Our attitude as Pakistani and Indian expatriates in Australia

Pak-India flags

When I migrated to Australia permanently in 2010 I decided to make this beautiful country my home. I taught my daughters that Australia is our home and we should feel proud on being residents of such a beautiful and developed country. However later I realised that unfortunately many Australian citizens who were born in India still show their hatred towards Pakistani born Australians. Few good people fighting against this negative attitude are Ejaz Khan, Zahid Minhas(serving the community through Radio Dosti program for last 20 years), Balbir Singh, Maqsood Nagi, Shagufta Zia, Rekha Maharaj Vikas Paul and Lucky Singh. I also try to promote friendship between Pakistani and Indian born Australians wherever possible.

Recently Sydney saw a sad incident that affected these efforts badly. Indian film awards show IFFAA was being organised here in which renowned Pakistani artists were also invited by the organisers. Tickets were selling very fast and Subcontinent community was eagerly waiting for the date of event. All of a sudden the event got cancelled. Initially the organisers informed that due to tensions between India and Pakistan, the Pakistani artists would not be participating in the event, and later they cancelled the whole event. Vikas Paul was one of the main organisers. He told later that he and other organisers received threats from RSS (Indian extremist religious group) members in Australia that they would not let it happen and would attack Indian celebrities in their own country who were participating in the event. On their pressure management decided to drop Pakistani artists initially and later cancelled the whole event.

It’s not something new. India has got more extremists than Pakistan has. In Pakistan religious vote makes 2.5% of the total votes cast, whereas in India RSS supported BJP got 60% of the total cast votes in their last polls.

I would like to request my Australian friends from India and Pakistan to take each other as Australians, not Indian or Pakistani. We much promote love and respect for each other so that we could create a better environment here. Anyone who promotes hatred must be left alone.

Advance Australia Fair

Pakistan Zindabad – Jay Hind


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  1. Hello sir,
    I admire the way you feel about the relationship between Pakistani and Indian expatriates in Australia.However I would like to point out something.Yes,BJP did win 60% of the votes,and yes it is backed by the RSS,but most of the voters have voted for our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi in terms of his merit and capabilities and not based on his religion.A huge population of voters in India including my parents itself understood his mandate well,and believed he could be a very trustworthy leader,and believe me, took the right decision.Even during the state elections in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand ( states in India ) in 2017 BJP won with the highest no. of votes.You would be surprised to hear this, that a huge percentage of Muslims women had voted for BJP as BJP is against the practice of Triple Talaq.I would like to tell you that this is not religious is any way.Another fact is that,the RSS cannot be compared to any Pakistani islamist group such as the LeT who have killed numerous people including Pakistani Nationals too.From this turmoil where these groups are against education and schools are burnt to deprive students of their education to the army having a huge influence over the government where it can at any time lead to a military coup,the innocent people of Pakistan are suffering.RSS on the other hand has done more good than bad,may it be supporting Tamil Nadu flood victims or providing assistance to Uttarakhand catastrophe victims.I hope you understand my point.Thank you. 😊

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