Imran Khan

Time never remains the same


On 21st February 2018 Supreme Court of Pakistan gave its verdict against Mian Nawaz Sharif once again and banned him from becoming president of Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz). Once again PMLN leaders and spokespersons have started targeting the Supreme Court and are claiming that decisions against Nawaz Sharif are biased and unjust.

My memory is not very good as I forget dates however I never forget important issues and realities. Two years back I used to say that the Supreme Court had never issued a single decision against Sharif Family or PMLN in the previous 10-12 years. Remember that in Musharraf’s case Sindh High Court had declared Nawaz and Shahbaz guilty of high jacking the plane. Interesting fact is that Sharif’s did not appeal against this decision in the Supreme Court and signed a deal with Musharraf and fled to Jeddah. When they returned back in 2007 and later became parliamentarians once again, they appealed in the Supreme Court and the judges declared them innocent.

During the chief minister ship of Shahbaz Sharif whenever Lahore High Court gave any decision against a government project or decision they appealed in the Supreme Court and got decision in their favour. On this Pakistan People’s Party always raised their voice and objected that the courts had double standards of justice for Punjab and Sindh. This situation remained the same until the Supreme Court disqualified the sitting Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif in July 2017. This was a big jolt for Nawaz Sharif and his party. They had never expected such decision. PMLN government made a change to the constitution that allowed a disqualified person to still lead his/her political party. However this time Supreme Court heard to the petitions filed against this change of act and declared it void.

This verdict is an eye opener for all political leaders that now the courts will give their decisions on merit without any influence, which is good for Pakistan.

IK and NS

On the other side, PTI lost their national assembly seat in Lodhran after PMLN candidate beat Ali Tareen Khan in the bye election. This is a big jolt for the party and its workers. PMLN candidate was a poor man who got maximum votes. Shahbaz Sharif has recently done lot of development and welfare projects in Lodhran due to which public decided to vote for their candidate.

PTI needs to focus on their mistakes in Lodhran bye election and must start contacting general public from door to door. In Karachi and Urban Sindh, MQM are losing their control after the intraparty conflicts. This is the best time for PTI to target Karachi, Haiderabad and Sukker, because PTI is very popular in these cities. If they do not work hard now, PPP will get control of these areas and in the next election PTI will not be able to make government.

Imran Khan should immediately put emergency in the party and order all PTI members to focus on general public in their areas and convey party’s policies to them for making a better Pakistan in case they get chance of making next government. He himself should target Karachi and Urban Sindh to win seats from there. This is the last chance for Imran Khan to lead Pakistan as he is 65 already. Our sleeping nation must be taught about the better lifestyle and PTI is the only political party that has will and vision for turning Pakistan into a dream land.


Visit to Pakistan – 2016

Islamabad Metro

I have recently returned from Pakistan after spending three weeks with my family members and friends. During my visit well renowned philanthropist Mr. Abdul Sattar Edhi passed away which made everyone grieved. He was a true legend and a wonderful example of true Muslim. He will be remembered forever.

I mostly stayed in Lahore and spent some time in Multan and Islamabad as well. As far as development is concerned, no doubt that now streets and roads in all these cities are much improved. Islamabad Metro stations are designed so beautifully that you feel like you are in Dubai. Centaurus Mall is also an amazing shopping mall which must be visited. Lahore has got Pakistan’s biggest mall Emporium which is still not opened fully, however it will be a wonderful shopping and entertainment complex once opened completely. In Multan the Metro Bus track is under construction and after its completion the city will have good transportation as well.

In spite of the above mentioned developments I feel sorry to mention that there is no change in the attitude of our people. Except in Islamabad, riders and drivers have no patience at all. No one gives way to others and many people help blocking the traffic at the junctions. Even Police is helpless in controlling the traffic. It gave me lot of stress. On the other hand life has become very difficult there due to the uncontrolled inflation. There is no guarantee of the products that they are genuine in spite of the high prices. Only few stores now give you five rupee coin in change, otherwise 10 rupees are the minimum currency denomination now, which is very alarming. Government claims that it has improved the financial situation of country which is a big lie. In Multan people realise that there was no need of Metro bus at all but it was better to spend the same money on the condition of existing roads and bringing more buses for helping people to commute to different routes in the city.

