I see a new Pakistan emerging!!!!

Karachi International Airport

Some years back nobody could even think that our nation could welcome the losing cricket team on its return after getting defeated by India in the World Cup semi final match in India…..Yet it happened in Karachi and Lahore. Pakistan lost the match against traditional rival India in Mohali on 30th March 2011. No doubt, our team made severe mistakes due to which we lost this crucial match and came out of the World Cup race….. All the nation was grieved no doubt, however the way the welcomed their losing team was just awesome……At first team arrived at Karachi airport, where many fans were gathered chanting welcoming slogans for the team.

Later, the team arrived Lahore, where Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif and a large number of fans welcomed them with great respect and honour. PCB Chairman Ijaz Butt got tears in his eyes and thanked the cricket fans. Shahbaz Sharif invited the team and PCB officials on a lunch and awarded them with financial rewards. Pakistani Umpire Aleem Dar and famous Columnist and Anchorman Javed Chaudhry also attended the ceremony.

This beautiful patriotic song by Strings is giving us the hope…..Insha Allah world we see a new Pakistan very soon. We have to do our responsibilities in the best possible manner. Honesty is the key to success.

Real great captain Shahid Afridi in grief after losing the semi final

I am proud of my nation and to be honest for the first time now I am feeling ‘change’ taking place in Pakistan. In fact the country is emerging as a mature nation now. Insha Allah I am more than sure that if we keep progressing like this no one stop us from touching the skies. At the same time we must remember that ‘hardworking and honesty’ is the only shortcut that we can take for achieving our national goals.




  1. It’s a healthy sign of acceptance of reality; no doubt the conciseness is the light of wisdom which always leads the way of living to the life, tolerance is a such power which enhance one’s determination to struggle till achieve the target, the day is not far when the nation of Pakistan will emerge as noble and civilized Nation around the WORLD

    Ismail Ajaz Khayaal

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