to the way you came – u-turn) make sure the guy in the middle line is not going left – crossing you.. so i personally say better to stay in middle line (if RA got 3 lines) to make u-turn or left

    If you have seen the road through shindagha tunnel RA in-front of Dubai hospital got four lines and all lines people using to go straight only..

  211. Oh my god.. Driving Test is looks like toughest job i ever done..!
    Let me include all fees and other charges as per EDI (Emirates Driving Institute) thus get information who wants to apply for a new file. I enroll to Emirates Driving Institute 13-6-2011.
    Total Fees including
    Admission,Course,Lecture, Parking, Theory, Assessment, Mock Test, First Road Test, Certificate & Serv Charges, Simulation Fees, File Opening is 4060 for Beginner (who dont have another country license) for 40 classes.
    You can assume My Name as Abbas D. as i dont want to declare my Original Name.

    I register my name for 40 Class in Option-2 Course which include 4 class per day in alternative day (1 Class = 30 minutes, so mine is 2 hours per day). After registering my name in EDI, my file open in 2 days, Lady call me for best suitable time for attending my Practical Class. When i go there they said sorry sir, It’s our mistake that we called u but, we dont have Instructor for a continues 2 hours. so he managed me a 2 instructor per hour temporary for that day.
    The next day One instructor given to me named “Mr. Mehmood Shahid”. i writes his name bcoz other student know that what they will feel with him as a student. Yes, he was Pakistani. He taken my 8 classes(2 day). He is very short tempered when u made any even small mistake when learning. As by his rule..”Student should never forget a rule which we already told to them”, Is this possible friends? We are human, and we make some mistake.. so it doesnt mean that he can use this much ruff language and very bad tone. I am an Engineer he should use this type of stuff when talking with me, should he? let me tell u some sentence by Him..
    “Is your screw is tighten” (Mind’s screw lol)
    “u are worst student i ever meet”
    “I cant understand your driving even a little”
    “Your car is doing disco when u drive it”
    “Do you have a mind”….etc

    he told me to do commentary of each & every action of mine when driving, like i see center mirror, left mirror, little break, full clutch, gear, side mirror… can i concentrate on my driving if i m telling and doing commentary for him. is that possible friend? i think no.

    He shout at me many times, even my father didnt shout at me as this person was doing. First day i accept him as my instructor, and for many sentences like these, i didnt reply, i kept silence, The next day i was out of control and replied him with many argue and his mistakes to shout at me and being a temper in short time..

    And after that classes i went to Technical department. A very good officer. and just says that “i have some language problem, so please change my instructor” then he replied if u can understand me then u can understand him very well, then i said to him that he is very short tempered and i cant learn by this instructor. the he asked me to if i wanted to register a complain about him, i said no sir (Why hurt a person huh?) A good guy call directly to receptionist to change mine to a good instructor.. (i recommended Indian thus better conversation possible)..

    Lets see now what’s happen.. i have clutch problem.. when starting from stop point car is throttling and get stroke.. i cant move car smoothly.. my 8 class passed.. hope i will cover all that classes.

    My Parking, Theory test on 28-6-11 and Assessment is on 14-7-2011. and even i dont know how to drive properly and i cant control clutch properly. what happens god knows. Please Help God…

  212. I did my class in Galadari and i have seen lots of Instructors (most from pakistan/India) use students for cleaning cars and bringing water for them .. my instructor was a good man and once he told me he got a new student who failed 10 times and came to him as perpartion for 11th test and he was not having any control over steering and clutch .. So what he was taught by the Instuctor for last 10 tests? nearly 100 classes he did with same instructor and was not able to contol car. so there is bad instructor in all driving centers!

    you did the good thing that before loosing much money u changed instructor .. best of luck with new!

  213. My fourth road test is tomorrow…everyone pls. pray for me……:)

    Hum hongey kamyab..hum hongey kamyab ek din…
    mun mei hai vishwas ..hum hongey kamyab ek din..

  214. Dear Abbas,

    Yeah when i saw your above things if feel you really screwed up by this people. Instrctor are thinking they are god if we made so mistake they will shout like any thing its happened to me also. i know how bad you fell. bcoz i failed more than fourth time now iam trying for fifth one. for this license i am save my money without having break fast properly.

    another thing which touched my heart is one Pakistani guy who is going to take licensee he failed more than 17 times that guy is telling me i sold my land in Pakistan to get this license here then he actually cried on that time.

    this people need money they invested more in cars and they want to pay for instructors they need money .
    we are the only source of income

    For this above things god is there watching all those things,

  215. I have sympathy for you Abbass, that not fair at all. You changed instructor that’s very good. Don’t worry You will pass, Every beginner like this at start, if not everyone then at least let me tell you truth that me was also like that. although I couldn’t get licensee yet but I think I can drive much better then before.

    I have road test on Saturday at 7.00 AM, please please pray for me.

    Thanks and Regards


  216. Please visit (main page) and give your comments on my blogs as well. Thanks!

  217. OH GOD I failed 3rd time.I don’t know should I continue or leave it. I already spent too much for this, and GOD knows how much I will more.

    When we were driving the Car the Examiner was just counting our mistakes, she did not stop for a minute and she count so many mistakes with our single movement..

    I am so disappointed now…

    Yaah Shaddy for sure I will visit your blog soon.

    my Prayers for everyone

    Take care

    Best Regards


  218. Sheddy after reading your bolg, i have tears in my eyes and i am praying with my heart that ALLAH give Majid very high place in Jannah and give him THE BEST.i am sure his deasese becme cleanser for his every sin, as you know being a muslim we belive that ALLAH bimari k badley hmarey gunahon ko maaf farmata hy. and i am also praying for you and your family that ALLAH give you saber and tofiqe to do sadqa-e-jariya for him.Ameen

  219. Hi Friends…
    You all are really my true friends…
    I finished 20 Classes today.. My Next Instruct is South Indian.. He cant speak fluently neither English nor Hindi.. But i can understand him very well, and he is also trying to teach me and explain me every thing.. I think this instructor will work for me,

    Day after tomorrow is my Signal test & Parking Test. My instruct got shocked when he read that my parking test is on the next day. So we planned to extend it for further 2 more days.. and then for 1 hour (2 Class) he teach me how to park a car, and guess what ! after that class he told me u r very good in parking. u can pass that exam very well. so i will give an exam for parking just after learning for 2 class & i m confident that i will pass.

    & for Signal test, I didnt completer even my first & 2nd lecture, so i will go tomorrow for that 2 lecture & give signal test day after tomorrow at 7.30 am. I also did a mock test 1 time.. and will do tomorrow too. They says after paying for mock test one time, u can give it as many times as i wish… At least all students have to perform mock test 1 time.

    Take care dear all. & Ms. Pakiza and Rajni.. My pray is with you dear.. I like ur spirit Rajni…& Thanks BC and sheikh..

  220. sheddy,

    what do you mean personal messages?
    i only told my story and everything that happened.

    and the use of the word ”very personal” what do you mean by that.

    everyone else is telling their story here and I simply shared what happened on my driving test.

  221. Hi, Today’s update.. I m feeling like a daily news Reader… 😉

    So today was my Theory (Signal) Test & Parking Test. My test time was 7.30, so they told me to come 30 minute earlier means at 7 o’ clock. i was there.. But no Instructor or examiner. we waited 7 to 8.30 am. and then exam started of Signal test which now called a theory test.

