Pakistan needs a large cleanup

Happy New Year to all our readers. Wish you all the very best for the New Year and your coming life.

I watched the spectacular fireworks in Sydney live on TV where around 1.5 million people peacefully welcomed 2015. I was feeling sad that why Pakistani people cannot welcome the New Year in this way. After Sydney, Dubai welcomed the new year by having fireworks from the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa. A large number of people were present there as well. Peoples living in other developed countries also welcomed 2015 in large gatherings arranged by their governments.

Pakistan is a country full of passionate and energetic people. However our political and religious leaders have failed in grooming them. Our youth is deprived of tolerance, mutual respect and positive approach. They fight with each other over the political and sectarian differences. They spread hatred rather than promoting love.

After Peshawar attack, whole nation stood beside Pakistan Army to support them for their war against the terrors. However some so-called intellectuals like Zaid Hamid started promoting hatred against followers of the Deobandi school of thought (a sub-sect of Sunnis). On his Facebook page he is sharing unreasonable biased material against the Deobandis. Pakistan Army and the government must take serious action against such culprits.

Pakistan at this time needs a massive crackdown against those who play with the emotions of our people and bring them to such a level of stress that they become violent. Such culprits must be hanged in open spaces in front of huge crowds so that no one could ever dare to do such nasty acts in the future. After controlling law and order situation, government must start arranging healthy activities for the people so that they can enjoy a happy and normal life again. Government should arrange concerts, funfairs and other social events like exhibitions and friendly sports events for the people. Punjab Government must start National Horse and Cattle Show, Spring Festival and Lahore Marathon again at their earliest. Government can get the services of well built young boys for providing security at such events after getting their Police clearance. They will not only control the security but will also earn money.

sports and fares

Lahore Marathon

Pakistan Army has been granted with the permission for establishing their own courts where terrorism cases would be dealt. These courts should decide the cases swiftly so that the culprits get punished in an exemplary manner. Our normal courts should also decide the terrorism cases within minimum time Pakistani nation will then have faith in the justice, which will boost their confidence in the system. I wish that Pakistani nation will definitely welcome 2016 just like peoples do it in other countries of the world.


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