Rafi Night 2017 – a beautiful musical evening!

Mohammad Rafi is regarded as one of the most popular playback singers from India. His songs are listened even today, after so many years he passed away.

Riaz Shah is a highly talented Sydney based Pakistani singer who is known as ‘Mohammad Rafi of Australia’. He loves to sing Rafi’s evergreen songs. For last so many years, Shah has been organising a tributary concert every year for Mohammad Rafi sahib. In these concerts, many other singers join always felt that the karaoke music ruined the events. Unbalanced music and vocals never impressed me in spite of the very good voices.

This year Riaz Shah decided to bring real musicians on stage and he and other singers did lot of rehearsals with the band His Master Orchestra. Event was organised in Chester Hill RSL Club. It was attended by a reasonable number of people from Pakistani, Indian, Bangali and Fijian communities. Riaz Shah, Waseem Shah, Tariq Mahmood, Manzar Mirza, Shahid Malik, Priya Das, Razia Sulatana and others sang songs of Mohammad Rafi live with the orchestra on their back.

Event can be simply be regarded as the best musical event of the year. Lot of people danced on the songs and highly appreciated the singers and musicians. Everyone left with a pleasant feeling. We congratulate Riaz Shah and his team for entertaining us in such a wonderful way and we look forward to attend more such evening in the future organised by them.


Our attitude as Pakistani and Indian expatriates in Australia

Pak-India flags

When I migrated to Australia permanently in 2010 I decided to make this beautiful country my home. I taught my daughters that Australia is our home and we should feel proud on being residents of such a beautiful and developed country. However later I realised that unfortunately many Australian citizens who were born in India still show their hatred towards Pakistani born Australians. Few good people fighting against this negative attitude are Ejaz Khan, Zahid Minhas(serving the community through Radio Dosti program for last 20 years), Balbir Singh, Maqsood Nagi, Shagufta Zia, Rekha Maharaj Vikas Paul and Lucky Singh. I also try to promote friendship between Pakistani and Indian born Australians wherever possible.

Recently Sydney saw a sad incident that affected these efforts badly. Indian film awards show IFFAA was being organised here in which renowned Pakistani artists were also invited by the organisers. Tickets were selling very fast and Subcontinent community was eagerly waiting for the date of event. All of a sudden the event got cancelled. Initially the organisers informed that due to tensions between India and Pakistan, the Pakistani artists would not be participating in the event, and later they cancelled the whole event. Vikas Paul was one of the main organisers. He told later that he and other organisers received threats from RSS (Indian extremist religious group) members in Australia that they would not let it happen and would attack Indian celebrities in their own country who were participating in the event. On their pressure management decided to drop Pakistani artists initially and later cancelled the whole event.

It’s not something new. India has got more extremists than Pakistan has. In Pakistan religious vote makes 2.5% of the total votes cast, whereas in India RSS supported BJP got 60% of the total cast votes in their last polls.

I would like to request my Australian friends from India and Pakistan to take each other as Australians, not Indian or Pakistani. We much promote love and respect for each other so that we could create a better environment here. Anyone who promotes hatred must be left alone.

Advance Australia Fair

Pakistan Zindabad – Jay Hind

Kumar Sanu Concert – A night to remember!

It was in 1990 when I first time heard the voice of Kumar Sanu after release of Bollywood super hit film Ashiqui (عاشقی). He was introduced as playback singer by the music producer duo Nadeem-Shravan. Kumar’s beautiful voice made everyone his fan. After this initial success he didn’t stop and gave wonderful songs to the Indian film industry.

On 30th of July 2016 one of my biggest wishes got fulfilled when I got a chance of listening to this great singer live in Sydney. Whitlam Leisure Centre in Liverpool was jam packed with 2500 people who had gathered to experience one of the best Bollywood performances. Sadhna Sargam was there with Kumar Sanu to make the evening a memorable one. Concert started around 7:30 pm with the performance of a young Indian female singer Rachna Chopra. She sang four beautiful Bollywood songs which included Chura Liya (چرا لیا ہے تم نے) and Raat Baaqi (رات باقی، بات باقی). She impressed with her melodious voice.

