Human rights

Well done Chief Justice Mr. Saqib Nisar!

I am happy to see that finally common issues of Pakistan are being taken care of by someone at least. Our so called elected members of parliament and the Councillors, who always treat common men like lower class human beings and never allow them to even enter into their offices, have disappointed every single Pakistani.


Our streets are filled with rubbish and unhygienic wastewater. There is no control on crimes and ever increasing inflation. Private schools are ripping people off by charging them with unjustified fees and donations, whereas government schools have failed in providing quality education. Hospitals are in pathetic condition and have insufficient and damaged machines and equipment. Young doctors and paramedical staff give calls for strike every second day which results in causalities.

Ministers and members of parliament have no feeling for the common men and their issues. They get medical treatment from developed countries and pay no attention to the issues faced by general public.

Chief Justice Mr. Saqib Nisar has started taking action at his own now. He recently snubbed Punjab, Sindh and KPK governments for providing low level facilities to their residents. He also took notice of corruption in many government departments including railways. Of course the federal and provincial governments are not happy with him and their spokespersons are criticising him for his activism.

People have hopes now that at least there is someone who has shown his concern for the their everyday problems. If the politicians have failed in delivering, people will definitely be forced to expect from the judiciary and armed forces for solving their problems. At the same time it is an opportunity for the PTI leadership to learn from their and others’ mistakes and make a strategy to deliver in case they succeed in forming federal and any provincial governments after the upcoming elections. Who delivers; will stay.


Response to the hateful sentiments of Adnan Sami Khan and Abhijeet Bhatacharia

In the recent weeks Indian forces have crossed every limit of violence in the occupied Kashmir. They killed independence movement leader Burhan Vani which ignited the Muslim community of Kashmir and as a result clashes started between the Kashmiris and the Indian Army deployed there.

Indian government allowed soldiers to use pallet bullets against the protesters. This is the worst example of inhuman torture. Pallet bullets made many people blind, including women and children. When Kashmiris saw that no one in the Indian government was worried about this violation of human rights, they attacked Indian Army base camp in Kashmir and killed some soldiers. India once again, without any proof, blamed Pakistan on this. Indian Army later claimed false fully that they conducted surgical strike in Pakistan, which they failed to prove. Pakistani Prime Minister Mr. Nawaz Sharif addressed to the UN General Assembly where he supported Kashmiris and their cause. He condemned Indian forces on using pallet bullets in Kashmir.

In this scenario Indian film industry Bollywood had to announce that no Pakistani artist would be cast in their new projects. Pakistani actors were told to leave India immediately by the terrorist Indian political parties. In the last week we listened to the ugly and hate provoking statements from ex-Pakistani national Adnan Sami Khan, and Indian singer Abhijeet Bhatacharia. Adnan supported Indian army on attacking Pakistan. Abhijeet Bhatacharia also used foul language against the Pakistani artists and said they should have been kicked out of India immediately.

I have been a big fan of many Bollywood artists like Dilip Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan, Hima Malini, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Madhuri Dixit. I believe that artists have nothing to do with the politics.


Adnan Sami Khan; I would like to say “Shame on you”. You were introduced to the world through Pakistan Television, where you gave piano performances. Veteran Pakistani film director Syed Noor gave you chance to act as a hero in his classic film Sargam, which got flopped because of your fat body, but he never blamed you for his loss. You moved to India few years back and later got Indian nationality which India offered to you just because they knew that it would hurt Pakistanis. You must remember that Indian armed forces are torturing inhumanly in Kashmir. Did you have courage to speak against the use of pallet bullets in Kashmir??? No! So please just shut up!!!!


Abhijeet Bhatacharia; you are a loser who nobody wants to listen to after listening to the melodious voices of Pakistani artists Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Atif Aslam and Shafqat Amanat Ali. You are jealous with Pakistani talented singers and actors because they are much more popular than you. Shame on you and your ugly thoughts!!!