As far as political scene is concerned, most of the educated people want Nawaz Sharif to resign after the Panama Leaks. However most of the uneducated or underprivileged people still support PMLN. They voted for them in the recent Azad Kashmir elections and proved that the nation does not deserve Imran Khan at all. Many friends of mine have lost their hope in PTI as well and they expect action from Pakistan Army to get them rid of the existing PMLN governments in federal and Punjab.

I wish that our leaders could spend on the awareness of people of Pakistan. They should spend more on hospitals and schools rather than just decorating the country. We need real price control implemented by the government in Pakistan. During Ramadan and Eid, grocers and shopkeepers charged highly unreasonable amounts on everyday grocery items and no one took any notice at all. Government is least bothered about the inflation and the ministers and parliament members are just concerned of just their own positions and assets. Pakistan needs a real change now otherwise we will reach to the point of no return.

General Raheel Sharif – an Army Chief with courage and wisdom!

Chief of the Pakistan Army General Raheel Shareef

Chief of the Pakistan Army Staff General Raheel Shareef

Finally the tough days are coming for the culprit leadership of Pakistan People’s Party and MQM. Credit of course goes to the best ever and most capable Army Chief, General Raheel Sharif, who has initiated the most awaited action against the religious and political terrorists. He appears to be a silent persons whose actions speak much louder. After the exposure of MQM’s links with the Indian intelligence agency RAW by BBC now Altaf Hussain is no more popular within the patriotic Urdu speaking community of Pakistan. PTI already had affected their popularity within the youth.

People’s Party chairman Asif Ali Zardari last week issued a very unreasonable statement against the Pak Army. He however failed in getting any support on that from other political parties. Even Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif condemned his words and assured Army Chief of government’s full support. Dr. Imran Farooq and Ayyan Ali cases are also very important in the present scenario. Although Ayyan Ali is enjoying all facilities in the jail yet she could not succeed in getting out at all. On the other hand UK government has got access to the people involved in Dr. Imran Farooq murder case and very soon the culprits will be behind the bars.

General Raheel Sharif has also been very successful in controlling the terrorist attacks and now law and order situation is improving rapidly. I expect that one day he will also ask the government to bring those involved in the Model Town killings to the courts where they will face the charges against them. Elimination of PPP and MQM from the politics will definitely bring improvement in the country. Due to the criminal negligence of Sindh Government a large number of casualties took place in Karachi after the worst ever heatstroke. Continued electricity load shedding and shortage of water during the hot Ramadan led to the pathetic life conditions and claimed many lives.

Shehbaz Sharif who used to swear Zardari on electricity shortage in the worst manner is now completely silent as his brother is the sitting Prime Minister. He has never used a single bad word about the government policies. Imran Khan is a better choice definitely but he has done nothing exceptional in KPK rather than demanding for the recounting of cast votes. I would recommend him to put efforts in KPK and set examples of good governance there so that in the next election people of Pakistan could vote his party.

WAAR – the amazing Lollywood movie that increased my patriotism!


Finally I got chance of watching the long awaited movie WAAR in Sydney last Sunday (18 May 2014). I with my friends reached the cinema for the afternoon show. Waar was given two shows on Sunday. I queued up for the ticket and when I reached the counter I asked the staff proudly that I wanted a ticket for the PAKISTANI film Waar. The girl gave me a good smile and handed over the ticket after being paid.

Waar name on Event Cinemas billboard

Waar name on Event Cinemas billboard

I entered the cinema and was delighted to see that around 150 Pakistani people in the groups of friends and families had gathered for watching this Lollywood film that has created a very good impact on the cine-goers. Film started after a little while. I could not believe that it was a Pakistani film. 90% of the dialogues were in English and I must appreciate the director Bilal Lashari who worked very hard on the accent of all artists. Lollywood superstar Shan is the hero in this movie and TV star Shamoon Abbasi has played role of the main villain. Other artists include Aisha Khan, Hamza Abbasi, Ali Azmat, Meesha Shafi, Kamran Lashari and Bilal Lashari. Producer and writer Hassan Waqas Rana has done a great job. Waar is the story about Pakistan Army’s war against the foreign supported terrorism in Pakistan. It shows how skilful and brave our army and police officials are.