    And yes.. Please bring your photo id card with you at exam, No one told to do as, but at exam u need it compulsory. i had mine 😉
    My Test result is best of the best.. I completed my test in 15 minutes instead of 30 minutes. There were 35 question which u need minimum answer 23 out of 35. & i answered all 35 :D. yup.. it was fantastic. its because i only read fully RTA Handbook not a EDI driving book.

    and after that i goes to my practical class for last training of my Parellel parking.. i made so many mistake during that time.. But before today i was fantastic in parking.. Actually i was very tensioned about my exam. after some try me & my instructor decided to give a parking test.

    I goes to their department. they gave me one supervisior. and after goes to my car i started all process. i was feeling very nervous. so mistake is common in that situation.
    1st mistake – I started car when its already started. A Big Mistake.
    2nd mistake – i Missed my 2nd point to turn left and steer the steering to middle.
    so bcoz of that my car gone to very close to curb.
    I decided to move some forward and get back to position of my point, But Unfortunately i cant. So i requested my examiner by Signaling for sorry. He was very far rear from my car (outside).

    He told me ok, bring ur car out and try again. I was still little nervous. He said “dont be nervous, it is ok, calm and do properly” , i said that yes sir i was feeling very nervous. then after that line from that guy, I tried my best to compose my sense to feel better.

    I again parked near curb properly.. and again tried to park in reverse. after parked at parking, i need to take it little forward.. But again i had mistake. I forget to put car on first gear.. it was still in revers gear..
    May be he didn’t notice about that. so i put on first gear apply a side light, check mirror and shoulder and done.. I did perfectly.. I think so…

    And he told me khallas.. get out.. and he told me to stamp on this paper from department.. i said “ok sir, but is it pass or fa…” he said.. pass pass.. 😀

    I think some examiner is very good, he knows us very well that are u unskilled driver or u r just a nervous.

    This is my best moment of life time.. that i can be nervous on that time, and some one can trust me for that stuff.. and after that i completed that stuff perfectly.

    I will never forget that moment.

    Today after that confident i was driving very good, but i need more practice of clutch and gear control. My instructor was again angry to me when i was parking car at the end of class. But i calmly discuss with him that i cant understand when u said “turn left”, when i turn fully left ur mean was little turn left, and again as opposite.. lets see.. what happens.. Chillll

  222. Its ok. I am not deleting any of your message now. Even I posted your harsh one as well. Sometime I am not fresh and then delete extra long messages. May be your message got deleted due to this issue. Anyways, its your site….keep posting. Also read my blogs on social issues and post your comments there as well.

  223. @Abbas D

    I am really happy for you man. Now that you’ve passed those, the next thing will be your assessment test.

    My tip and suggestion, don’t be nervous and you’d do fine.
    51 points is the passing mark for it. if you get a score lower than than, then you fail.

    an EDI officer will conduct the test. and unlike the RTA officers, they will explain in detail what are your mistakes and what should you do. Also, they will allow you to drive above 5mins to really gauge your skills.

    Unfortunately for the RTA officers, they will let you drive under 5mins and even the slightest mistake you will be told ”stop the car”

    I am on my third try come July 5th.. I really hope and pray that I pass it this time.

  224. Hi all,

    Thanks JR.. I visited and talked so many people who are trying even on assesment like 2nd or 3rd even.. so i think its not a big deal to fail. I have some more money for spending for it, so that’s way i decided my mind to failing in exam is just a normal thing. I hope it helps my mind to not being that much nervous. I also need more practice of i think 40 class in not enough for me, and driving another private car is also prohibited.. and i will not leave this process till i got my driving license.. He he he.. Take care all.. Thanks JR for your tips.. It helps me. bye bye

  225. One more advice…. please keep chewing a gum while driving. It helped me in keeping myself calm during my 3rd test attempt in Australia, in which I got passed quite easily.

  226. Rajni my test on 6 July at 9.00 AM.

    Sheddy last time I kept Chewing gum in my purse, but I forgot to…

    Last time my U -Turn was very bad, I don’t know what happened to me that day, I always do it good but that day I did mistakes.

    Congrats Abbass.

    My Prayers for all of you!!

    Take care & Best regards

  227. Pakiza please do remember to chew your gum at the right time. Note following steps for driving around the roundabout:

    1. Always stop if a car is coming into the roundabout from your right. (reverse direction for countries where we drive on left).
    2. Never change the lane during driving around the roundabout.
    3. Give indication (through indicator) and do shoulder check before leaving the roundabout.
    4. Drive around 40 KM/HR around the roundabout.

  228. Thanks Sheddy, i have to attend 8 classes, so i will practise more.

    Ok this time i will not forgt chew gum at right time.

    Best wishes for JR and Rajni and all who hang up there.

  229. hi all . .
    I am new to dubai . .could you please suggest the best driving school in dubai??


  230. @ Hakim

    I would strongly recommend Belhasa Driving School, Al Wasl Branch.

    Reason: the route on which u get training is very simple and has very few tricky subjects. You will be tested on the same route and it provides fairly adequate advantage.

    My trainer was also good and really guided me well to obtain the license in second attempt. Goodluck!

  231. Tomorrow is my road test….i am v. scared…Please guide me for parking.
    I want to know tips on parking ..

  232. today i failed my third road test.
    reason for failing is that, he asked me to do parallel parking.

    there is a truck in front, i parked and was in the lines but he said he wants my tires to be close to the curb.

    why would you park like that? that is why there is a line marking and it should be inside it.
    my car was inside those lines. and the reason i didn’t park that way is because I will definitely hit the curb.

    im enrolled at Emirates Driving and I strongly suggest NOT to go to this school.
    i am pulling out my paper now.

  233. U will get failed if you are scared in advance……..Be confident that you would be passing it this time. Parking is not a big deal at all. Give signal before parking. Make use of rear mirrors and also turn your neck to see behing while reversing your car. Try to park within half meter from the kerb, however never touch the kerb.

  234. Sheddy you were right …I failed this time too….really so upset and would not like to go again for atleast one month now…it was my 5th road test…this time I got failed because she asked me to do junction right ..I need to cross 3 lanes for that…there was no traffic behind or in adjacent lanes..complete road was i smoothly reached to my filter on the rightmost lane..she failed me because as per her even though there were no traffic behind still i should have done shoulder check in each lane which i missed…but here i would like to add that in my 2nd road test i had failed because on the same road i had been told to go junction right and i followed all the four checks in each lane till i reached my final filter ..and the examiner failed me because she did not like me slowing down in each lane unnecessarily and performing the check when there were no traffic behind…as per her i should have straight away moved to my filter as conditions were favourable…..

    i don’t know who is right..but one thing is sure ..i am lost confidence in myself…i feel so dumb going to EDI each time for classes and then test…I am really tired and want to take a break….i shall be doing more loss than gain if i kept continuing like this and failing each time…..

    I am having my evaluation on 7th july after that i am thinking to take break ..pls suggest….

    GOD how long i need to suffer like this for DL….

