Majid Javed

Seven Years of love and commitment – and the journey continues……

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25 June is back again for the seventh time and we don’t have Majid with us. In 2009 on the same day when he left this cruel world, we could have never imagined how our love for him would keep multiplying. Since that day Dr. Javed’s Family got a new shape. Majid became the most important member of our loving family. Not a single day passes when he is not remembered by all of his family members. Allah has been so kind on us that all of us have visited Melbourne to see where Majid used to live and roam around.

Majid was the smiling soul, with a great sense of humour and witty nature, who always took care of the people around him. He was an extremely sensitive person who could not see anyone sad. His colleagues at Netsol are witness to this. Majid in his short life tried his best to achieve a high living standard which up to some extent he did. He by nature was a king who never compromised on quality of our events. He filled Rashid’s wedding with colours. No one can forget the dances and fun through which he entertained all the cousins and friends on this memorable wedding. I was unfortunate that Majid had left for Australia when I got married.

We as his brothers have always him in our thoughts. On the prayer mat after offering the prayer rituals before anyone else we pray for his forgiveness to Allah SWT. By God his love is growing with every passing day and will insha Allah keep growing till the day we leave this world to join him in the life hereafter.

Here we feel proud to say that we have fulfilled our commitment with the soul of our beloved brother that we would not forgive those cruel faces who ignored him on his death and did not find time for coming to the family. We love Majid and all those who love him. May his soul rest in eternal peace. Ameen!


We will always love you MAJID!!!

25 June 2014 marks the fifth death anniversary of our beloved younger brother Majid Javed. A charming youngster with an exceptional intellectual level, a champion’s smile and great sense of humour; left us for his heavenly abode five years ago.


Rashid and I were very lucky on having such a loving brother in our life who always stood beside us whenever we needed him, who always brought respect for the family with his successes and achievements during the studies and later in his jobs. He achieved whatever he wanted. However he could not fight with his long fatal disease that claimed his life.

Majid passed away physically on that day but he started a new journey in our hearts where he has his eternal place. No day passes by without his memories. He breathed his last on Thursday and since then every Thursday morning makes me sad….. I never need to think about Majid but he is always there in mind.

On Majid’s 5th anniversary Dr. Javed’s Family would like to thank our beloved Muhammad Ashfaq for his never ending love and care for us. Ashfaq is a true gem who always has proved his love, loyalty and dedication for us and above all for Majid. Ashfaq is my class fellow from my Civil Engineering class and has a very close association with our family. His father Muhammad Yousaf passed away on 27th December 2013. In spite of going through such difficult time he didn’t forget Majid and performed an Umra for him just after a few weeks. He is the first person out of our family who performed this noble act for our beloved Majid. We are highly obliged to him and pray Allah to bless Ashfaq with happiness, prosperity and success in his coming life. We are also highly obliged to Majid’s special friend Aamir Ali who put Majid’s name in RSVP on his wedding card even when Majid was not alive.

Dr. Javed’s Family can never ever forget two great persons who are not among us today, but they are always in our thoughts and prayers. We love our beloved uncles Humayoun Shamsi and Dr. Zaeem Jafri who managed to reach on his funeral in spite of their critical health conditions. We also remember the great role played by Major Tahir Ali on his death when he was in Abbottabad with his family and was at a medical centre for getting his son’s leg plastered that had a minor fracture. As soon as he heard about Majid’s death he left the treatment incomplete and rushed to Lahore.

We are also very much thankful to our beloved friend Ismail Ajaz (Khayaal) who wrote two beautiful poems on Majid after his death. He expressed our thoughts for Majid in a very beautiful way in his second poem.

We as Dr. Javed’s Family once again repeat our commitment with Majid that whoever ignored him on his death has no place in our life and insha Allah we will never forgive those who didn’t reach us in our pain and made lame excuses.

Majid……. We will always love you and you will remain with us forever like a glowing light and a twinkling star. Allah SWT bless you with the highest ranks in Jannat Ul Firdous. Ameen!

He walks besides me…for Majid, on his 4th death anniversary

MAJID - Prince of Melbourne & Hero of Lahore (RIP)

MAJID – Prince of Melbourne & Hero of Lahore (RIP)

June 25, 2013: Today marks Majid’s 4th anniversary. We as his family members feel proud to be associated with his sweet memories. He was a guest sent to us from Allah SWT and we thank our Lord for sending such a wonderful person to us, who enlightened our lives till his last breath.

He gave us hope, courage and ideas that have helped us in handling the problems in our life. Today I live in Australia. I am here just because of Majid, who I always regard as Captain James Cook from our extended family. He was the first person in our maternal and parental families who landed in Australia as a student in March 2002. Those days I was just planning to apply for the Canadian or Australian immigration, but was finding it bit difficult to choose between the two options. Majid encouraged me to opt for Australia in spite of the fact that all my close class fellows were applying for Canada.

I listened to him and opted for Australia, which had a very difficult immigration procedure for overseas engineering professionals. Majid was the youngest member of our loving family. He was 8 year younger to me and Rashid and we loved him so much. He suffered a lot due to his irrecoverable disease Bipolar Disorder, which affects highly intellectual people. After fighting against this fatal disease for more than 4 years, finally he gave up and left us on 25th of June, 2009 forever.

Honestly speaking we have never accepted it that he is no more with us. He is still with us in the form of his memories. In fact I feel that he walks beside me every morning when I walk to the train station for catching train to reach my office. My day starts with his memories and when I am in my bed for sleeping, he is the last person who says me goodbye at that time. I never forget to pray for him before sleeping. Similarly he is the first one in my prays after offering any of the everyday Islamic prayers.