Shamoon has played his negative role just wonderfully and has been shown as a highly talented Indian spy and killer. Meesha Shafi is his partner and agent in Pakistan who provides him with the resources and information for targeting the Army, police and the common people. Shan works for the Army and Aisha Khan and Hamza Abbasi assist him in his mission against Shamoon (Ramal in the movie). Whereas Ali Azmat has played role of a patriotic politician Ejaz Khan.

Camera, editing, background music, direction, sound quality all are just superb and match with the Hollywood standards. Climax is superb and audience in the cinema gave a loud round of applause to the creative team. The best dialogue in the movie was, “As long as history will be written by hunters, lions shall never be glorified”. I would recommend this movie with a loud voice to all those who haven’t watched it yet. I bet that you will for sure start loving Pakistan and our brave soldiers more than ever.



Geo Group Vs ISI (in Urdu)

جیو گروپ کا ستارہ آج کل گردش میں آیا ہوا ہے اور پاکستان بھر میں اسے شدید تنقید کا سامنا کرنا پڑ رہا ہے، خصوصاً اس گروپ کے سینئر صحافی جناب حامد میر پر کراچی میں ہونے والے قاتلانہ حملے کے بعد سے جس میں بغیر کسی ثبوت کے فوج کے ادارے آئی۔ایس۔آئی اور اس کے سربراہ کو اس حملے کا ذمہ دار ٹھرایا گیا۔ میں اس حساس موضوع پر لکھنا ضروری سمجھتا ہوں لیکن اس بات کو واضح کرتا چلوں کہ میرا تجزیہ بالکل منصفانہ اور غیر جانبدارانہ ہے۔

جیو ٹی وی بلا شبہ پاکستان کا سب سے زیادہ دیکھا جانے والا چینل ہے اور پاکستان میں اس ٹی وی نے بہت سی اچھی باتوں کی بنیاد ڈالی۔ اگر ہم دیکھیں تو جیو کو اس بات کا کریڈٹ جاتا ہے کہ اس نے جمہوریت کو سپورٹ کیااور جنرل پرویز مشرف کے خلاف چیف جسٹس جناب افتخار محمد چوہدری کا ساتھ دیا۔ پاکستان کے باقی پرائیویٹ ٹی وی چینلوں نے بھی اسی روش کا مظاہرہ کیا۔ جیو کے پروگرام “کیپیٹل ٹاک” اور “آج کامران خان کے ساتھ” میں ہمیشہ حکومت وقت کی خامیوں اور کوتاہیوں پر بغیر ڈرے تنقید کی گئی اور تمام معروف سیاسی لیڈروں کو بولنے کا بھرپور موقع دیا گیا۔

جہاں جیو کو ان باتوں کا کریڈٹ جاتا ہے وہیں اس گروپ نے چند بہت بڑی غلطیاں بھی کیں جو کہ پاکستان سے غداری کے مترادف ہیں۔ جیو نے ممبئی حملوں میں حکومتی موقف کے برخلاف اجمل قصاب کو پاکستانی ثابت کرنے میں ایڑی چوٹی کا زور لگایا۔ اسی طرح جیو نے انڈین پریمیئر لیگ کو نشر کیا جبکہ انہوں نے پاکستان کے کرکٹ کھلاڑیوں کو اپنے ہاں کھیلنے کی اجازت دینے سے انکار کر دیا تھا۔ جیو ٹی وی نے بھارتی ایوارڈز کو نشر کرنے کا سلسہ جاری رکھا ہوا ہے جبکہ بھارت میں جیو اور دیگر پاکستانی چینلوں کو نشر کرے کی اجازت تک نہیں۔

ڈاکٹر عامر لیاقت کا معاملہ بھی ایسا ہے جس نے جیو کی ساکھ کو بری طرح متاثر کیا۔ جیو نے ڈاکٹر عامر کی خفیہ وڈیو نشر کر دی جس میں وہ آف کیمرہ غیر مہذب گفتگو کر رہے تھے۔ وجہ صرف یہ تھی کہ ڈاکٹر عامر نے ایک دوسرے میڈیا گروپ کو جوائن کر لیا تھا۔ ڈاکٹر عامر کی ساکھ خراب کرنے کے بعد جیو نے پھر انہیں اپنے ہاں بہت اچھے عہدے پر رکھ لیا اور اپنے اخبار جنگ کے ذریعے پاکستان کے لوگوں کو بتانا شروع کر دیا کہ ڈاکٹر عامر کا شمار دنیا کے 500 بااثر ترین مسلمانوں میں ہوتا ہے۔