Shameful attitude of the Bangladesh government towards opposition leaders

Bangladesh massacre

I feel sorry to say that Bangladesh has become the worst Islamic country. Current government lead by the female Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has set new records of inhumanity and brutality. They have started killing elderly members of opposition parties Jamaat-e-Islami and Bangladesh Nationalist Party without meeting the legal requirements and carrying out due investigation. Recently they have hanged two very old men just because they were not in the favour of getting independence from Pakistan in 1971. Their names are Ahsan Muhammad Mujahid and Salahuddin Quader Chowdhury. Both of them were aged persons and were spending their last few years of life.

Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has always been sparking hatred against Pakistan through her silly comments. In 1999 when Pakistan lost a one day cricket match against the Banali side in the World Cup, which helped getting them test playing status, Hasina said that it was a revenge of 1971 war crimes. On the other side Pakistani skipper at that time legendary Waseem Akram showed happiness on another Islamic country getting the status.

In fact Bangladesh is being controlled by the enemies of Pakistan. Current Indian government lead by Prime Minister Modi has strong influence on the Bangali government. Same time Muslims in India are facing state sponsored discrimination. Both Indian and Bangladeshi governments must realise that such moves of hatred will result in unrest and they can expect a strong reaction from the religious extremist groups who can start terror attacks there.

On the other hand I feel that Pakistani government should immediately quit all diplomatic ties with Bangladesh as this country has always taken us as their enemy in spite of that fact that our soldiers were martyred there with the cooperation of Indian army. We need to stand up as a united nation against this state sponsored brutality.

Israeli terrorism and the shameful silence of Arab world

Once again heartless and brainless Israeli army started killing innocent Palestinian men, women, kids and old age people in Gaza. They are doing this shameful act in the holy month of Ramadan when Muslims all over the world keep fasts, do extra prayers and donate generously.


On the other side there is once again complete silence from the neighbouring Arab countries. Allah SWT is punishing Muslims just because of their sectarian differences and lack of unity which is the main reason of this barbarian attitude of Israeli terrorists. If we look today’s situation thoughtfully we will find Shias and Sunnis fighting against each other in Arab countries, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Today one of my Indonesian friends in Sydney told me that in his country where Sunnis are in majority, Shias are considered as infidel (کافر). He added that he got his early education at an Islamic madrassa and was taught that Shias were non-Muslims.

In Iraq Sunnis and Shias are fighting for the sake of power (اقتدار). In Lebanon, Egypt, Syria and Libya there are Muslims fighting against each other. In Pakistan and Afghanistan we see Taliban killing Shias and common people. Therefore I can say that we don’t need any other enemy for destroying us. We have atomic bombs but no passion (جذبہ) at all. Hundreds of years ago Hajjaj Bin Yousaf sent Muhammad Bin Qasim to the combined India on the complaint of one Muslim lady against the cruel ruler Raja Dahir. Today hundreds of Muslims are being slaughtered in Israel but Arab countries that fear from USA have sewed their lips against this uncontrolled barbaric and inhuman torture.

This is the time when we need real unity keeping all our internal sectarian differences on side. We need a united approach on controlling the mad Israeli leaders and army. Allah SWT will bless us with victory once we hold His rope together as per His instructions given in Quran. In Sydney Palestinian expatriates are holding a protest on Sunday afternoon. All Muslims in Sydney are requested to try their best in joining our sad Palestinian brothers in their sorrow.

Minhaj Ul Quran and Karachi Airport incidents show failure of PML (N) government

Yesterday (17 June 2014) proved the worst day for the current federal government led by Pakistan Muslim League (N). Punjab Police, on the foolish instructions of provincial law minister Rana Sana Ullah, attacked members of Minhaj Ul Quran in Model Town Lahore where they were sent for removing the barriers. Police had clashes with the members but no one could expect such brutal action that resulted in 8 causalities including two females who were sisters-in-law to each other. Dr. Tahir Ul Qadri, chairman of Pakistan Awami Tehreek and Minhaj Ul Quran (MUQ) condemned the brutal and nonsense action in the strictest words. He had announced few days back of his returning back in the next week and leading his followers towards a revolution in Pakistan.

