Arshad Saeed’s first book of poetry “HUDOOD-E-SHAM SE AAGAY”

Arshad Saeed

Arshad Saeed

Arshad Saeed is a Sydney based Pakistani poet, who is very well known among the Pakistani based literary community in Australia. He has recently published his first book of Urdu poetry titled as “Hudood-e-shaam se aagay” which in English means “Beyond the limits of evening”. All the ghazals and poems are wonderful that do not let the reader go away by putting the book aside. Arshad is one of the finest persons I have ever met in my life. He knows to acknowledge his friends and I always have found him as a very sincere friend. In his book launching ceremony on 16th of August 2015, he especially invited me for which I feel honoured. Literary people like Izhar Ul Haq, Ashraf Shad, Arif Rana, Muhammad Ali and others had gathered to join him at this great occasion. They recited different poems and lines from his book and the audience appreciated Arshad’s literary work with huge rounds of applause. I take this opportunity to greet Arshad on this achievement. Since the launch of this book I have been reading it regularly, and every time I read it I enjoy more. My best wishes are for Arshad and his loving family. I will be looking forward to see him reciting his kalaam soon at some mushaira.

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