Daughter of India Geeta reaches home – message of love from Pakistan


Edhi family brought respect for Pakistan once again…. This time they helped a deaf and dumb Indian woman Geeta, who accidentally crossed over to Pakistan about 13 years ago. She was about 11 when she was found sitting alone on a train by Pakistan Rangers at the Lahore railway station. Since then she has been staying at Edhi Centre in Karachi.

In the recent weeks Indian government and their extremist Hindu citizens have shown ugly attitude towards the Indian Muslims, and the visiting Pakistani Cricket officials and stage drama artists. Members of Shiv Sina attacked the meeting venue of PCB and BCCI and asked Indian officials to announce that India would not play Cricket with Pakistan. Indian Cricket Board (BCCI) associated the much awaited Pak-India Cricket series with the dialogue between both Governments. Similarly Shiv Sina mob attacked a stage drama being played by Lahore based artists. Organisers hardly controlled them and continued the session.

A Pakistani author Kinza Jawed has been denied Indian visa who applied for the same for attending a literary festival. In another incident Shiv Sina put black ink on the face of an Indian organiser who had arranged book launching ceremony of Mahmood Qasoori there. On this even a large number of Hindu journalist returned their awards to the government.

In this difficult and hate-filled environment Abdul Sattar Edhi and his family once again won hearts of every Indian by protecting their daughter and taking her back to her motherland. I wish Indian prime minister Mr. Narindra Modi can open his eyes and see that how much positive Pakistani people are who are promoting love and peace with their actions.

We salute Edhi Welfare Organisation on promoting Pakistan’s image allover the world.


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