Now it was the time for which everyone had been waiting…… Host announced the name of Kumar Sanu. A short video documentary was played for displaying Kumar’s musical journey. Sanu gave his entry with his evergreen song Dou Dil Mil Rahay Hayn (دو دل مل رہے ہیں). Then he sang a large number of his super hit numbers. Some of them are:

Saansoun Ki Zaroorat Hay Jaisay

Ek Larki Ko Dekha

Tu Milay Dil Khilay

Sanbhala Hay May Nay

Dil Hay Ke Maanta Naheen

Mera Chand Mujhay Aaya Hay Nazar

Tu Meri Zindagi Hay

Yeh Kaali Kaali Aankhayn

After this session he left the stage for Sadhna Sargam, who maintained tempo of the concert with her superb performance. She sang her popular songs. Some of them are:

Saat Sumandar Paar

Pehla Nasha, Pehla Khumaar

Chak De Saaray Gham

Chanda Re

Hanstay Hanstay Kut Jayain Rastay

Mujh Ko Hui Na Khabar

Meray Khwaaboun Mein Jo Aaye

Gajar Nay Kia Hay Ishara (with Rachna Chopra)

Then Kumar Sanu came back and both he and Sadhna sang some beautiful duets, which included:

Tujhay Dekha Tou Yeh

Jab Koi Baat Bigar Jaye

Chura Ke Dil Mera

Baazigar O Baazigar

Larki Barri Anjani Hay

Mayn Tujhay Chorr Ke Kahaan (last song)

It was the best ever concert that I have ever attended. Not only the performance but sound system, stage setup (done by Taj Mahal Events) and lighting all were just perfect. Audience enjoyed every moment of the concert. Sada-e-Shahid congratulate the organisers for arranging such a memorable event.

Evening with Zia Mohyeddin – an unforgettable event!

Urdu International Australia is a Sydney based cultural organisation which tried to promote Urdu literature through its programmes and events. On 7 May 2016 they organised a beautiful evening in Husrstville, a Sydney suburban area, where we got opportunity to meet and listen one of the most dynamic literary person, the living legend, Mr. Zia Mohyeddin who was joined by the visiting Urdu poets Mr. Musaddaq Lakhani, Dr. Baqar Raza and Khushbeer Singh Shaad. In addition there was a breathtaking classical dance performance by Sydney’s local artist Jyoti Duxit, termed as ‘Poetry in Motion’.

Beautiful hall of Civic Theatre was jam packed with the audience and many of them could not get seated. President of Urdu International Mr. Ashraf Shad, a renowned Urdu poet, inaugurated the event with his opening speech in which he welcomed the distinguished guests. He presented a brief introduction of Zia Mohyeddin. Dr. Shabbir Haider was then invited onto the stage for welcoming the legend formally.

Zia Mohyeddin as usual was dressed gracefully. He thanked the organisers and audience for their love and respect. Zia sahib then read a number of poems and proses which were selected from the best Urdu and English literature collections of Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Pitras Bukhari, Dr. Younis Butt, Ayub Khawar and Shaukat Thanvi. They included humorous as well as serious and thought provoking subjects. But the best thing was the presentation. Zia has got a God gifted skill and voice quality that is unmatchable. He gave life to the written words. We smiled and laughed with him, and at some sentences we got our eyes filled with tears. 83 year old gentleman made a non-stop performance for almost 90 minutes. After he finished crowed gave his standing ovation.

During the interval Zia sahib came to meet his fans in another hall where the organisers had placed his two books for sale. Zia sahib gave autograph on the first page to every purchaser. It also provided a lifetime opportunity to his fans of getting their photographs with the legend. I didn’t miss the opportunity and purchased his autography titled as “The God of my Idolatry”. I not only expressed my best wishes for him but also told her a little about my blog writing, which he appreciated.

After the interval Jyoti Duuxit was called onto the stage who gave a spectacular dancing performance on Urdu Ghazal ‘Haal-e-Dil Hum Ko’ (حال دل ہم کو یاد آنے لگے). I was getting late so left after her performance and missed the Mushaira (poetic session).

I greet Urdu International Australia for arranging such a marvellous programme and providing us the opportunity to watch and listen to a living legend.

Comparison between Big Apple (New York) and Harbour City (Sydney)


I visited USA in the first fortnight of November 2015. When I got my Australian citizenship in June this year I planned to celebrate it by visiting great places. First I spent two beautiful days in Australian entertainment capital Gold Coast in July. Then I visited Auckland, New Zealand in October. My parents also accompanied me during this three day tour which was a memorable one.