PAT torture

This incident proved very damaging for the provincial government of Punjab and Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif is now really worried. He dismissed some senior Police officials immediately. However the worst thing in this sad incident was that one of the females who lost their life was pregnant and was shot a bullet in her jaw. Other blunder was the breaking of car screens by a dedicated PML (N) member identified as Gullu Butt under the Police supervision. He is given title of Sher-e-Punjab (شیر پنجاب) by Mr. Shahbaz Sharif. Other highly condemn-able thing was the inhuman torture on the female members of MUQ by the male Police force who beat them vigorously without any mercy.

PAT torture 2

Before this brutal incident on 8th June 2014 Pakistan busiest airport Jinnah International Karachi was attacked by 10 terrorists who were later identified as Uzbeks. They killed more than 20 people including Airport Security Force members, Police and common men in the exchange of nonstop firing. All terrorists were finally killed and airport was functional again after suspension of flights for almost 14 hours. This took the impression of our country further down. How can we expect that Pakistan would be considered a safe place for the foreign investors? Security collapse is the main reason of this attack. Cathay Pacific has suspended its flights to Pakistan after this incident. British Airways, Singapore Airlines, Malaysian Airlines and Lufthansa already have suspended their flight operations for Pakistan.

Karachi Airport attack

Both these incidents have brought a bad name for Pakistan and the PML (N) government. Pak Army with the consent of parliament has started its operation in North Waziristan called as Zarb-e-Azab (ضرب عضب) for targeting the terrorists’ shelter places. Let us pray for their success and a peaceful country where one could live with safety and dignity.

پاکستان زندہ باد

Pakistan leading towards peace and prosperity (Allah willing!)

Peace in Pak

Finally after a long tenure of terrorism, fear and disappointment, Pakistan has started gradually improving now. On the precious advice of PTI Chairman Mr. Imran Khan, prime minister Mr. Nawaz Sharif and his team started peace dialogues with the leadership of Taliban. As a good gesture Taliban assured of complete seize fire for one month, which was later extended. Soon after the start of their dialogues, some unknown hands tried to create the misunderstandings between both sides and blasted bombs in different corners of our beloved country. However Taliban leadership not only condemned the attacks but also gave a clear verdict that they were not involved in the blasts at all.

On the other side credit goes to the PML(N) government for somehow convincing the US government on stopping the drone attacks during the peace process. On the economic side, government has made some progress and US$ is now selling around PKR 98.00 in the open market which was selling around PKR 110.00 just a few days back. Recently fuel prices have also been brought down which has given some comfort to the transporters and the common people who drive their vehicles for going to work and meeting their everyday necessities.

However being responsible citizens now Pakistani people must learn from their individual mistakes so that the progress could be sustainable. We must develop habits of honesty, simplicity, hard working, mutual respect, tolerance and helping the people in need around us. We have to be free of any discrimination for others. We need to learn basic manners like how to cross a road, how to make a queue, how to greet others with smile, how to help a disabled person, and how to keep our streets clean. Insha Allah Pakistan will become a heaven then where people will prefer to live rather than immigrating to other countries after getting degrees from Pakistani universities.

پاکستان زندہ باد

Pakistan needs another Omar (RA)

Yesterday’s Pakistani newspapers brought another disturbing story. A mother named Bisma in Johar Town, Lahore killed her 2 year old daughter Minahil and 8 month old son Yousuf by pressing their throats after she had been unable to feed them with anything for 2-3 days. This sad incident took place because her husband has been on illegal drugs for a long time and they did not have enough sources to feed their kids. Police have arrested her. She told the media that she had no other option left for her except killing her kids who had been hungry for 3 days.