اب آتے ہیں آئی۔ایس۔آی کی طرف۔ یہ ملکی سلامتی کے حوالے سے ایک بے حد اہم ادارہ ہے جس کی سربراہی کے لئے پاک فوج کے انتہائی ذہین اور قابل لیفٹنینٹ جنرل کو چنا جاتا ہے۔ یہ ادارہ خفیہ طور پر ملکی سلامتی کے لئے کام کرتا ہے۔ ہر محب وطن پاکستانی اس ادارے کا بے حد احترام کرتا ہے اور کبھی بھی اس کے خلاف بولنے کا نہیں سوچ سکتا۔ بھارت کو آئی۔ایس۔آئی کی وجہ سے ہی ہمارے ملک میں پوری طرح کھل کھیلنے کا موقع نہیں مل سکا آج تک۔

تاہم معذرت کے ساتھ اس ادارے نے بھی کچھ ایسے کام کئے ہیں جس سے اس کی ساکھ متاثر ہوئی ہے۔ سب سے پہلے اگر ہم لاپتہ افراد کا معاملہ دیکھیں تو اس نے اس معتبر ادارے کی ساکھ کو بری طرح نقصان پہنچایا ہے۔ پاکستان کے مختلف علاقوں خصوصاً بلوچستان سے ہزاروں کی تعداد میں شریف لوگوں کو، جن پر کوئی الزام نہیں، اٹھا کر نامعلوم مقام پر رکھا گیا ہے اور یا پھر امریکہ کے حوالے کر دیا گیا جس کا اقرار سابقہ صدر جنرل پرویز مشرف کر چکے ہیں۔ ان کے لواحقین پر قیامت ٹوٹ گئی ہے کہ وہ جانتے تک نہیں کہ ان کے اٹھائے گئے عزیز زندہ بھی ہیں یا نہیں۔ اسی طرح اسامہ بن لادن کی ایبٹ آباد میں موجودگی اور امریکی فورسز کے آپریشن نے بھی اس ادارے کی ساکھ پر سوالیہ نشان لگایا ہے۔ اس متنازعہ آپریشن کی تحقیقات سے قوم کو آج تک مطلع نہیں کیا گیا۔

جیو کے الزامات کے بعد فوج، حکومت اور جیو گروپ کے درمیان حالات کافی کشیدہ ہو گئے ہیں اور پاکستانی قوم بھی اضطراب کا شکار ہے۔ تحریک انصاف کے چیئرمین عمران خان نے بھی جنگ اور جیو ہر انتخابات میں دھاندلی میں ملوث ہونے کا الزام عائد کر دیا ہے اور ان کے بائیکاٹ کو اعلان کر دیا ہے۔ جیو کے خلاف حکومت نے پمرا (پاکستان میڈیا ریگولیشنز اتھارٹی) سے رجوع کر لیا ہے اور اس پر پابندی کا مطالبہ کیا ہے۔ جبکہ جیو کا کہنا ہے کہ اسے پمرا سے انصاف کی توقع نہیں۔

میری رائے میں پاک فوج کو آئی۔ایس۔آئی کے اقدامات کی قوم کو وضاحت پیش کرنی چاہئیے اور لاپتہ افراد کے بارے میں ان کے گھر والوں کو آگاہ کرنا چاہئیے۔ اگر ان لوگوں کا کوئی جرم ہے تو انہیں عدالت میں پیش کیا جائے کیونکہ آئی۔ایس۔آئی مسلسل توہین عدالت کا مرتکب ہو رہا ہے، جس سے عوام میں پاک فوج کا تاثر خراب ہو رہا ہے جو ملکی سلامتی کے لئے کوئی اچھا شگن نہیں۔ دوسری طرف جیو گروپ کے خلاف بھی موثر کاروائی ہونی چاہئیے تاکہ یہ ادارہ اپنی اصلاح کر سکے اور پاکستان کے مفادات کے خلاف پروگرام نشر کرنے سے باز آئے اور بھارتی ثقافت اور پروگراموں کو فروغ دینے سے پرہیز کرے۔

Pakistan leading towards peace and prosperity (Allah willing!)