On 6th of November I left for New York by a Qantas airline flight. During my stay there I was asked by many of my friends to compare the New York lifestyle with that of Lahore, Karachi and Sydney. I however replied that I would like to compare NYC with Sydney as it can’t be compared with Lahore or Karachi. It doesn’t mean that Lahore and Karachi are not good cities, but the reason why I can’t compare NYC with them will elaborate itself in the following paragraphs.

  1. Roads, rails and transport

Roads in both cities are generally good. However in New York there are lot more bridges, intersections and flyovers than those in Sydney. In all over USA you will find distances measured and written in miles rather than kilometres. However one thing that bothered me during my driving was the lack of speed limit signs in NYC, whereas in Sydney we see them quite often. In Australia we drive right hand cars on the left side while in the USA they drive left hand cars on the right side. Traffic rules are almost the same.

NYC has a much bigger metro train network as compared with the Sydney’s one. Trains in NYC are extra-long and have single deck. Many lines run parallel to each other and there are too many junctions. Even in Manhattan (NYC business and financial hub) there are countless stations. Sydney has a smaller train network but Sydney has much better double decker trains. NYC subway stations are not very good and present a poor impression whereas Sydney train stations are much cleaner.

Taxis in NYC are quite cheaper than those in Sydney. Uber is legal in USA and Uber drivers display a ‘U’ sign on their front screen to identify themselves. NYC also has a large number of private companies who have Lexus and other high brand cars which they rent out with their own drivers. They charge very reasonable fixed amounts for them.

  1. Manhattan Vs Sydney City

This is the main difference between these great cities. Manhattan is perhaps the biggest central business district (CBD) in the world. It has countless number of high rise buildings and departmental stores. Many head offices, branded stores and attractions are located there. Manhattan is divided in three areas, i.e. Uptown, Midtown and Downtown. Times Square is the heart of Manhattan. You can check it on YouTube. Sydney CBD is at least quarter of the Manhattan in area.

  1. Shopping and cost of living

USA as a whole is much cheaper for shopping especially if you are a traveller from Australia. Branded clothes are available at very good prices and you will find a very good variety there. House rents are almost the same. Sydney suburbs are much cleaner than the New York City neighbourhoods. Fuel prices are good in the USA and remain constant. Train fares are also cheaper in NYC and you pay fixed US$2.75 per journey regardless of the length of journey.

  1. Dining and Grocery stores

In New York I could not find a single fast food chain that serves halal food. Whereas in Sydney Nando’s and Oporto serve halal chicken. We also have many halal branches of KFC, McDonalds and Hungry Jack’s (Burger King brand name in Australia) in Sydney. In Manhattan however you will find many carts serving halal food. There is no cart culture in Sydney and in CBD halal food is not available easily.

In USA offering tip to the waiters and taxi drivers is a culture whereas in Australia there is no such culture. In Sydney we have a very large number of grocery supermarket stores managed by Woolworths, Coles and Aldi. In New York there are few stores managed by Safeway, Vons, Ralph, Food 4 Less and Aldi. Due to this small grocery stores are found in abundance.

Soft drink became Soda water in the USA. There is free refill on every McDonalds there. Coffee at the McDonalds is priced US$ 1 regardless of the size. Coffee cups at the cafes have a bigger size in USA.

7-Eleven have different types of coffees in both countries. In Australia you get coffee from machine, whereas in USA coffees at 7-Eleven are placed in containers that include Hazelnut, Vanilla and Caramel Lattes, and you have a large variety of different creams to mix.

  1. Lifestyle and culture

I liked NYC because markets and stores remain open till late there and families hang out till late on the weekends. In trains you will see African boys showing dances and difficult acrobatic tricks on fast music. They of course demand tip at the end. However undercover Police arrest them if they are patrolling on the train. Sydney in comparison is a quieter city for the families and after 5:00 pm there is no activity for them except dining out. Shops and stores keep open till 9:00 pm only on Thursday nights. Another thing that I noticed in NYC was the large number of Jewish community members. You will especially notice them on trains, and in Manhattan. In Sydney Jewish people mostly live near Bondi beach.

