Review on Pakistani movie ‘Jalaibee’

Jalaibee - the movie

Recently I got a chance of watching the Lollywood movie Jalaibee (جلیبی) in a Sydney cinema with some of my Pakistani friends. We also ran a publicity campaign for the movie and interviewed the viewers after the Friday nigh show. The film is based on a different subject and therefore can’t be compared with other Lollywood Urdu and Punjabi films. Definitely there is a lot of improvement in technology, i.e. shooting, editing and sound quality etc. Actors also performed quite well. Danish Taimoor, Ali Safina, Sajid Hassan and Adnan Jafar deserve appreciation. The story revolves around political parties, their conflicts and dirty politics for getting the power. It also throws light on the underground criminals.

On the other side film fails in impressing the true cine-goers. In this film the biggest flaw is that there is not even a single positive role in the whole story. You will see people killing each other in this movie but you will unable to trace any single Policeman at all.

There is just one song in the film that is shot in a bar. The director has shown an all together different Pakistan that we can’t digest at all. In this film there are only two female actors; Zhalay Sarhadi and Sabeeka Imam. Then one of the villains Wiqar Ali Khan is shown speaking English in more than 90% of his scenes with an extra ordinary accent, which has nothing to do with the Urdu film. Director Yasir Jaswal should have done more effort on the music as we miss any romantic and/or sad song throughout the film. This film is like a TV drama just filmed in a bold environment, although our dramas are also very bold these days and you can hardly watch them with the family. I will give a score of 6 to this movie on a scale of 0-10 (poor-excellent).


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