  235. Rajni you are right , the examiners have quite different opinions. In my case on my 2nd try Examiner said your lane change is good, but she failed me due to “too slow” but in my 3rd try the other examiner said your lane change method is totally wrong….I was surprised because in both try me way of lane change was same, but they both passed different comments…Rajni I think taking break will not good. but may be other reader can give you good advice on it.

    JR can I ask you the reason to leave EDI, I mean if RTA don’t pass us or look very tiny mistake, then is there any mistake of EDI, but please remember I am just asking not favoring to EDI.

    My test on Wednesday, really want prayers.



  236. @sheddy

    thanks for the tips bro. but i assure you that i have convfidence in my driving.
    the two other students were shock when i failed because they completely know that I should pass. because the car was inside the lines.


    after three takes at EDI, i have pulled out my paper. i am moving to belhasa. to be quiet frankly honest with you, it has nothing to do with the driving school because our instructors are really good in teaching.

    Don’t feel down ok?! because getting the license is beyond our control. whether you drive well, it’s the RTA officer’s final say/call.

    i’ve done my research and I am enrolling at Belhasa.
    for file transfer we need to pay 820aed opening and 250aed road test.

    if you fail, we pay 640aed = 6 classes and 250aed road test.
    the road test is favorable to us because it’s done EVERY WEEK/ WEEKLY
    unlike in EDI, 8 classes will let you finish in two weeks.

    all the best to us! WE WILL GET the license, it’s just a matter of time which take. SO DON’T GIVE UP!

  237. what I mean in the two weeks is that after you complete your 8 classes in EDI, your next road test will take another week long.

    unlike in Belhasa, they will schedule you immediately.

    we are all going through this setback.. I mean each day, it just crossed my mind that there are people/students waiting for their turn for the final road test and hoping to pass.

    I even saw one guy literally in tears! he just can’t handle that he failed.
    I took all three test in EDI Al Quoz and the two RTA officers their are the worst! because they failed the other guy for him not giving a horn to a walking guy on the street! could you ever think how lame is not and for that he is failed.

    pakiza what about you……??????

  239. Hi,
    Tommarrow is my second RTA test. Please pray for me. God bless me and all those who are trying for DL.

  240. As per EDI..if you fail five times thenyou need to go through evaluation …(another way to earn money) today i have my evaluation then I shall be booking my 6th road testt…..

    I am not giving up now…I shall do my best..and leaving the rest to GOD.

    thanks to all who are with me.

  241. @avi


    today i got my papers from emirates. two of us were there to collect it at 130pm and finished 4pm.

    they tell us to go to al qusais for it to be signed and go to al quoz for the other documents.
    utter waste of time.

    im planning to go to dubai driving or belhasa. any suggestions and tips?

  242. hai ……i got good and bad driving tips from u…….thanks…….my first road test was july 6…..but i was failed.i was used chuingam while road test…immediately examiner told u failed……that was reason for failed….so dont use that way……..ur driving tips was good except this…thanks…my second road test is july 24..pls pray for me……..

  243. @Sheddy,

    approve the messages so we can see the updates or can’t you make it auto post?
    because it’s been several days now without updates.

  244. @avi

    i just enrolled at Dubai Driving in dry docks.
    now, im waiting for their call to get and finish the 6 lessons lessons and after that, comes the final road test again.

    i strongly believe that EDI instructors are good, but i left them because the RTA officers are ridiculously strict and will just find almost anything to fail you.

  245. Hi.. Friendssss.. I have completed my all classes… But i think i should have some more classes to practice on road. i cant practice more on road because my class was over. I dont know how to park parrelel, I hope so my examiner will not ask to park in parallel. My Assessment test is on 19 July.. In EDI ofcourse.. But i m not scared.. i have seen so many guys giving exam more than 3-4 times. so i think i will have 5.. hahahaha.. U know.. negative thinking sometime sounds good.. what do u think????
    Take care all.. Have a Good Luck, Bcoz the luck only we have which can save our money and pass properly 😉

  246. Hey all 🙂 I just got back from the US a couple of months ago and finally got around to getting my driving license in Dubai, where I’ve spent my entire life. I have a US driving license but because of the uselessness of EDI, I’m a bit confused as to what exactly the tests I’ll be taking involve. My instructor is pretty useless and spends most of her time on her cellphone, so I know not to ask her any complicated questions.

    People here – what do they make you do in the parking test and road test? Please let me know asap as my parking test is tomorrow morning and I’m not really sure what’s expected of me!!


  247. Hi Sana,

    My English is very poor.. so try to understand by great effort 😉
    so, if u have ur parking test tomorrow, it means u have completed your theory test.
    Parking test will only take maximum10min. One examiner will come to you, wearing dark blue cloths,
    your car will be outside of the parallel parking, U have to park in to parking, and park-out your car straight. That’s all what u have to do,

    But, Be very calm. I know how we feel that time, I just passed it 2 weeks ago.. It was horrible, I made a big mistake and my car was not on proper position, I request my examiner from inside of the car to give me another chance…

    He was smart and very kind, he understood that i m very tensioned, and told me to do again from beginning. I was very happy because of another chance.. and with calm i did it perfectly.. without any minor mistake. But all Examiner is not so kind as my was.

    So, I recommended you to read this whole page from beginning, that’s way u can understand whole scenario and environment & other stuffs.. So Have a great Luck.. and chill..

  248. @Sana

    on your parking test, and EDI officer will facilitate the test and it will be a parallel parking.
    points to remember and its quite easy.

    1. signal to the RIGHT
    2. back up your car
    3. do the 3 point check: this is when;
    a. right rull turn when the triangular mirror is seen on the Pole
    b. 1 nissan, 2 nissan logo turns on the steering wheel to straigthen your wheels
    c. left full turn when the Pole infront can be seen on your right wing shield
    4. once parked, handbreak first then put the gear to P-arking
    5. you will need to go out again
    a. center mirror/ change gear, then release handbreak while pressing the breaks
    b. signal left
    c. look at your SHOULDER
    6. Move

    hope this helps

  249. @Abbas

    why would you say you’d fail??? if you say so, then you will fail.
    plus it’s only an assessment test. relax, you will pass that.

    you should be more worried about the final road test because RTA examiners screw most people even when driving well… the second you seat inside the car you are failed!

  250. Hi All, how are you all? I am here after a quite long time, so saw some new comers, Welcome Sana. and what about you Abbass?
    on Tuesday I have my 5th road test. I pray that I get my DL before Ramzan.

    Please please I need lot of prayers.


  251. @ all :p

    hi all..
    I passed assesment test on 1st try.. i know its not a big deal..but for me it is.. I m thinking that i saved my 700dhs by passing this test.. My driving is very bad but my instructor passed me, but he told me kindly to take some classes otherwise u will not pass and RTA guy will catch me to passed u. but i didnt take any classes.. because i know my 1st try will defenately fail.. then they will surely give me 8 classes.. then why to spend money for advance class :p 😉
    so.. yuppy…
    U know when is my 1st road test? Its on 1st Ramzaan.. So Pour… no?

  252. Hello,

    I passed my Road test was my 7th attempt…GOD so much relieved now.

    Everytime we fail we do some mistake..either we agree or not..examiner does not fail us for just no reason..yes sometimes they are so minor for us ..but then mistakes are mistakes we can’t deny that..