A last but not the least difference is the English accent. American accent is very different from the Australian one. They don’t twist the words like us and there is no ‘mate’ there. 🙂

Arif Lohar – the Desi Rockstar rocked Sydney

It was Saturday, the 23rd of May 2015. I was very excited as it was my first ever chance of attending the live concert of Jugni King Arif Lohar who was in Australia for his concerts in all major cities. Raja Taseer of Parwaz Multicultural Arts with the cooperation of Event News Australia and ARF (Ali Rana Folk) managed this beautiful evening for Pakistani and Indian people living in NSW, which will be remembered for a long time. I reached C3 Conference Centre at 7:00 pm where the gig was being held. There were hundreds of Jugni fans there waiting for the show to start.

Concert started at 7:30 pm with solo performance of Sydney based Pakistani Singer Shagufta Zia who beautifully sang Madam Noorjehan’s super hit Punjabi song ‘Way sub tou sohnaya’ (وے سب توں سوہنیا). She got high applause from the jam packed hall. Arif Lohar’s talented musicians played live for Shagufta.

Then came Sherry (Arif’s keyboardist-cum-singer) on the stage and performed a beautiful classical song. He had very good command on his vocal range. He also got good appreciation. He was replaced by Fauzia, the female back-vocalist of Arif Lohar Band. She sang three melodious Punjabi songs. Her performance was highly appreciated by the crowd.

Now the audience had got fully charged and they wanted to listen to Arif, who didn’t disappoint them at all. Arif came on the stage with 3 more musicians of his talented team. He started singing Punjabi songs of folk genre. Very few singers have such a wonderful command and over their musicians that I saw in Arif. His team understand his hand signals and gestures. They changed their way of playing according to Arif’s requirements, i.e. off-beat, extra beat, solo guitar riffs and fully fledged orchestra. Arif’s Dholak player Shahzad stole the show with his extra ordinary performance and stylish look. He played a great role in making the event superb. Guitarists played some beautiful electric guitar pieces. Drummer, flutist, keyboardist and others also played very well.

Arif sang his super hit ‘Jugni – Coke Studio version’ in the end. He was joined by four Sikh folk dancers for this and another song. I was amazed to see the way Arif managed them like a choreographer. Arif’s move-n-shakes were just like the chocolate topping on a very delicious ice-cream. Youngsters and middle aged guys danced wildly and many of them gave tips to Arif and his Dholak player Shahzad. Arif during his performance also went into the crowd and provided them with the opportunity of making their photographs with the Jugni King. At the end he asked Raja Taseer to come on the stage. Raja Taseer thanked all the audience for making the event a big success.

Think before you vote in PTI NSW Intraparty elections 2014

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) New South Wales, Australia chapter is going to have their intraparty elections next week (13-15 January 2014). I have been working with the last winning team as Information Secretary for few months until I resigned from my post as a protest.

This time former President Mr. Waqas Bashir has come up with new candidates for the positions of Vice President, General Secretary and Information Secretary. Here I would just like to mention what were my main reasons of resigning, even though I got great respect from the PTI NSW members and Pakistani community members living in Sydney. I request the readers to think before they vote for the contesting candidates.

On our special request Mr. Muhammad Farooq, a well known solicitor has agreed to contest for the position of President PTI NSW against Mr. Bashir. He is supported by Imtiaz Chaudhry, Dr. Faiza Cheema and Mr. Umer Farooq for the positions of Vice President, General Secretary and Information Secretary respectively.

PTI NSW TeamDesigned by the talented Mr. Shahid Iqbal Ch.

After winning the last intraparty election, Visionaries lead by Waqas, formed a very large working team comprising of several groups. I was interviewed on Skype by the President and his General Secretary Mr. Imran Mirza formally and then was selected as the Information Secretary. My long experience of blog writing helped me in getting this position. After a few weeks we arranged our first big function in November 2012. I came across many hardworking members, i.e. Shahid Iqbal Chaudhry, Waseem Shah, Dr. Faiza, Muhammad Ahmed (Vice President), Tahir Saeed, Zahir Khan, Arfeen, Salik Khawaja and Murtaza Hamid who put best of their efforts under the leadership of Mr. Waqas Bashir. The function was a big success for the newly elected team and it motivated all of us.

