Faisal Qureshi – a true Superstar!

Pakistan TV industry has always been producing great drama serials that takes the TV viewers into their grip. Although Indian film industry is prominent due to its versatile actors and impressive stories, yet their TV dramas cannot compare with the Pakistani ones. During last couple of years several private TV channels have telecast drama serials that put a great impact on the viewers watching them from different corners of world.

Drama serials are named as ‘Meri Zaat Zara-e Bai Nishaan’, ‘Man-O-Salwa’, ‘Qaid-e-Tanhai’ and ‘Maanay Naa Yeh Dil’ got maximum popularity. If we try to find a common thing in these serials then only one name strikes in our minds, that is Faisal Qureshi who has played lead roles in these serials. Somewhere he looks aggressive and harsh as in ‘Man-O-Salwa’ and ‘Qaid-e-Tanhai’. On contrary he looks quite broken and loving in  ‘Meri Zaat Zara-e Bai Nishaan’ and ‘Maanay Naa Yeh Dil’. In fact he can be regarded as the best actor of Pakistani showbiz these days. Even his appearing a little more even did not reduce his impact.

Faisal Qureshi can be regarded as Nadeem of the TV industry. This talented artist started his career from PTV Lahore. His acting in dramas like ‘Boota from Toba Tek Singh’ got attention from the viewers. After some years he shifted to Karachi, which is the head quarter of the TV programs these days.

After moving to Karachi, he has been involved with all famous private TV channels. He is also hosting a morning TV show these days that is getting more and more popularity with the time just because Faisal’s compeering is unique and very natural. Faisal is the future of our showbiz and we expect that soon he will work in some Lollywood film that will help our film industry reviving once again.



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