    All schools are good…EDI is already earning so much…they are not interested in some individual for running their business….just get this thought out of your mind….infact EDI is v. professional…especially there staff is well trained and professional, i am talking about al quasis branch…if you are unhappy with your instructor better you change one rather than cribbing about school….

    there are few tips how to proceed ahead if you fail your road test in EDI ..only for ladies section…

    1. after failing go to counter no 3 first and show her your RTA result and ask her to change your status to fail

    2. Go to cashier and make payment of your next road test..and get the receipt…don’t worry about the date and timing on the receipt…

    3. Go to counter no 3 again and ask her to book your road test..if you want some different date you can tell her…she would see the availabllity and could block the date for you..timings would be confirmed only with the sms…she could provideyou 1 week after date as well if available.

    4. After finalizing your road test date go to counter no 5 or 6 and ask them to book your classes as per your test date….they shall book your classes with your preferred instructor..

    5. you can either make payment for your extension classes that day itself or on the day you go for first class….

    6. if you are failing many me..(i failed 6 times) then try to save money by other ways…try to go with EDI transport rather than your own personal taxi….its much cheaper and v. well coordinated…there is bus after every hour from EDI and they cover almost allthe parts in dubai and sharjah…i used to pay 30 dhm per day…from lakes to al quasis and back …quite cheap…

    one more little suggestion..on the day you have road test..just wait for your turn n’t get into gossip with other ladies who are sitting for their turn…they would make your more scared or put unnecessarily bad image of examiner taking yur test..just leave everything on your destiny and go ahead…

    and don’t worry….just do your best and leave the rest to GOD but first do your best…..

    Best of luck….


  253. Hello to all,

    Last June 21 was my third times of my test drive, but still fail due to some mistake according to the police. But before on my turn, their was young Local “emarate” with us, my dismay, he passed the test despite of his mistake. Not wearing the safety belt and the engine stalled (Manual Gear) in the approach of round about… Now im about to take my 5th try….. I really don’t know what to do… even I have 3 years driving experienced….

  254. Rajni 1st of all a BIG congratulation to you. I know how it can be feel when you got License after a looong period, as with me, I failed in my 5th try, now my Evaluation test on Saturday after that road test.
    But you are right every time we did mistake, big or small, but for Examiner they are just Mistakes. both on my 4th and 5th try I did not noticed a car was coming from parking. I failed due to lack of Observation. I admit it my Mistake.
    But I have to pass in next try .In’sha’Allah.

    Abbass Congrats to you. 1st Ramzan will be lucky for you so don’t worry.

    Joi Best wishes for you and for all you want to come on Road!!!

    Take care and Best Regards

  255. Best of luck Pakiza…I too had same problem in all my tests..lack of observation and concentration on road….i failed my 4 road tests because of this attitude only…

    For Fayasl ..yes i know why i failed every time.
    1st test – > i was not good in driving…missed one STOP sign .
    2nd test -> Nervous and made few mistakes while lane change and missed filter.
    3rd test -> totally in another world…GOD knows what was wrong with me that da…maybe too much nervous but as soon as i was on steering i was doing lot many mistakes starting from turning to parking..
    4th test -> as per me was my best show so far..but the examiner failed me ..because as per her i was wrong while taking car out of parking….:( i still feel she should have passed me that time..
    5th test-> everything was going on well…but then examiner was quite pissed off with one other girl in our car she said me something rude and then on i lost my mental balance..anyways she said my lane change was too poor she failed me.
    6th test-> it was so funny….when my turn came examiner realized that something was wrwong…she was not having my paper and wrongly picked me up…:( she said i can’t take your test and i pleaded that anyhow whoever would be taking my test must have failed me by now for “No show” what should i do….(pls note each examiner carry learning permit has pic too was all her mistake that she did not realized that the learning permit she had was not mine ..but still there is no point in arguing with her) at last she agreed to take my test..i did well..but while coming back to school..she confused me so much that i lost my mind…and failed…
    7th test..> no mistakes…passed.

    you know what..some examiners does not leave the opportunity to teach you driving while you are sitting for exam….they would keep giving you gyan since the time you sit on driving seat…they don’t realize that we are getting more confuse and nervous ….better ignore them…and do test for yourself to justify your classes and money than anything else…i think that way you would be more relaxed….

    wish everyone good luck.


  256. Can anybody describe procedure OR video of ” Reverse 90 Degree Angle Parking” Please.

  257. @Rajni – Congrates dear.. Kuchh mitha ho jaye??? Ha ha ha 🙂
    Congrates… for passing your Road Test.. it doesnt matter how many times u tried, Thing is U did it.. Right.. ! Cool…

    Today was my 1st road test.. and as i assumed i Failed. I did 2 mistakes.. but he makes it 12. Bcoz they need minimum 12 mistake to fail us.
    My Mistake was –
    1.During checking of blind spot my car moves a little.
    2.When entering in to 2way parking area… I didnt check for opposite direction.but believe me.. i checked it.. But the thing is.. he didnt check that i m checking… 😉
    So there are only 2 mistakes..

    But he writes so many mistakes like enter in No Entry… didnt keep distance from front of my car..however there were no car arround me bcoz it was morning.

    Whatever.. they gave me 10th date of next exam..2nd try.

    One more thing examiner always asked you howmany try u passed… so if u r begineer like 1 or 2nd try.. he determine that u r very bad in it also effects on his mind.. so idea is why not to tale him a lie? bcoz he never know the truth.. He will not go for check all my data..

    @joelica & @pakiza.. Best of luck for your next exam… bye bye.. Ramzan Karim… 😀

  258. I got my Drivers License! my first take here at Dubai Driving Institute.
    Take note that i did 3 test in emirates driving and failed all 3.

    If I were you, I will transfer my file to DD.
    The two locals conducting the test in emirates are unreasonably strict…

    I am so HAPPY and RELIEVED now. thank you GOD!

  259. my first test was july 6.failed reason is used chuingum……… my second road test was july 24 in albarsha dubai driving centre.what happened that day?7.3oam was my road test time.iam waiting there from 7am to 9.45.but nobody called me for test.then iam going to office…asked to him.why too much late.then he told me light vehicle manual examiner today reported leave u wait untill another examiner test finish..again iam waiting in the test room.after 10 minutes called me for test..i was the first person.i driven the car perfectly ..after 5 minutes examiner told me park right side.i thought iam failed.because i driven only 5 minute.also i checked the parking area.that was in front of the gate.i told him “that place not allowed for parking”.then again he told me .park there.then i parked there.he told me.”why u park here”?i have answer for that.”sir i told u not allowed here before parking”he told me again.”may be i will tell wrong information,then u follow up the rules..pls person “he stoped his talking..i was hungry..then after reached inside of the office….i got paper…there was written passed…god given to me…that is my lucky day……best of luck all……also thanks for prays to me……..thank god

  260. i was told yesterday after passing the final road test, that my license will be available for pick up today. so i was there 9am and the lady told me i have to wait for 2hours or come back again tomorrow.

    These people really have no respect of time. If you are dealing with a government institution, banks, bet your chances of getting served on time is delayed…

  261. Hi all, I have passed my theory and parking test and next week my assessment test, so kindly pray for me.

  262. @nasim,

    where are you enrolled at?

    if anyone here is doing it in Emirates Driving School… the average test you’d do is between 4-8.
    Dubai Driving is the best. I passed on my FIRST take.

    i did 3 test in EDI and decided to transfer my file to dubai driving. best move!