Shahid Iqbal especially played a great role as he arranged 20 Kg PTI flag designed cake for the event for free. Not only this, he also designed the beautiful posters and tickets with the coordination of team members. I arranged the chief guests, photography and live music. We all were very happy and satisfied. When it came for the next function on 23rd of March 2013, once again we started our preparations. However we felt that Mr. Bashir started doing very strange things. First of all he and Imran Mirza started keeping the Vice President Muhammad Ahmed out of any decisions. Both strangely gave poster and ticket designing job to some unknown person sitting in Dubai. Highly motivated and talented Mr. Shahid Iqbal was not even asked for once to design the same. This was very strange thing for us. Secondly, they tried keeping me out of the music arrangements and related things. I and Shahid Iqbal together with Muhammad Ahmed had sold out the maximum tickets in the first function. Waqas once again gave us too many tickets, without knowing that we had come to know what he was doing on our back.

When I felt that he was planning to keep me out of any major activity, I resigned from my position. Mr. Shahid Iqbal also announced that he would not sell any ticket and not participate as well. On this our beloved members started contacting us with the requests that we should have been in the programme. Matter was taken up very seriously when some other members also came up with serious concerns about Waqas’s attitude. Everyone was complaining of his dictatorship. We arranged a meeting with him in Lakemba where the complaints were raised up. Waqas could not answer a single allegation and the meeting adjourned without any conclusion.

For the sake of PTI we later decided to participate in the function and joined the team. Waqas welcomed us in a good way. On Imran Mirza’s request I took my resignation back. However later Waqas again started to dictate us like a child. On this I resigned permanently from my post. Due to his behaviour many talented people like Shahid Iqbal, Waseem Shah, Muhammad Ahmed (Vice President), Asim Saleem, Umer Akhlaq, Hussain Chagani and Dr. Faiza Cheema left his team. Imran Mirza came up with a very strong stance against him at the end of their tenure and the matter was referred to the PTI Pakistan for their intervention. Mr. Bashir later apologised Imran in writing on his wrong attitude.

Mr. Bashir’s action demotivated the whole team and caused big damage to the PTI image in Australia. In some protests later and their last program held in August 2013 people’s turnout was very disappointing. Due to his attitude local Urdu meida, i.e. Sada-e-Watan, Raabitah and Pak Link also stopped covering our events properly.

I request all eligible voters not to trust Mr. Bashir at all as he is responsible for the de-motivation of highly talented and patriotic members. I request my PTI NSW member friends to vote for Mr. Muhammad Farooq (presidential candidate), Mr. Imtiaz Chaudhry (candidate for the Vice President), Dr. Faiza Cheema (candidate for the General Secretary) and Mr. Umer Farooq (candidate for the Information Secretary) in the forth coming election so that we could see a real change. UNITED FOR CHANGE!!!

Designed by the talented Mr. Shahid Iqbal Ch.

Designed by the talented Mr. Shahid Iqbal Ch.

Insha Jee Utho Ab Kooch Karo……. (انشا جی اٹھو اب کوُچ کرو)

Another news that could not get a reasonable place in today’s Pakistani newspapers because it was not about any actresses, politician or business tycoon. It was about suicide of a helpless 31 year old poor man, father to two daughters. Kaleem who was living in Habib Park, Lahore with his wife after their love marriage and had two daughters committed suicide by eating the mice killing tablets. The reason was his poverty and failure in feeding their daughters. Kaleem was jobless for last few months and the family was running their kitchen with great difficulty. His kids needed milk or something to eat and were crying…… Dejected father couldn’t bear it and chose to die.

I know this blog cannot bring food or milk for the orphan poor girls. Also it cannot bring their father back. In Pakistan poverty is your worst crime. If you don’t have resources to earn enough money for your family, you are left with three to four options. Either you join some terrorist groups, or start corruption wherever possible, or abduct some rich man for heavy ransom, or allow your wife or sister to sell their body at some brothel putting your ego and status aside, or at the end otherwise commit suicide.

People pushing each other for getting charity.

People pushing each other for getting charity.

Like other news this one will also not bother our so called government officials like Chief Minister, Prime Minister, Imran Khan or Munawar Hassan. No one will ever take care of the grieved family who will be facing more difficult times in the future. I love to live in Australia even when I don’t have an engineering job, because their government takes money from the high earning professionals and entrepreneurs and distributes that money in the less privileged families. They give value to every single citizen and permanent resident living here. This is the reason that you will find all the supermarkets flooded with the customers because they can easily afford basic life necessities. This is true Islamic system that Caliph Omar (RA) had introduced during his reign. Everyone one in Australia has free medical insurance. Government pays living allowance to the jobless people after making sure that they are putting their efforts in searching jobs. Jobless people and the students enjoy low railway and bus fares.

