Wake up for the Rohingya Muslims!!!!!

Budhist terrorist Budhist terrorist-1 Rohingya boat

In today’s world there is no value of a poor man’s life, especially when he belongs to Islam. I shiver from inside when I see horrifying pictures of Rohingya Muslims who are being slaughtered by the so called peaceful Budhist terrorists in Myanmar. Their dead bodies are cut into pieces after their death and they are left in open grounds for the vultures and animals.

The poor Rohingya community is fighting for its identity as the Myanmar government has clearly warned them to leave the country because they don’t consider them their citizens, and perhaps not the human beings at all. I don’t see any Islamic country worrying for them at all. Similarly no one from the human rightists has tried to do anything for the poor people who are straying from here to there in boats in the Indian Ocean for saving their life. They include large number of men, women and children. Neighbouring countries Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Bangladesh have returned their boats. Many of them have died near the border of Malaysia and Thailand. Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, UAE and other Islamic countries are silent on this fatal crime against the humanity. Thanks to Facebook from where we are getting the horrifying facts and pictures.

Only countries who dared helping them are Turkey, France and Germany. They have shown kindness towards the dying poor people who don’t have any homeland at all. I have come to know through media that government representatives from Australia and other countries have had a meeting for deciding about the fortune of the dying Rohingya people. They however couldn’t reach to any conclusion because there are news that some Bangali people are also getting advantage of this human crisis and they are trying to get illegal asylum in some well-off country by portraying them as part of the Rohingya community. This has added pain to the injury, and as a result Rohingya people are not been accommodated in spite of great necessity. However I believe that this is a lame excuse by the countries who do not help them at all. Rohingya people can easily be identified by using an interpreter who can understand their language but as it is said, “Where there is a will, there is a way”, unfortunately I don’t see any real will here. They are Muslims and they do not deserve to be treated as human beings. UNO and human rights activists shame on you all!!!!!!


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