Horrific incident at Army Public School Peshawar

I am writing today after a long struggle as it took me time getting the courage for writing on the topic that has shaken my soul. Pakistani nation always remembers 16th of December as a black day because on this date in 1971 East Pakistan announced their separation from Pakistan and became Bangladesh. This year on 16th December, the day started with the same feelings. Nobody in Pakistan knew that on the same day the nation would experience the worst tragedy that would never be forgotten.

Peshawar Massacre

Our country has been fighting against the terrorism for more than 20 years. Taliban were created in the 80’s with the help of USA for using them against the Soviet Union which attacked in Afghanistan. These tribal people were told that they had to do the Jihad (جہاد), Islamic war, against the invaders into an Islamic state. General Zia ul Haq, that time President and the Army Chief of Pakistan, could not visualize that these Jihadists would start destabilizing their own motherland. After 9/11 when USA invaded Afghanistan the same Taliban declared war against them as they took them just like the Soviet Union.

For several years TTP have been fighting against the NATO forces in Afghanistan. Pakistani government assured the US and its allies to support them fully in their so called ‘war against terrorism’ and allowed NATO forced attacking the terrorists in Afghanistan from Pakistan using our air bases in. This action created unrest in TTP and they started attacking the innocent people in Pakistan. General Musharraf’s decision of allowing US Army to use drones for attacking the TTP terrorists in Pakistan added fuel to the fire. This decision proved the worst for our country. Many innocent kids and families got killed in these blind attacks. After the starting of these attacks TTP increased the level of their attacks and started attacking the armed forces in Pakistan.

During the last few years they attacked the GHQ, police and Intelligence centres, Wagha Border, army bases, shopping centres, and mosques and shrines in different corners of Pakistan.

Yesterday Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) did the highly inhuman act and attacked the school going children in Peshawar. They attacked Army Public School in Peshawar Cantt and killed 132 young students and 9 staff members including the female principal and teachers. The inhuman terrorists burnt one teacher alive after knowing that she had helped the students in rescuing.

After this national tragedy the whole nation announced that they are united against the bloody terrorists and have no sympathy with them. All political leadership sat together and vowed that they put their differences aside for fighting against the culprits. Imran Khan immediately stopped PTI’s protest against the rigging in the last election and announced that PTI would support the government in their war against TTP.

Prime Minister lifted the ban from the capital punishment and after three days two convicted terrorists were hanged. Indeed it is a good step and will prove pivotal in creating a better impression of the government and the judiciary.

I suggest that Pakistani government should now take serious steps in eliminating the terrorism from our land. Police must be trained properly by the Army and international law enforcement agencies for controlling the terrorists and finding their hideouts. Their cases must be preceded in the special courts which should give their decision within 2 weeks. Their verdicts must not be allowed to be challenged in any superior court at all. After the verdict the arrested criminals should be hanged in public. Identity of the judges of these special courts must be kept confidential and their families must be provided with the additional security. Terrorists captured with the clear evidence must not be provided with any legal facilities, i.e. lawyers etc.

All mosques and madrassas (religious schools) must be monitored by the government. Their contents must be approved before they share it with their students. Government also should pass the law for punishing the culprits in the worst manner that accuse non-Muslims without any evidence for carrying out the blasphemy against the Islamic personalities and literature, and promote unrest in the society that results in killing of the innocent accused persons.

Pakistan has to change now. Otherwise we will never be able to come out of this worst crisis that has now resulted in murder of the innocent kids. My heart is bleeding with pain in the memory of those little angels who were our future. WE HATE TERRORISTS. WE HATE TALIBAN. WE LOVE PAKISTAN!!!


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