I wish that PTI could make the federal government next time and Imran Khan could bring true revolution in Pakistan by implementing the fair tax collection system so that the less privileged families could also at least run their kitchen and their members do not have to commit suicide or adopt unfair means for running their kitchen.

A great religious lecture by Mushtaq Ahmed (former Pakistani Test Cricketer)

10th Muharram fell on the 14th of November 2013 in Australia. I always try to attend some religious gathering on this date either at a masjid or an Imam bargah (Shiite masjid). Purpose is just to spend some time for improving my religious knowledge. This time I was very lucky that a friend informed me about the Islamic lecture by former Pakistani Test Cricketer Br Mushtaq Ahmed, who is visiting Australia with English Cricket Team as their bowling coach who is here for playing the Ashes Series against Australia.

Lecture was arranged at the Ernest Street Masjid Lakemba by the Pakistani Muslim community in Sydney. After the Maghrib prayer the guest speaker arrived. Masha Allah he has a proper Islamic style beard. He was wearing simple white Shalwar Qameez. A huge crowd was waiting for listening to their beloved brother. Mushtaq Ahmed gave a very good speech in easy to understand English as Bangali and Indian Muslims were also present at the occasion.


I took this photograph against the Masjid’s rules for which I apologise to the management of Ernest Street Masjid. Purpose was just to spread the good message by the great Islamic personality – (Shahid Javed)

Mushtaq told that after changing his lifestyle towards simplicity he got real peace of mind. He shared that when in 1992 Pakistan Cricket Team won the World Cup, of which Mushtaq was a part, how the players got differences on financial issues and formed groups within them. He shared that they used to boast in front of each other about their wealth, cars and kids’ schooling. However there was no end of an ever running useless competition. Mushtaq told that when he joined the English Team as their bowling coach in 2004 (as per his memory), Saeed Anwar and four other Pakistani cricketers came to England for playing a charity match against England from World XI. At that time Saeed Anwar had started following the Islamic lifestyle and had proper beard. During the interval Pakistani players offered prayer in the dressing room, and Mushtaq joined them too feeling embarrassed due to the presence of World XI players from other countries around them. However he was strange to see that one New Zealand player asked him about the Azaan and after knowing that it was the call for the player, he said, “I have never listened to such a beautiful song in my life”.

Mushtaq also shared a very inspirational story of a British girl Tara who was his big fan. When Tara met Mushtaq after he had adopted the Islamic lifestyle and started keeping the beard, she asked him about this change. Mushtaq told her that he was just following Allah’s path so that he could get the reward on the day of judgement. Tara was so much impressed by the talk that she requested him to help converting her to Islam. Mushtaq took him to Saqlain Mushtaq’s home where his wife helped her in reading the Shahadah and she became a Muslim. It took her 15 minutes to recite the Arabic words of Shahadah properly. She was given the name Ayesha. However she did not disclose it to her family. After about a year she had to be admitted in hospital for some treatment. Her mother was there for her care. When she was asked to tell her name and religion for the registration, she told her Islamic name. It was a shock for her mother and she thought that perhaps Ayesha had some psychological problem that she was telling her name wrongly. Ayesha (Tara) told firmly that her name was Ayesha. She also advised that her religion was Islam. At this her mother left her alone and walked out of the hospital in a very angry mood.

Mushtaq told many more similar incidents about converts and his fellow cricketers Saeed Anwar and Inzimam ul Haq. One worth mentioning incident was about the South African Muslim cricketer Hashim Amla. He told that once when England was touring South Africa for playing a Cricket series against them at their homeland, South African captain Graeme Smith called a meeting of his side at 6:00 pm for a meeting so that they could make their strategy for the match against England. He sent the invitation through mobile to all the players. Hashim replied that he was not able to attend the meeting at 6:00 pm as it was his prayer time. Mushtaq told delightedly that Graeme Smith sent another text to all teammates that as Hashim was unable to make, meeting would commence at 6:30 pm.

I really feel lucky to be there for listening to the great talk and after the talk I felt highly energised and proud on being a Muslim. Mushtaq told us that if we fear from Allah, non-Muslims will respect us, but if we try to become like them, fearing of them, then we will be facing more problems. I wish Br Mushtaq Ahmed a very happy and prosperous life and wish that I could also become a practicing Muslim.