  263. Hello All,

    A big News..I passed today in my 6th try. Alhamdulillah, I am so happy and feeling relax.

    I wish you all best of luck


  264. HI
    Very valuable comments and instruction found in this page, and i find nothing useful but this page in the internet regarding Dubai driving license, people sharing there experiences will definitely guide new comer to make better decision. i suggest to owner of this page that he should more organized this no doubt it will become valuable asset.

    i have given two test and failed 😦 now i have my third final try on 14th of August, please pray for me, although confident, but these RTA guys really pass on there mode, i have seen some worst driver getting passed.

  265. Hello All.

    i passed my road test yestrday.Alhamdulillah. And got my license today. I am feeling sooo relax and light. Today evening I will drive my own car. WOW…

    best of luck for all.



  266. With due respect I don’t live in Dubai but in Sydney. I never say that this page is useful. However I created it as I was unable to find any useful link on web when I was there. If you feel it useless it’s your opinion and I don’t care about that. People are running this page at their own. I write very few times as I don’t have much time. In spite of criticising as it’s a habit of Pakistanis to never appreciate any positive thing, you better create a site at your own. Viewers can reply to this message. I will approve all comments without any prejudice. Shahid

  267. Hi
    Dear Sheddy, i think that you didn’t understand my sentence above or forgive me if my English is poor, i am quoting my above sentence again below, i hope you will get my point of view this time

    “very valuable comments and instruction found in this page, and i find nothing useful but this page in the internet regarding Dubai driving license”

    So bro, i did appreciate your effort even i have claim i did not find any useful thing regarding Dubai driving license but this page.

    🙂 cheers

  268. @ Pakiza

    Congrats on your long awaited success. Perhaps you have been one of the most pro active members on this forum.

    @ Sheddy

    Personally, I really feel that this forum provides beneficial suggstions and good tips to those who are in the process of getting driving training from different schools and to focus well on their possible weaknesses.

    So a learner gets ample support to be watchful on some essential checklist and to overcome any possible weaknesses which may impact the driving test examiners decision. So a fine tuning before proceeding to the test really makes the difference. I am not sure about other member’s experiences, but I can personally endorse that I did benefit from the discussions, suggestions and tips I read on this forum.

    Keep up the good work.

  269. Thanks for the good words and encouragement. At least we get relaxed after sharing our experiences here, and also get some useful advices.

    @ Pakiza, very happy on your achievement. You are requested to keep writing here. Always guide and encouarge others with your good words. Lots of congratulations.

    @ Sameer: Thanks brother. No harsh feelings. Its your page.

  270. Thanks Sheddy and Abass.
    There is no doubt that this is the BEST page regarding information about License. But I am sorry Sheddy I don’t agree with you as you said ” it’s a habit of Pakistanis to never appreciate any positive thing” All are not same. In this form so many Pakistanis who appreciate and like it. so Due to one person don’t include us in this list.

    Anyway sure I will keep writing here. Yesterday I drove on Emirates road and all my family enjoy it.

    Abass I think tomorrow is your test. I will pray for all of you.



  271. Dear Mr. Shahid,

    when i applied for driving in dubai and I searched on web and I have found your blog, it is best and very useful for everybody who are applying for it, and I realy appreciate your effort and you are surprised that I belong to Pakistan and I proud that I am Pakistani, Please dont say that all Pakistanis are negative mind because all fingers are not same, tommorow is my assessment test and inshallah i will pass.



  272. I apologise for being harsh. Unfortunately I was checking the page on iPhone and could not read it very clearly….some months back another Pakistani had come up with negative critism. he said ‘you have too much time for wasting on such activities’. You can understand that how would I have felt over such reaction. Similarly Mr. Sameer Butt seemed to be criticising, although he was not doing so.

    As I live in Australia now, believe me here people behave much more politely and maturely. I wish that we (Indians as well) could learn such things.

    @ Pakiza: Very happy to know about your drive..Keep it up! I wish best of luck to Abbas as well.

  273. @ Pakiza

    Thanks Pakiza but I actually got my License during May, 2011. I got training at the Belhasa Driving School, Al Wasl Branch and managed to pass in my 2nd Test.

    Good to see you steering across Dubai roads now. Happy Driving.

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  275. HI alllllllll,
    Congrats to Nasim & Pakiza for their exam’s result.. I know now u can smile…. right???

    One more small good news here.. I passed too…Yuppppppppp… Sorry for being late for posting my result.. Actually i passed on 10th. I passed it in 2nd try with Manual gear Light Weight Motor Vehicle. It was my 2nd try ( in EDI – Emirates Driving Institute_ … And i started to drive on my own.. however i m driving with my driver bcoz sometimes we missed somepoint to learn in our driving institute…like
    1. I had no experienced for Roundabout…
    2. I m taking a wrong curve during turn left from intersection(this can cause a accident).
    3. i was aware of which line we have to driver during merging from leftside to the main road.

    So that’s it…First let me give u a special advise who are still trying for exam…

    1. You passed or not, its not mostly your skills problem.. it just your bad luck.. You know in EDI TEST WAITING room, There is a board written “BEST OF LUCK FOR YOUR EXAM”, They also know that its just a game of luck..that why they written like that.. so never be nervous for your exam and just drive and drive till u get success… 😉

    2. Never apply for Manual License unless you really need it. Bcoz in todays Manual car is very rare (Excluding transporting vehicle like Bus, Pickup…etc). In Some future days Manual car will be totally finished and there will be all over automatic only. However i get license in Manual because no one advised me.

    3. On Exam’s day, Wear a cloths like a professional one. Don’t wear funky type cloths. Which are very important in your exam. Specially for ladies. Wear like you are manager of some firm. Don’t wear like jeans and t-shirt, and for ladies don’t wear very short and bright colors.. Cloth should looks like a professional one like a manager or something high, Not like a school/collage student or party wear.
    For manual Car – Don’t ever wear a curta.. Which clearly looks like a pakistani pathan. If they know you will do a job as driver then your exam will be very touch. Never makes impression as you will do a driver job in future.

    4. Try to seat behind driver’s seat(if you are not 1st for exam)… and pretend like pro when other is driving, like look all over carefully when driver(other student) is taking turn, or check blind spot…etc. That’s way examiner can see you from his center mirror, and they will think that you are good watcher.. and you are taking care when u drive and you are very well awake.

    5. Never laugh or get nervous when examiner shouted on other student for their mistakes.. always pretend like you are just traveling in taxi.

    6. Examiner can be very angry, depend on his mood. Never argue with him, not even a single time. If they told to take a right, Never ask him again which side, or like “this right side?” Your argue can make you immanently fail.

    7. Always safety first. When Parking out, never make a mistake, Your first impression is last. Get a slow parking with every mirror and reverse check. Parkout car very carefully, give a long gape with all nearby cars.

    8. When examiner explaining you, your mistakes during driving. Give him a proper reply. Don’t just seat silently. Give him a satisfaction reply like “Yes sir, OK sir, I accept, Yes its my mistake.” It will give a examiner proud of him self and a good image of yours as sincere.

