We have to promote harmony between people having different religions and sects


Pakistan has unfortunately been used by other Islamic countries for promoting their religious school of thought since its creation. If we look into our past, I feel surprised to see that in 70s our ladies were more liberal and in parties they used to wear modern dresses and interact with men more frequently as compared with today. After 1980 when General Zia ul Haq was the president and the army chief; Pakistan was forcefully converted into a Sunni state where Shiites, and Qadianis (who are non-Muslims but claim to be a sect of Islam) were targeted especially. With the time this thing aggravated in the society and our people started going away from each other just because of their religious or sectarian differences.

Similarly Christian minority in Pakistan was always mentioned in an insulting way. I remember that many people used to call a Christian person as Choorra (چوڑا) which in English mean sweeper just because most of the Christians in Pakistan belong to the poor families and many have to do the low paid jobs.

Today we see that Pakistanis have become more unsecure. They fear from each other just because of the religious, sectarian and the cultural differences. A Punjabi is not safe in Baluchistan. Residents of Interior Sindh face racism in the job market of Karachi. Balochis don’t like to live or work in Punjab. Urdu Speaking community of Karachi is not comfortable with Punjabis and Pathans. Similarly people of the Southern Punjab feel less fortunate as compared to the people living in Lahore.

This problem is the one that is not helping our nation to become a united one.  Our leaders including the current ones have their own motivations and have no sense at all that we could expect anything from them. We have to take this responsibility and must start bring people together belonging to different cultural and religious background so that we could promote the message of love and unity. We also need to tell the world that we are a peaceful nation whose each member shows tolerance and respect for the others.


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