Peace in Pak

Finally after a long tenure of terrorism, fear and disappointment, Pakistan has started gradually improving now. On the precious advice of PTI Chairman Mr. Imran Khan, prime minister Mr. Nawaz Sharif and his team started peace dialogues with the leadership of Taliban. As a good gesture Taliban assured of complete seize fire for one month, which was later extended. Soon after the start of their dialogues, some unknown hands tried to create the misunderstandings between both sides and blasted bombs in different corners of our beloved country. However Taliban leadership not only condemned the attacks but also gave a clear verdict that they were not involved in the blasts at all.

On the other side credit goes to the PML(N) government for somehow convincing the US government on stopping the drone attacks during the peace process. On the economic side, government has made some progress and US$ is now selling around PKR 98.00 in the open market which was selling around PKR 110.00 just a few days back. Recently fuel prices have also been brought down which has given some comfort to the transporters and the common people who drive their vehicles for going to work and meeting their everyday necessities.

However being responsible citizens now Pakistani people must learn from their individual mistakes so that the progress could be sustainable. We must develop habits of honesty, simplicity, hard working, mutual respect, tolerance and helping the people in need around us. We have to be free of any discrimination for others. We need to learn basic manners like how to cross a road, how to make a queue, how to greet others with smile, how to help a disabled person, and how to keep our streets clean. Insha Allah Pakistan will become a heaven then where people will prefer to live rather than immigrating to other countries after getting degrees from Pakistani universities.

پاکستان زندہ باد

Nawaz Sharif could not learn at all

Attack on Express

Bad governance of PML(N) government has resulted in the further deterioration of Pakistanis’ life. Since the start of 2014 almost every single day terrorists attacked and killed the innocent men, women and children in different corners of Pakistan. Even the Polio workers are unsafe now and recently many of them have been attacked and killed allover Pakistan.

Federal government has always been targeting PTI and Imran Khan on latter’s advice for conducting dialogues with the Taliban terrorists. However they could not come up with any other solution that could help improving the situation. Taliban are now attacking media as well. Last week they attacked on an outdoor satellite vehicle of Express Media Group in which poor workers lost their life. However TTP spokesman Ehsan Ullah Ehsan defended the attack and warned that if media continued ‘propagating’ against them they would attack them again.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif few weeks back had officially authorised Maulana Sami Ul Haq to help government in arranging dialogues with the leadership of TTP so that this turmoil could be finished. Yesterday Maulana announced that he would not be playing any role in this regard. He accused the government of not showing any interest in the peace process. Today Prime Minister House issued an official statement that Mulana was not delegated with any such responsibility. Maulana responded on this that all this process is on record.  Now government is going to have a combat with TTP and Pakistan’s armed forces will soon start an operation in North Waziristan.

If I personally see the present scenario, I feel that Nawaz Sharif has not learnt at all from his past mistakes. He came up with a commitment this time that he would take all government and opposition leaders in confidence before taking any important decisions. However since his coming into the power, he has been visiting different countries and seems to be least bothered about the country’s key issues. He has pulled himself completely out of the issues like missing persons, Dr. Aafia and the worst lawlessness in the country. He does not like to attend the parliamentary sessions at all. KPK Chief Minister Mr. Pervez Khattak has complained that he cannot meet Prime Minister in spite of his best efforts and Mr. Sharif seems to be only Punjab’s Prime Minister.

PTI always has stressed on first having the dialogues with TTP so that they could not make it an excuse for their brutal actions that they were ready for the dialogues and no one came to them. Imran Khan always says that if they do not follow the signed agreement after the dialogues then armed forces must carry out the operation against them. However he says that we are fighting someone else’s war (on terror). If Nawaz Sharif is sincere with the country he must come up with a clear stance for solving the core issues of Pakistan, i.e. terrorism, lawlessness, poverty, inflation, unemployment, and electricity and gas load shedding. Otherwise he must remember that he could be in problem again after this term of PMLN government.

Think before you vote in PTI NSW Intraparty elections 2014

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) New South Wales, Australia chapter is going to have their intraparty elections next week (13-15 January 2014). I have been working with the last winning team as Information Secretary for few months until I resigned from my post as a protest.