    I was last in my exam. 1st student’s was on his 1st try… 2nd was on his 6th try… and3rd was me.

    * 1st makes parking out mistake. Car was very close to left side car when parking out from a parallel parking.Examiner suggest him to reverse in straight first.
    – Then he makes mistake in lan changing, When examiner told him to right lane change.. he was not changing.. he was unsure about gap of rear right side.. Then examiner gets very angry and shouted on him to change a lane..then when he tried to change lan there was a car and he was just to make an accident..
    – Examiner told him to immediately park in hard solder. Then he brakes very very hard, (He was in Good Speed), and examiner pretend like he got a very big shock by saying “aaaaaahhh” and his all exams paper fall down from his hand to the car.

    * 2nd students starts driving in very good speed.. It was his 6th try. And he drives about 80-85 just in 10 seconds from starting. But it was 60 road. Examiner shouted him about his speed. and student reduced speed to 40 in 4th gear (manual). Again he shouted on him and told to park in hard shoulder… There he stops in hard should in 3rd gear.. and examiner was like a fire bomb.bum bum baam bam..

    * and then it was my turn. I started to drive… I makes a good check and turn very good, Then i gets in to busy traffic. There after turning i forget to side light off after turning. 1st time he just told me to off it… I said ok sir,
    – 2nd time same mistake – he turn off side light by his hand by shouting on me angrily. and i said yes sir.. right..
    – Then during driving i cant switch to 3rd gear smoothly… Gear was jammed for a one second.. But I keep driving and then changed properly.
    – Then when entering to EDI gates, I was changing to 2nd gear to 1st gear, There he catch gear and told me that you dont need to put on 1st gair when there is no car in your way. go in 2nd gear. I said okay sir, Then he replied me, what ok sir? it’s final test.

    I was assuming i will fail, bcoz examiner was very angry bcoz of first and 2nd students mistakes. And also i makes mistake 3 times. But I get a paper with blue stamp written PASSED.

    Actually bcoz of that 2 people i passed.. He makes so much mistake and examiner was very angry on them, and i drive average, so it makes my impression as very good driver..and he passed me 😀
    However my mistake was very small but when they want to fail us,, They count as many as they can write.

    And i get my license within one hour from them.


    Thanks & Love to all of readers. You all are my friends who were & are with me during me tensioned & most difficult days of my Life… Love you all.

    Contact me to :

  276. 4 of my friends are still stuck in Emirates Driving after giving 3-4 test.
    I failed 3 test their too and decided to transfer to Dubai Driving.

    my suggestion is to transfer to other schools if you still don’t get the license after 4 takes.
    especially in emirates driving – al qouz branch.

    the two RTA locals are horrendous.. i kept all three test papers where they grade our driving.
    and as i look closely into it i had mistakes that on the actual driving test,
    they didn’t ask of me to do.

    for example, a mistake in a U-Turn, where i did not make any U-Turn maneuovers.

    and another TIP that I can share is that, as soon as you sit down in the car,
    never show the examiner that you are nervous, but rather relax and show that you are confident
    and you know what you’re doing.

  277. A big stroy and and biggest Congatulation Abbass.

    drive safley and best of luck for all who are trying for DL.

    Best regards

  278. Hi Abbas,

    Many Congratulation!

    kindly pray all of us who are struggling for licence.


  279. I request especially to the Pakistanis and other Muslims for reading my article on Karachi’s situation on the main page of this BLOG and pray to Allah for helping the residents of Karachi and allover Pakistan.

    Please also comment there. I especially request Sameer, Nasim, Pakiza and Abbas who are quite active here.


    Shahid Javed

  280. Got my licence on the second go.
    My tips are:

    Be fluent/smooth during steering.
    Keep an eye out for the road signs and markings.
    DO NOT enter a no-entry zone even if the instructor asks you to. Tell him politely that this is not allowed and suggest that you look for the next available u-turn/entry point.
    Make sure all mirrors are adjusted prior to moving.
    Always carry out a head check before changing lanes.
    You will be tested only for a few minutes. Stay calm & focus all your attention on it. Do not loose sight of your goal. Best of luck to all.

  281. Hi to all,

    Good news to all, finally passed the test and i got my driving license last August 7, 2011. Sorry for the late info. But anyways, I wish to have a party but it cannot be because of pasting for ramadan…. probably this coming EID, enshalla and you all invited to come in Rak Al Khaima.

    I think its very hard to pass the test drive specially with the manual gear. Here my tips i hope it will help.

    1. Be aware of the speed limit special in residential / public areas. The police sometime opted you to go faster and if your follow his instruction since the police the first priority in traffic rules, he will surely fail you in the exam.

    2. In round about, used only up to second gear and adjust the speed not to over rev the engine. Just drive good enough and nice. Don’t you ever try to shift to third gear……fail will be your reward.

    3. In crossing road, even there no approaching vehicle from left or right, you have to full stop the car.

    Thanks and good luck to all

  282. dear all,
    its good to hear all your experiences. all the tips are very helpful.
    iam enrolled with Emirates driving, ghusais….i failed my first road test which was on last tuesday. i was asked to pay n book for the extra classes which i did on the same day and they promised to get back to me about my classes..its been more than a week, i hv called them more than three times still nothing has happened………..they claim to be short of instructors….im losing my precious time……….
    is it possible to take my file now to sm other institute………….im desperate……….plz somebody advise me abt wat to do…………

  283. This website gives good info for the learners, thanks for all wonderfull tips.
    I have a test tomorrow, pls pray for me..

  284. Asalaam bhai i am failed in first try day after tommorow is my second try i have read your tips and definatly folow them just pray for me if this time i not get licence i lose my job so any one who read this plzzzzzz pray for me Jehanzeb…………….

  285. I got my DL in first try on 17th Oct. Took me 23 working days 40 classes and all other tests. Emirates Driving School

  286. again fail my 5th try from dubai driving dry docks ,everytime new examiner ,new comments …………..

  287. @sheetal

    i passed my first take at the same school. what are your mistakes?
    it’s kinda fairly easy in this area because of the speed limit. just stay positive my friend and you’d definitely pass the next test!

  288. @sheetal
    don’t worry next time u will get…..dont think about previous examiner or comments……drive in a relaxed mood……read all comments and 11 points in this page…….
    best of luck…..

  289. Good morning to all of you.. I read and I learned a lot of idea from all of you, actually I failed two times already and I have final test again on September 17 2012 please pray for me share you good luck to me to pass my final road test, I keep praying to Allah to help me and for those people whose taken final road test.
    This Driving License is very important for me to find a job for the future of my Son because my salary is very less, whenever I have an interview they are asking Driving License which is I don’t have so please Allah help me to pass my final test, I don’t have more money to pay it. Please help me and hear my prayer.

  290. hiiii to alll….today only i get to knew about this blog…i read it full,,all the tips and experience shared by students are very useful…. tomorrow is my assessment very much tensed about that….please please pray for me,,,,

  291. Muthu,
    Thanks to all good tips for RTA pass at UAE.
    I was failed on 6th time.
    Any way I am going to give 7th test on saturday.
    I hope that god will give to get lic on that day.
    So all are pray to me.
    Best of luck to all.
    Happy in your life.
    ok by

  292. Dear all, I have been pass in RTA final test. but I can`t get licenses, because my visa not renewed. Now at that case any body can say, how I can get the licenses without renew visa. ??????
    please any body know, write some word. thanks

  293. Thanks for the TIPS!

    This morning i had my 3rd road test and before test i read the tips and got passed finally.

