25 June 2011: Majid’s 2nd death anniversary

I can never forget th date of 28 Sep. 1981, when a little angel opened his eyes in our family. It was our 8 year younger brother MAJID, who brought lots and lots of happiness for his elder twin brothers Rashid and Shahid (me). We did not know at all that he would leave us just in the age of 27. Majid was a real GEM. He was a true genius person with a loving and attractive personality. He was heart and soul of his friends and cousins. A Pakistani Englishman!

In real sense I have never seen such a great person who was blessed with so may good things…However he suffered from a fatal mental disease known as ‘Bipolar Disorder’. He fought for several years against this uncurable disease, but at last…..he left this world. On that day his face had an extra shine, which could tell the mourners that he had got relief after several years of pain and depression. We as his family can understand his pain and feelings during his last couple of years. On the death bed he was looking like a sleeping prince, who had slept after a long time, as his disease had never allowed him having a good sleep. Today Majid is not with us physically, but he is everywhere with us. I am in Melbourne today just because he lived here and loved this great city. With a very heavy heart, I have come here to remember him on his 2nd death anniversary. Our family in Lahore have arranged special ‘Dua’ for Majid, which will take place at 6:00 pm insha Allah at our residence in Lahore. All the readers are requested to please pray for the departed soul of MAJID.



  1. An innocent bird, a beautiful flower, a colorful full rainbow, a wonderful butterfly, a fascinating fragrance, an innocent child, a platonic love are always attract to everyone ,these all HEART TOCHING things were the personality of our BELOVED MAJID .
    No doubt he exists with his love and wonderful memories in our Hearts
    May Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aalaa bestow him JANNAT UL FIRDAUS



  2. The biggest shock of my life is the news of Majid’s death. I am from Bangladesh but i was with Majid in Melbourn. He used to call me “Mamu”. He was with me in my good time and bad time. I will miss him in rest if my life. Lots of Love and Dua for my late rocking Friend

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