A beautiful religious get together in Sydney with Najam Sheraz and Junaid Jamshed

Noble Mission Australia is a non-commercial organisation run by Brother Bashar Asadi and other Pakistani friends living in Sydney. They preach Islam to the non-Muslims by providing them published and verbal information in a very friendly environment. They organise weekly stalls in Mt. Druitt (a western Sydney Suburb) regularly, and also arrange open days in the masjids (mosques) where non-Muslim people are shown how we pray.

JJ and Najam Najam Sheraz and JJ

Yesterday (22 November 2014) Noble Mission Australia (NMA) organised a fundraising programme at the Rooty Hill Masjid for collecting funds for the construction of Slacks Creek Masjid in Brisbane. This Masjid will produce Islamic Scholars and will be the first of its kind in Australia. For this noble purpose NMA especially invited famous religious scholar Junaid Jamshed sahib. With him for the first time former pop singer Najam Sheraz also graced the occasion with his presence.

I know Najam since 1989 when he was a second year student of Civil Engineering in UET Lahore, which is also my alma mater. Najam later left engineering and started his career as a singer. He has a real melodious voice and we always loved attending his concerts. Initially he was the lead singer of a band Wet Metal (formerly known as Jupiters II). Later he got solo and gave many super hit songs. Junaid Jamshed was also a very popular singer in his youth.

Yesterday I met Najam after many years. He told me that two years ago he left music completely and now tours the world for preaching and fundraising for the Islamic cause. After the Maghrib prayer Najam was asked to deliver a brief speech about the change in his life. Najam shared his great experiences with the audience and told that how much comfortable he feels now when he has found Allah – the Lord in his life. He said that he got busier after getting into the new ear of his life. In last two years he has made so many journeys which he had never made being a popular singer. Junaid also shared little bit of his journey towards real Islam.

After the Isha prayer both were requested to recite (sing without music) their nasheed’s (religious poetry). Najam sang a beautiful nasheed “Alhamd ul Lillah” both in English and Urdu. Then he sang another one in Punjabi and Urdu “Allah Hu”. He was also explaining the thought behind the lyrics during the nasheed’s. Then Najam performed his most popular one “Naa tera Khuda koi aur hay” (نہ تیرا خدا کوئی اور ہے). All the people present there joined him in singing this beautiful nasheed and the atmosphere got extremely soulful.

Najam told us about the mercy of Allah SWT and requested everyone present there to bring real change in their attitude towards life. He advised that all of us must become example for the non-Muslims through our good acts.

I had to leave as it was too late. I could not listen to Junaid Jamshed unfortunately. However it was a very beautiful experience for me seeing Najam after a long time and finding him in such a great role. Allah bless both Najam and Junaid with His special mercy. Ameen!!!


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