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Hi everyone!

I, Shahid Javed, welcome you all to my blog website. I am a Civil and Environmental Engineer by qualification and profession. I am an Australian citizen currently living in Sydney. My home city is Lahore where my loving family members live. My hobbies include music composing and playing, reading books, writing blogs, social interactions, internet surfing and watching movies.

My ideals are Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Imam Hussain (RA), Qudrat Ullah Shahab, Ashfaq Ahmed, Moin Akhtar, Dr. A.Q. Khan, Dr. Javed A. Aziz (my great father) and Mr. Waseem Rabbani.

My best friends are Muhammad Ashfaq, Dr. Burhan Sharif, Nasir Karim, Dr. Mohsin Iftikhar and Sheraz Hussain. Other nice friends include Farrukh Zaheer, Ismail Ajaz, Kashif Ansari, Zafar Iqbal, Abrar Karim, Imran Malik, Irfan Chishti, Aamir Hashmi, Fahim Ahmed, Atika Ahmad, Mukaram Razzaq and Sherjeel Akbar. This site has been created for sharing something that comes straight from my heart. You are more than welcome for giving me any feedback on my blogs and posts at shahid.aus@hotmail.com.

Enjoy your day!!!!




  1. Shahid sb.. good to visit your site and see your pic. Tu jo naheen to teri Tasveer hi Sahi Zalim.. Aur Sunao. I and family are fine Alhamdolillah. Keep in touch – Kashif Ansari

  2. Can you explain the title picture on your website for all audience, please..

  3. Dear Kashif,
    Actually this is the most beautiful place I have ever seen so far (Sydney Operahouse and Harbour Bridge). I took this picture myself in Sep. 2007 and put here just to give a fresh look to my website… 🙂

  4. Shahid bhaeeee
    Nice to see your website. days with u r memorable for me. Im really happy to know your +ve extra activities. I want to know that how ur feeling in Dubai and what is life style.

  5. Thanks for appreciating Atta. Dubai is just great and life is very fast here. Its the most rapidly developing city of the world and a hot spot for the rourists. I wish you can come here and enjoy some good days of your life.

  6. some words for the respect and motivation of Mr.Shahid Javed:

    A simple man, with his extreme level of busy life, takes some of his personal precious time to knock the doors of the hearts of the people around (from Pakistan) to make them realise and persuade them for self recognition with the competition of modern world, and to prepare themselves to live with due respectful prospect.

  7. dear shahid,

    good idea and fine presentation of you.it is a great effort.

    keep it up,

  8. Dear Sheddy Bhai
    Good to see your website…..
    I really miss your candid and honest remarks about current affairs,politics,games et al.

    I hope deep down in your heart ..you still remember your stay at NESPAK………and your colleagues….

    Khush raho and Best wishes….

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  10. Dear Ali and Abdul Aleem,
    I am highly obliged for your appreciation and love. I definitely miss the great company of my friends in NESPAK. Time spent there is a good memory for me.

  11. i have just visited ur website and found it interesting and worth visiting very often.
    so v ll keep in tuch

  12. aslam o alaikum

    dear shahid bhai,

    i hope all are going in very smooth way in Dubai and in your life as well…. smooth like a wave of arabian occean in winter night…..

    mising you here, specially your craetivities in adobe photo shop and in coral draw…

    people still uses your defined… prepared images as front tiltle

    pay my slaam and regards to people along the Refrigretor road…


  13. Dear Yasir,
    Thanks a lot for such sweet words for an ordinary person like me. Its a special blessing of Allah on me that people around me love to copy my CV’s and artistic works like titles of the reports and pictures etc. I also miss you people a lot here and will be with you in December ’08 insha Allah.

  14. Dear Shahid,
    I saw ur website just today especially ur lovely friends list. It is surprise for me that my name is in this, although in end, but your name in my heart is on the top. It is good effort done by you.

  15. Asalam o Alikum!
    Dear Shahid,
    This is nice to see your website first time today, i like ur hardworking and i added ur website address in favorites.
    can u tell me please where r u now a days in Pakistan or Dubai.

    Shakil Ahmed from Pasrur

  16. Thanks Mr. Shakil.

    I am in Dubai and may come to Pakistan after 1st March 2009.

  17. Dear
    Hope for ur good health and its my pleasure to visit your site and the way u r serving th nation. I really love youth tht r doing sincerely for my betterment of their country.I have my own website tht is designed in simple front page and aim to just guide my student( still under process). I m also article writer & writes article in daily Jinnah with title of “Andaz-e- Fikar” on weekly basis.
    with great regard
    Hafeez Niazi…

  18. Hi Shahid, I am Italian and I live in Naples. As I am preparing a PhD dissertation on Pakistanis in Dubai for University of Exeter, I am looking for contacts in Dubai. Can you leave me an email address to be in contact with you directly?

  19. Dear shahid bhi,


    Thanks a lot for including my name in your friend’s list. I just visited ur web site through google.com.

    I would like to add that we daily meet many people in our lives but only a very few of them make a lasting impression on our minds and hearts. It is these people that we think of often and who will always remain important to us as true friends. (You r one of them, no doubt.)

    It is not important where we are but important thing is “what we r that creates our happiness”
    Missing you in UAE.

    Best Regards,

  20. Dear Shahid Sb,
    Read your wonderful blog today on little victim girl of Lahore. your views are very convincing and the remedies suggested by you are very simple and straight. If applied It would really help to address the problems of our nation.
    Looking forward to see more blogs to address our problems.

  21. Thanks for the appreciation Hussain Sahib. Please keep reading the blogs 🙂

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