General Raheel Sharif – an Army Chief with courage and wisdom!

Chief of the Pakistan Army General Raheel Shareef

Chief of the Pakistan Army Staff General Raheel Shareef

Finally the tough days are coming for the culprit leadership of Pakistan People’s Party and MQM. Credit of course goes to the best ever and most capable Army Chief, General Raheel Sharif, who has initiated the most awaited action against the religious and political terrorists. He appears to be a silent persons whose actions speak much louder. After the exposure of MQM’s links with the Indian intelligence agency RAW by BBC now Altaf Hussain is no more popular within the patriotic Urdu speaking community of Pakistan. PTI already had affected their popularity within the youth.

People’s Party chairman Asif Ali Zardari last week issued a very unreasonable statement against the Pak Army. He however failed in getting any support on that from other political parties. Even Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif condemned his words and assured Army Chief of government’s full support. Dr. Imran Farooq and Ayyan Ali cases are also very important in the present scenario. Although Ayyan Ali is enjoying all facilities in the jail yet she could not succeed in getting out at all. On the other hand UK government has got access to the people involved in Dr. Imran Farooq murder case and very soon the culprits will be behind the bars.

General Raheel Sharif has also been very successful in controlling the terrorist attacks and now law and order situation is improving rapidly. I expect that one day he will also ask the government to bring those involved in the Model Town killings to the courts where they will face the charges against them. Elimination of PPP and MQM from the politics will definitely bring improvement in the country. Due to the criminal negligence of Sindh Government a large number of casualties took place in Karachi after the worst ever heatstroke. Continued electricity load shedding and shortage of water during the hot Ramadan led to the pathetic life conditions and claimed many lives.

Shehbaz Sharif who used to swear Zardari on electricity shortage in the worst manner is now completely silent as his brother is the sitting Prime Minister. He has never used a single bad word about the government policies. Imran Khan is a better choice definitely but he has done nothing exceptional in KPK rather than demanding for the recounting of cast votes. I would recommend him to put efforts in KPK and set examples of good governance there so that in the next election people of Pakistan could vote his party.


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