    Thanks again.!

  294. Wonderful tips!!! Gives immense confidence as you read them..But at the same time, after seeing the comments of many friends here, I too was tensed. I came across this on the day before my road test. By the grace of God, I was able to perform well and passed the test on my first try. The examiner was also a good person, As many friends have mentioned here earlier, much depends on the mindset & attitude of the examiner. But never mind not everyone will get a good examiner – just remember one thing, stick on to the basics (the tips mentioned above), try to be as much calm as possible and drive in full confidence as if you are taking your friend for a ride. All the best for all friends who are having tests in the coming days and Let God be with you all..

    Hats off to Shahid bhai for the tips – you have done a wonderful job.

  295. Hi, I failed my 4th attempt . and i am very disheartened now . feels like a failure . Can you please tell me how to control my nervousness . i get so nervous that i cant concentrate .

  296. Relax and chew a gum while driving. It will keep you fresh and out of pressure.

  297. Thank a lot the tips helped a lot…..I passed my 2nd rta test today…. Shahid Javed sir u told u are in australia so i want to ask you can we change uae driving license directly to australian license or if no how is it possible to get australian license??

  298. No dear. You have to pass the driving test in Australia for getting the licence. They don’t give any value to the UAE licence.

  299. Thank you so much Shahid ji, your blog and guidance helped a lot. Cleared my test in first attempt. It wouldn’t have been possible without you.

    God bless you for your work !

    Happy new year !

  300. Mr SHAHID.
    I want to thank your for your advice and it help me a lot, now its my turn to share my experience and if you please may i post my experience.

    Good day to all of you.
    I want to share my experience doing the road test exam here in Dubai UAE, I just passed on my 3rd take this 3rd month of 2014. Which they say the toughest year since starting from 2012 RTA introduced a more stringent road test exam with highway classes (mandatory if you passed the Road Test Exam)…
    Since I’m really new in driving I did take the whole 40 class’s package together with the assessment road test, signal test, parking test. I did take the Automatic Light vehicle since my work is not really driving. It’s ok if you want to take the Manual Light Vehicle but be warned that if you are not keen working a quiet clutch, gear, acceleration and brake mode all together in a harmonious way in changing lane, right turn, left turn, U-turn etc, while with your Road test examiner you might fail. I rather recommend people who have experience driving Manual in their country to take the said Manual classes here in Dubai, UAE.
    Failure is not an option for me; I strive to perfect it without a mistake. The only hindrance that I can say is about the money! Yes money and why money? Because if you have money to burn you can schedule easily again and again till you pass your road test exam. Well in my case since I don’t have much money, I try to save for one year and a half of my salary and finally holding about 9,000 aed before I go to driving school.
    First I Did passed the Signal test, a computerized time limit of about an hour for you to understand the question and pick the right answer which I pass on one take! Some people that I’m with did fail and you pay another 300 aed! Next:
    Ok 40 classes, some good Pakistani and Indian Instructor, while other’s I have had a hard time communicating since I can’t understand the English diction they say but hey it’s still driving so I follow the rules of the road as much as I can!
    Then the assessment road tests, in this test if you pass you are still given 12 or 8 classes before the actual road test. If you fail they will give you 8 classes and you take the assessment test until you pass. Sadly I did fail on the first take since I’m not familiar with the road area were we did the test. I think my instructor did not let me go to that area!
    Now the road test! Before the Road test which I have to schedule for another 2-3 weeks since a lot of people are taking. So I’m idle for the next few weeks before my road test! So the best way for me is watch YouTube about driving test and it helps a lot. After that waiting I finally manage to have my first road test: let’s be clear Tester is the one who will take the exam while the RTA examiner is the one who will passed or fail you!
    1st road test: Me, and 2 tester Indian guys. So I’m the first to take the car outside the main branch. first again I did the usual check mirror, seat, steering wheel adjustment and saying sir please put your seatbelt! Then while leaving the branch the examiner said to me Left change lane, right Change lane, 2 U-Turn, 2 Roundabout U- Turn. While driving the examiner said I hold the steering wheel too much that it cost the car to shake! So I try the best not hold it too much but I can’t! Then he said also I put break too much which I did, I did feel the pedal break is so lose and I have no way to handle it! Then for about 8 or 10 minutes which I’m the longest tester in this group which I have no idea why? So when I’m near the roundabout I check my left shoulder and see a car but it’s too far so I manage to enter the roundabout and suddenly the examiner hold my steering wheel. I was shock because I know I failed once they got hold on your steering wheel! He said park the car which I did! 2nd tester on his 5th try, drive a nice modest change lane right and left, 2 U-turn, 3 Right turn. During driving the tester suddenly ask the name of the examiner, how he is doing, how about work, etc. which the examiner answer nicely. While talking the tester said “are you going to fail me”? Examiner said why are you asking me? This is an Exam you must be focus! Then all of a sudden we are on the service lane at the center of the bus stop! Examiner got mad and he said park the car! And all I thinks it’s about 5 minutes. 3rd Tester is small quiet guy, same Left/right Change Lane, 2 U-turn, etc. While driving examiner asks a question and said which road lane speed is allowed here? The tester answers a long one and said “sir it’s 40 mph here” and the examiner shook his head in disbelief because it’s a 2 lane and 2 lanes are 60 mph! So we go back straight to the base, while nearing the base the tester come across a humps! Then while driving through it at a speed about 20-25mph we all got shook and shock on our seat! He did not slow down. So when we arrive and park the car the examiner said to him in directly “YOU FAIL”! All for about 4 minutes, So sadly we all fail. But examiner gave us a good advice like me, he said I try to control lightly the steering wheel and not break too hard. Same goes on the 2nd tester to focus on the exam while the 3rd one without any advice given is just plain quiet.
    2nd Road Test: the worst time I did take it that day because of one idiot fighting loudly tester who happen to be the 1st tester! So me and 2 Tester who happen to be both Arabic speaking in origin! So sequence is 1st tester (I have no idea which Arab country), 2nd Tester is Egyptian by the looks of him and how he speak and 3rd is Me. 1st tester is the one who take the car outside the main branch; all is good change lane and right turn, then while we are on the 3 lanes (1st right lane, 2nd right lane, and 3rd left lane) which we are on the second right lane near a red signal. While waiting for the green light the 1st tester suddenly put the Handbrake up! The examiner saw what happen and shook his head and writes something on a paper, then green light is up and we go, while driving the 1st tester change lane to the 1st right lane. Then from there the examiner and tester exchange words in Arabic which I’m trying to understand what is happening! But then we park on a right shoulder and examiner told to the 2nd tester to go to the steering wheel. At this time both 1st tester and examiner are talking loudly in Arabic that the examiner almost got mad put up a his hand high towards 1st tester and like saying shut-up! So 2nd tester drives nicely without any word from the examiner and said park the car on the service road. So 2nd tester park the car and examiner told to me go to the steering wheel. So it’s me, same check mirror, seat, steering wheel etc. while driving towards the base and its traffic. He said I change left lane but again its heavy traffic, so since he said it! I try to manage to change left lane but I can’t or else we will bump to the left side of the car. So I said I’m sorry sir I can’t change lane for a short period of time on the road, and then we go back to the base of the main branch. After that we all were given a Fail report. I guess the 1st tester gave a bad introduction to Me and the Egyptian guy. But before he gave us the report I ask the 1st tester what happen and he said that his instructor told him to be in a safe mode while with the examiner put a handbrake in a red signal and always go on the right first lane to be safe! While you read this think what is wrong with the 1st tester during the exam?
    3rd Road Test: a happy day. 1st tester Pakistani, 2nd tester Indian and 3rd is me. 1st tester took the car and while driving the examiner told him to change lane left and right several times. The car move suddenly and abruptly that the entire passenger also move from their seat. Examiner said park the car and while at park the examiner and tester are talking so long and I think at this moment examiner is trying to tell him what is wrong. So 2nd tester moves the car from the parking lot and we go straight to an area where there are no cars park and no traffic at all. The best driving course I have seen and so easy to maneuver. But the examiner notice that every time we are near to a broken line yield the tester totally stop and check his head left and right and then go. And while tester is near the straight line stop sign he did not totally stop but he was creeping slowly and checking his head left and right and go, Examiner said park the car. So park the car and it’s my turn. So it’s me I left the parking area and we go to same area where the 2nd tester did his driving. This time I did the opposite, whenever I’m near the broken line yield I creep slowly and check my head left and I go. While I’m near the straight line stop sign I totally stop and check left and right of my head before I go. While driving for no reason I suddenly introduced myself and while smiling I did tell him a joke which the examiner laughs. And from then on I feel ok driving with him even if he pass or fail me. So while we are near the main branch which I park nicely I just said to him “thank you sir emirati” and he smile… so I PASSED… 1st tester also passed but the 2nd one did not!
    Then I have to pay for a highway fee and license fee for a grand total of 7.981 aed, Thank you I hope I have shared my experience and learn from it. Thank you!
    O and the remaining amount of about 1k, I called my friends and have a grand party on my flat the whole night!