This time former President Mr. Waqas Bashir has come up with new candidates for the positions of Vice President, General Secretary and Information Secretary. Here I would just like to mention what were my main reasons of resigning, even though I got great respect from the PTI NSW members and Pakistani community members living in Sydney. I request the readers to think before they vote for the contesting candidates.

On our special request Mr. Muhammad Farooq, a well known solicitor has agreed to contest for the position of President PTI NSW against Mr. Bashir. He is supported by Imtiaz Chaudhry, Dr. Faiza Cheema and Mr. Umer Farooq for the positions of Vice President, General Secretary and Information Secretary respectively.

PTI NSW TeamDesigned by the talented Mr. Shahid Iqbal Ch.

After winning the last intraparty election, Visionaries lead by Waqas, formed a very large working team comprising of several groups. I was interviewed on Skype by the President and his General Secretary Mr. Imran Mirza formally and then was selected as the Information Secretary. My long experience of blog writing helped me in getting this position. After a few weeks we arranged our first big function in November 2012. I came across many hardworking members, i.e. Shahid Iqbal Chaudhry, Waseem Shah, Dr. Faiza, Muhammad Ahmed (Vice President), Tahir Saeed, Zahir Khan, Arfeen, Salik Khawaja and Murtaza Hamid who put best of their efforts under the leadership of Mr. Waqas Bashir. The function was a big success for the newly elected team and it motivated all of us.

Shahid Iqbal especially played a great role as he arranged 20 Kg PTI flag designed cake for the event for free. Not only this, he also designed the beautiful posters and tickets with the coordination of team members. I arranged the chief guests, photography and live music. We all were very happy and satisfied. When it came for the next function on 23rd of March 2013, once again we started our preparations. However we felt that Mr. Bashir started doing very strange things. First of all he and Imran Mirza started keeping the Vice President Muhammad Ahmed out of any decisions. Both strangely gave poster and ticket designing job to some unknown person sitting in Dubai. Highly motivated and talented Mr. Shahid Iqbal was not even asked for once to design the same. This was very strange thing for us. Secondly, they tried keeping me out of the music arrangements and related things. I and Shahid Iqbal together with Muhammad Ahmed had sold out the maximum tickets in the first function. Waqas once again gave us too many tickets, without knowing that we had come to know what he was doing on our back.

When I felt that he was planning to keep me out of any major activity, I resigned from my position. Mr. Shahid Iqbal also announced that he would not sell any ticket and not participate as well. On this our beloved members started contacting us with the requests that we should have been in the programme. Matter was taken up very seriously when some other members also came up with serious concerns about Waqas’s attitude. Everyone was complaining of his dictatorship. We arranged a meeting with him in Lakemba where the complaints were raised up. Waqas could not answer a single allegation and the meeting adjourned without any conclusion.

For the sake of PTI we later decided to participate in the function and joined the team. Waqas welcomed us in a good way. On Imran Mirza’s request I took my resignation back. However later Waqas again started to dictate us like a child. On this I resigned permanently from my post. Due to his behaviour many talented people like Shahid Iqbal, Waseem Shah, Muhammad Ahmed (Vice President), Asim Saleem, Umer Akhlaq, Hussain Chagani and Dr. Faiza Cheema left his team. Imran Mirza came up with a very strong stance against him at the end of their tenure and the matter was referred to the PTI Pakistan for their intervention. Mr. Bashir later apologised Imran in writing on his wrong attitude.

Mr. Bashir’s action demotivated the whole team and caused big damage to the PTI image in Australia. In some protests later and their last program held in August 2013 people’s turnout was very disappointing. Due to his attitude local Urdu meida, i.e. Sada-e-Watan, Raabitah and Pak Link also stopped covering our events properly.

I request all eligible voters not to trust Mr. Bashir at all as he is responsible for the de-motivation of highly talented and patriotic members. I request my PTI NSW member friends to vote for Mr. Muhammad Farooq (presidential candidate), Mr. Imtiaz Chaudhry (candidate for the Vice President), Dr. Faiza Cheema (candidate for the General Secretary) and Mr. Umer Farooq (candidate for the Information Secretary) in the forth coming election so that we could see a real change. UNITED FOR CHANGE!!!

Designed by the talented Mr. Shahid Iqbal Ch.

Designed by the talented Mr. Shahid Iqbal Ch.