Allah SWT is the kindest and most merciful and we are 100% sure that Majid is in the heavens. However we miss him a lot and on any of our achievements, his absence is felt badly which makes us sad. Our houses in Lahore and Sydney are named after him as ‘Al-Majid’. We (Rashid and I) have pledged that anyone who ignored Majid on his death is out of our life and we will always fulfill our commitment with his noble soul.

Majid used to listen this song of Brian Adams in Melbourne, whenever he lost his hopes during the initial tough days of his settling. He played this song once for me when I was little sad in Melbourne on not getting a job. Today I feel that perhaps he is giving us this message from the other world where he is now, and where he is healthy and happy with no depressing thoughts…. Just read!!!


Here I am – this is me
I come into this world so wild and free
Here I am – so young and strong
Right here in the place where I belong

It’s a new world – it’s a new start
It’s alive with the beating of a young heart
It’s a new day – in a new land
And it’s waiting for me – here I am

Oh it’s a new world – it’s a new start
It’s alive with the beating of a young heart
Yeah it’s a new day – in a new land
And it’s waiting for me – here I am

Arfa Karim – a great daughter of Pakistan

Few days back I had no knowledge about Arfa Karim, a young  Pakistani girl who became world’s youngest Microsoft certified Professional in the age of nine in 2004. She was  invited to USA by Microsoft founder Mr. Bill Gates, who met her in person for 10 minutes. I came to know about this great girl in January 2012 through Pakistani newspapers who were mentioning her admission into the hospital after a sudden attack of epilepsy.

Soon after the attack she went into coma. Her father Colonel (R) Amjad Karim Randhawa immediately got her admitted to the Combined Military Hospital (CMH) Lahore. All government officials took great interest in her treatment. Bill Gates also remained in touch with Arfa’s family during her treatment. Doctors tried their best to save the brightest daughter of Pakistan. But……………………

Saturday 14th January brought a depressing news that Arfa was no more. This was the news that put whole country in severe grief. Allah has His own will that we cannot understand. Arfa’s news got the maximum importance on Facebook as well. People were sharing condolence messages on this heart breaking news. Next day, her funeral prayer was offered at Cavalry Ground, Lahore. It was attended by thousands of people from different walks of life. Her coffin was covered with a big Pakistani flag. Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif especially attended the prayer. He later announced to lable Lahore Information Technology Park as ‘Arfa Information Technology Park’. Arfa’s dead body was later taken to her village Raam Diwali near Faisalabad for burial.

ہزاروں سال نرگس اپنی بے نوری پہ روتی ہے

بڑی مشکل سے ہوتا ہے چمن میں دیدہ ور پیدا

All Pakistan is still in deep shock on this young death. However Arfa will be remembered forever. Her parents are really lucky who were blessed with such an intelligent daughter who proved herself in front of whole world and brought up the image of Pakistan. We as Pakistanis salute Arfa Karim and pray to Allah SWT to be kind with her noble soul. Amin!

25 June 2011: Majid’s 2nd death anniversary

I can never forget th date of 28 Sep. 1981, when a little angel opened his eyes in our family. It was our 8 year younger brother MAJID, who brought lots and lots of happiness for his elder twin brothers Rashid and Shahid (me). We did not know at all that he would leave us just in the age of 27. Majid was a real GEM. He was a true genius person with a loving and attractive personality. He was heart and soul of his friends and cousins. A Pakistani Englishman!

In real sense I have never seen such a great person who was blessed with so may good things…However he suffered from a fatal mental disease known as ‘Bipolar Disorder’. He fought for several years against this uncurable disease, but at last…..he left this world. On that day his face had an extra shine, which could tell the mourners that he had got relief after several years of pain and depression. We as his family can understand his pain and feelings during his last couple of years. On the death bed he was looking like a sleeping prince, who had slept after a long time, as his disease had never allowed him having a good sleep. Today Majid is not with us physically, but he is everywhere with us. I am in Melbourne today just because he lived here and loved this great city. With a very heavy heart, I have come here to remember him on his 2nd death anniversary. Our family in Lahore have arranged special ‘Dua’ for Majid, which will take place at 6:00 pm insha Allah at our residence in Lahore. All the readers are requested to please pray for the departed soul of MAJID.

On my brother’s 1st death anniversary

Majid Javed's resting place on 25 June 2010

Every person has to leave this world one day. There are very few lucky persons who are remembered in a very special way after their death. My brother Majid Javed who passed away on 25th of June 2009 was such a special person. We got a very loving response from the people around us on Majid’s first death anniversary. Our friends and relatives visited our home and Majid’s resting place in the DHA graveyard on that day. Two sessions of ‘dua’ were held at our residence due to a large number of visitors. First session was held before ‘Juma’ prayer, while second session was held after the ‘asar’ prayer. His grave was covered with flower sheet, rose petals and 4 bouquets. Two bouquets were sent from Australia from his very special friend. His nephew and neices put a big chart paper and a specially designed card on his grave. Weather remained less hot on that day, which was just amazing…. The sad Dr. Javed’s family is highly obliged to those who joined us through visits, phone calls and Facebook messages.

A special book was printed on this occasion titled as ‘Kahaan Gaya Usay Dhoondo’ which got great appreciation by the visitors. Its copies are being distributed to the closest persons. We once again thank everybody who came to share our grief. Allah may bless Majid with every happiness in his new life, and keep all of you in His mercy and peace. Amin!


on behalf of Dr. Javed’s family