Back to music – back to life!

Year 2016 has finally brought some success and achievements for me….. I went through very tough phase in my personal and family life in the recent years. After the unfortunate death of my beloved younger brother Majid in 2009 I, in spite of my best efforts, couldn’t focus on my music. Not even a single composition I made after his demise.

In January 2016 however I decided to produce something that could help me in returning back to music and the normal life. I had written and composed a beautiful Urdu song “Jaan-e-Jaan” (جانِ جاں) in 2006, which I always wanted to record. I worked on the song and improved lyrics. Then I contacted Hasan Turk in Lahore, who is the real music maestro, for arranging the music for my composition. Hasan did a great job and gave beautiful colour to my creation. I then recorded the vocals on the track in Sydney at Swish Factorie studio. My young friend Shayan halped me in recording the vocals which was a real tough job for me. Later Hasan Turk mixed and mastered the song. I am highly obliged to Hasan, Shayan and Aaron (Swish Factorie) for turning my dream into reality and providing great assistance in creating a masterpiece. Song has got great appreciation from the friends and music critics.

I would like to say that I am not a singer at all. It was my first ever chance of recording a song as a singer. There may be some flaws in my vocals but I am determined that if I continue singing I would improve my singing skills with the time. I am highly thankful to Allah Who gave me an opportunity to do some creative work after a long time. I am also very much obliged to all those who supported and appreciated me. Criticism is always welcome and it helps me in improving.

Soon we will be working on the video of this song. Keep your fingers crossed!


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