  301. Thank you for every other informative web site.
    The place else may just I get that type of info written in such an ideal way?
    I have a undertaking that I am just now working on, and I’ve been at the glance
    out for such information.

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  303. This is very informative site. I just want to know that if you have license from your home country. How RTA check this one? means weather they varify it online or any other attestation?

    Thanks, waiting for reply.

  304. Hi there…. thanks for this page…i have a doubt.. there is this place in al qouz where they usually tell u to change lanes…there is a signal and after that an intersection to the right immediately after the signal.. as i’m aware that i cannot change lanes at the signal or at the intersection, if the examiner tells me to change my lane to right (driving lane) just before the signal, should i wait for the signal and intersection to pass before i change to right (driving) lane?? will the examiner think that i’m too late at changing lanes??!! I’m a bit worried as to what the examiner might think…

  305. Always make a shoulder check and if it’s safe to do so then do it. Otherwise tell them politely that it’s unsafe.

  306. In dubai its unfair law applied…. If you have money then you will get driving license very very easy and fast….
    In one if the driving school in dubai taken bribe to issue a license. No theory. No driving need other country license… If you have AED10,000/-. I have seen one guy do that and get a license and know he is driving car since 5 months and I also in that 5 months he got 4 black points and around 6000AED fine and 4 accidents What a law. I have also seen one person trying to get a license around 2 years. Unfair

  307. I passed! I read the advise given in this blog and implemented it. I was very disheartened when I did not pass the first 3 times, especially because my instructor told me i was good but still i kept failing. After reading all the comments on this blog i felt confident that i can pass and i did. What I would like to tell everyone who is trying to get their license is-

    1) A lot of times mistakes happens when the examiner gives a sudden instruction or tells you your mistake on the spot. Be careful of this and mentally prepare yourself.

    2) Try and avoid early morning hours for the test as i have seen very few people pass during that time i don’t know why. Try after 9.30-10am.

    3) Try and taking a class one day before your road test.

    4) Sleep for at least 8 hours before your road test. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. Keeps you alert and observant.

    5) Don’t drive slow. Examiners don’t like it.

    Good luck everyone!

    I had started losing hope and then i read this piece of advise in one of the comments of this blog- Don’t let your past failure affect the way you perform in your road test.

  308. Hi Shahid,

    Greetings from nmnathan,

    Such a wonderful blog i ever seen. Its really more valuable tips for those who are trying to get their UAE License..

    Also,I wish you all the Successful Users & Trying Users to share their “Comments and Useful Tips”.

    I pray to God, for to get their license in 1st Try itself.

    Thank you,

    With Warm Regards,

  309. I can’t wait but say thank you soo much for this article, am still at DDC this morning I had my road test, and on my way there I had printed your advice for road test and while in the taxi I recited over and over it not to miss a word of what u said, I had my test follow the rules and pass at my first try,,,,mashAllah I think it’s not about nationalities as some say am African but it’s about obeying the rules and it’s meant for everyone,,,,1 more point,RTA now has testing gadgets so as to avoid human errors,so if u fail don’t say RTA failed me but say that machine failed me. And please follow advice like the one above its from GOD

  310. hey guys, shouldnt we also change to the low speed lane from fast lane when turning left from roundabout ? We do need permission from the examinor to do so ya ? And is it best to avoid fast lane ?

  311. Hello Friends,
    I appeared for my driving test today at Belhasa Driving School- AL Wasl and pleased to share that I passed on my very first attempt.
    First, I would like to thank everybody who contributed their experience and feedback on this forum which really helped me nail this test. I would recommend everybody to follow these tips shared which are crucial to pass this test.
    My feedback after passing the test is that – keep your confidence level high, don’t get nervous. Drive like how you would have driven if this was not a test. It’s all mind game. Don’t hurry up – take time to settle down on the seat before proceeding. Don’t believe in the stories that examiners fail you on purpose or they have to meet targets. They only want safe drivers on the road.
    During my test I saw that examiners see how much control you have on the vehicle and how safe you drive – smooth acceleration – gentle braking. I saw one student failed to do shoulder check on one occasion and 90 degree parking was not good, yet he passed – because he was confident and driving with a positive attitude.
    Your driving will improve over time when you will drive in your own car – examiners don’t want you to be perfect now. But they will see your approach when you are new. If your basics are wrong you will definitely fail – no matter how many test you take.
    Tips – reason your driving instructors why one should follow a particular procedure – like 4 point check in lane change – maintaining correct lanes in roundabout. The day you know the why this procedure are followed you will know the basics. Do not blindly follow anything.
    My Success tips
    1) Follow the road or lane you are driving unless asked to change by the examiner. Do not ask about things which are obvious.
    2) Keep checking center and side mirrors every 5 seconds. Check center mirror during braking.
    3) Maintain the speed limit. Especially when you exit from the highway and enter into an internal roads. Examiners check this.
    4) Follow all the tips already given in the forum.
    Best wishes for everybody appearing for tests. Keep yourself calm – focus on basics – you will Pass !!


  312. Surendra I am living outside UAE for more than 7 years now. Sorry can’t suggest more.

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