A very sad video (in Urdu) – Please share with everyone you know

Today I watched a video on Facebook and my eyes got filled with tears…..A poor rickshaw driver in Lahore failed to earn enough for his family and gave poison to his wife and little cute kids. Later he also committed suicide by eating poison. I ask the rulers: Where are you????? What are you doing for saving the poor who have lost their hope????? Who is responsible for this shaking incident????? Is there any leader who could act like the great Caliph Hazrat Omer (RA)???? He was the ruler who used to fear from death of a hungry dog beside River Nile; who used to roam in street in disguise so that he could get the true knowledge of his people. But the answer is ‘NO’. Our so-called leaders are just busy in multiplying their own assets. They have nothing to do with the rapidly increasing poverty and disappointment within general public.


Above link cab clicked to watch the video… I wish that someone could show this to Chief Minister of Punjab Mr. Shahbaz Sharif and other government officials. Allah may give high ranks to the souls of departed family. Ameen!

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