Lady who killed her kids due to hunger in Lahore

Lady who killed her kids due to hunger in Lahore (report in Urdu; courtesy of

Today I am thinking that our government has failed in taking care of the basic necessities of their citizens. People are dying because of hunger, but on the other side resourceful corrupt people are just increasing their assets and no one has the right to question them. A few days ago I was watching Geo TV programme “Aik Din Geo Kay Saath” (ایک دن جیو کے ساتھ), in which anchor Sohail Warraich spent a full day with the famous journalist Mr. Hassan Nisar.  I was highly surprised to see the lavish farm house of the later near Lahore which occupied many hectares. On Mr. Warraich question about the source of his income so called honest journalist replied that he made money mostly from the royalty of his books. I have been viewing books of people like Mustansar Hussain Tarrar, Ata ul Haq Qasmi, Perveen Shakir, Amjad Islam Amjad, Umera Ahmed and Bushra Rehman in the big bookstores in Lahore that sell very well but none of them could become rich like Mr. Hassan Nisar, any of whose books I could never find on shelves of the prominent bookshops that I have been visiting. However as he is a big fish, no one can dare to ask him about his source of income.

If we read the Islamic history, Omar (RA) has been the best ruler after Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) established the first ever Islamic government. Omar (RA) introduced stipend for the feeding mothers. He also developed a very good system of charity (through the zakat collection) that no one is his government could complain about the hunger. Omar (RA) was the person who used to say that if a dog died because of hunger, he as the ruler would be answerable to Allah on the day of judgement. However our Pakistani leaders are least bothered about their poor people and they are just busy in working on prolonging their power and transferring the same to their next generations; be it Bilawal Zardari, Mariam Nawaz, Hamza Shahbaz or Moonis Elahi.

Pakistanis now really need another Omar from Allah who could bring some comfort for them and at the same time establish a true system of justice where a common man could have right to question the ruler without any fear.

Respect for Dr. Abdus Salam and Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan

Dr. Abdus Salam, the first Nobel Laureate from Paksitan

Dr. Abdus Salam, the first Nobel Laureate from Paksitan

These days on Facebook and other social media a large number of Pakistani people and groups share the posts for highlighting the wrong attitude adopted towards the only Pakistani Nobel laureate Dr. Abdus Salam by the Pakistani governments. It is really sad that he was never accepted as a great Pakistani scientist in a true sense just because he was a Qadiani (Ahmadi).

I understand that this is of course a blunder and nations who never appreciate their heroes can never make any progress. However we must understand that we must be highlighting these issues without crossing our religious limits. Once such posts are shared many Muslim people start writing, “He was an Ahmadi Muslim”.  Then if you try to tell them that Qadianis/Ahmadis are not Muslims as per the teachings of Islam as they don’t believe that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the last prophet of Allah, they start attacking you personally by saying, “People like you promote terrorism”, “Who are you to decide about their not being Muslims”, and many other rude comments.

I must say that Islam teaches us to be moderate. I am never in the favour of attacking physically or verbally on any person who has a different approach to yours. We must respect their way of thinking. However Islam also tells us to never make a compromise in the matters where we have a clear guideline or commandment from Allah SWT and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). So I would request my Muslim friends not to cross their religious limits when appreciating a non-Muslim. Yes Dr. Abdus Salam was our national hero and he deserves lot of respect from all Pakistanis, however he was not a Muslim. Some people after his death and burial damaged his grave title which mentioned him to be the first Muslim Nobel laureate. I personally condemn this action by so called Muslims as we have no right to enter their graveyard and cause any damage to the graves. This is indeed a shameful act.

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, our national hero!

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, our national hero!

Now I come to the issue of Dr. Abdul Qadeer, who is our father of nation after the founder Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He is the person who played great role in making Pakistan an atomic power. Once I commented in response to the comments under Dr. Abdus Salam’s issue post that our nation also does not acknowledge Dr. Qadeer and he was humiliated by the ex-General Musharraf on the public TV channel, one man started saying that he was a traitor who stole the technology from Netherlands. I was shocked to read such shameful comments from a mature person about our national hero. We as Pakistani nation must respect him for his great efforts in making Pakistan safe from our enemies.

I would just conclude by saying that we must not say anything that we cannot defend in front of Allah SWT on the judgement day. At the same time we need to develop a sense of respecting others’ views and beliefs. Peace is the most important thing we need at this time.