WAAR – the amazing Lollywood movie that increased my patriotism!


Finally I got chance of watching the long awaited movie WAAR in Sydney last Sunday (18 May 2014). I with my friends reached the cinema for the afternoon show. Waar was given two shows on Sunday. I queued up for the ticket and when I reached the counter I asked the staff proudly that I wanted a ticket for the PAKISTANI film Waar. The girl gave me a good smile and handed over the ticket after being paid.

Waar name on Event Cinemas billboard

Waar name on Event Cinemas billboard

I entered the cinema and was delighted to see that around 150 Pakistani people in the groups of friends and families had gathered for watching this Lollywood film that has created a very good impact on the cine-goers. Film started after a little while. I could not believe that it was a Pakistani film. 90% of the dialogues were in English and I must appreciate the director Bilal Lashari who worked very hard on the accent of all artists. Lollywood superstar Shan is the hero in this movie and TV star Shamoon Abbasi has played role of the main villain. Other artists include Aisha Khan, Hamza Abbasi, Ali Azmat, Meesha Shafi, Kamran Lashari and Bilal Lashari. Producer and writer Hassan Waqas Rana has done a great job. Waar is the story about Pakistan Army’s war against the foreign supported terrorism in Pakistan. It shows how skilful and brave our army and police officials are.

Shamoon has played his negative role just wonderfully and has been shown as a highly talented Indian spy and killer. Meesha Shafi is his partner and agent in Pakistan who provides him with the resources and information for targeting the Army, police and the common people. Shan works for the Army and Aisha Khan and Hamza Abbasi assist him in his mission against Shamoon (Ramal in the movie). Whereas Ali Azmat has played role of a patriotic politician Ejaz Khan.

Camera, editing, background music, direction, sound quality all are just superb and match with the Hollywood standards. Climax is superb and audience in the cinema gave a loud round of applause to the creative team. The best dialogue in the movie was, “As long as history will be written by hunters, lions shall never be glorified”. I would recommend this movie with a loud voice to all those who haven’t watched it yet. I bet that you will for sure start loving Pakistan and our brave soldiers more than ever.



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