MAJID – the name that glitters in our hearts!!!

2 Ferry Vic

25 June 2009 is the date that put an inerasable black mark on my heart. I was driving on the roads of Sharjah and Dubai and crying like a kid. I was not finding any way to control myself. My most favourite person and son-like younger brother Majid had passed away and I was trying to board on Air Blue flight for Lahore. My boss arranged ticket for me and I left for the airport with the office secretary….. I was not finding courage to even talk to my parents. I just called Shahla (my beloved sister-in-law) and told that I would never forgive anyone if Majid’s funeral would have taken place before my arrival. Then I rang my best friend Ashfaq and asked him to immediately go to my place and take care of my parents who were in a very poor shape. He told me that he was on his way to our home.

I usually enjoy air travel, but that day it proved to be the longest ever flight of my life. I even didn’t want to drink water or cold drink because I was under severe depression. I was having very bad headache and therefore asked the airhostess to give me some painkiller.

Flight reached Lahore on time and I got opportunity to attend my brother’s funeral. He was smiling like a prince wrapped in the white sheet (کفن). My grieved parents, twin brother Rashid and other family members were around him. As I was in very bad shape and collapsed after seeing Majid in that white sheet, my cousins rushed to hug and hold me. We laid Majid in his grave around 10:30 pm in the presence of a large number of his loving friends, elders and cousins.

Dr. Javed’s Family decided to keep Majid virtually present among them. Our home in Lahore was given title of Al-Majid. Father wrote number of poems and ghazals on his beloved son and got them framed which are hanging on the walls of our sitting lounge and the drawing room. Our Sydney home is also known as Al-Majid. His pictures are kept in the sitting lounge. Majid’s love has grown with every passing day in our hearts and we will always keep him shining in our hearts. We love you MAJID and are thankful to ALLAH for sending you to us. We once again repeat our commitment that we have no place for those in our hearts who ignored you over your death.

I and my family have recently got the Australian citizenship and we are thankful to Majid (after Allah SWT) who was the first person from our family who landed in Australia in 2002 and convinced me in applying for the Australian immigration. Dr. Javed’s Family is thankful to all those who share our grief and love Majid.

25th June 2015 marks the sixth death anniversary of Majid and we are definitely very sad on this occasion. However Majid is an integral part of our memories and not even a single day passes without having him in our minds.

Rashid and I are just incomplete without Majid. We feel his soul living with us. I would request all my friends and relatives to pray for Majid that Allah SWT bless him with high ranks in the paradise.


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  1. It was indeed shocking. I clearly remember Abbu calling me that morning to tell me and me rushing to your residence to find his there in his room. But my best remembrances are those moments of thrill and laughter we spent with friends and family laughing our hearts out. His sense of humor combined with his IQ and worldly exposure produced quite a magical experience being in his presence.

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