Ban on wearing of ‘Niqab’ in France

French government has recently placed a ban on wearing of ‘niqab’ by the Muslim ladies. The reason behind imposing the ban is given that the ‘niqab’ is a security issue and it is not accepted in accordance with the French culture. I am really surprised on this highly unreasonable law. In France there are beaches where ladies are allowed to remain topless. One of my very nice friends told me that at these beaches young girls come with their parents and then they remove their bras in front of them. They fell no shame at all in doing so. This liberty (rather vulgarity) is allowed because people choose to do so…..

Muslim ladies use ‘niqab’ with their own will, and I don’t think so that a so-called democratic country should impose any ban on their ‘will’. This is against the basic human rights. However, on the other hand I also suggest Muslim ladies living in France that if they are so much careful about their Islamic culture, they must quit this country. Allah is of course the ‘Raaziq’ and will provide them their ‘rizq’ even in their Islamic motherland. Their decision of living in France under such situation is not a correct one. If they cannot quit France, then they must be living as per the French laws, whether they like it or not.


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