Pathetic service by Etihad Airways and Pakistan International Airlines

Recently I had experience of traveling with Etihad Airways on my visit to Pakistan. When I booked my return tickets for Sydney-Lahore-Sydney including transit in Abu Dhabi, I was informed that Etihad arranged my flight from Abu Dhabi to Lahore through their partner airline PIA. I had planned two day stay in Abu Dhabi and Dubai during my transit. I left from Sydney by Etihad Airways flight for Abu Dhabi on the 7th of December 2016. It was a 14 hour long flight. I was highly disappointed to see the poor level of service from the crew. I turned crew service light on 3 times to ask for coffee, which had not been served. No one came to me at all. Then I requested a passing air hostess to serve me the coffee.

When I was about to take my flight from Abu Dhabi for Lahore I was informed at the airport that PIA cancelled the flight. I contacted Etihad Airways through telephone and requested the telephonic representative to provide me the information about the flight arrangements for Lahore. He told me that he had emailed my request to the concerned staff and they would contact me shortly. I received not even a single call or email from Etihad. Now I got worried because my wedding function was planned on the following day. In short I kept running between the PIA and Etihad offices and none of them put any consideration on my issue. PIA was not assisting the angry passengers properly and they were highly upset. Later on my request one PIA staff member advised me that I should have brought a new ticket for Lahore, through Karachi in business class as no seat was available in the economy class. I had to pay almost AED 1,500 extra for this journey.

After this bad experience I would never ever travel through Etihad and PIA. Both airlines provide pathetic services to the travellers. It’s far better to travel by Thai Airways or Emirates Airlines.


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  1. I second this review as i traveled through etihad from sydney to lahore last month and really had bad experiences right from boarding counter on Sydney up to landing in Lahore and same on the way back. Their customer service is really pathetic all the way through. Will never ever fly through this airline again.

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