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Today I was watching Australian TV channel ‘7 News’ live. In their morning show they were showing some police raids in Melbourne in which police had arrested some suspected criminals. However to my surprise there was no ‘Breaking News’ slide on the TV screen and only a limited information including a footage without showing faces of the captured persons and without any detailed description was shared with the public. After the news the newscaster didn’t call any of the TV reporters for getting more information. Also the news was not repeated or discussed at all again. I immediately got the essence of peace in Australia.

Breaking News

For last few weeks I have been following Pakistani news channels for getting knowledge about the PTI and PAT sit-ins (دھرنے) in Islamabad. ARY News deputed their anchors Mubashar Lucman, Kashif Abbasi, Dr. Danish and Waseem Badami for covering and discussing the situation in detail. Other TV channels also did similar things. All TV channels at this critical situation were just interested in breaking the news first of all. Even for very normal things they were showing ‘Breaking News’ slides in red colours. Then they used to repeat single piece of news again and again without any confirmation.

Last week SSP Islamabad Dr. Muhammad Rizwan visited me at my place in Sydney where he has arrived for attending a Policing degree. Dr. Rizwan is the same police officer who handled Sikandar issue in Islamabad last year on 15th of August. I asked him about the issue in detail. Dr. Rizwan criticised the electronic media in a very disappointed tone. He said that Islamabad Police could have easily taken hold of Sikandar if the media had not interrupted the action. Media in the form of different reports and cameramen was there to get ‘food’ for their channels. Dr. Rizwan added that the Police could not shoot Sikandar on his body because of the presence of TV reporters and cameramen in the immediate vicinity.

I really feel sorry to say that our media is playing the worst role in destabilising our beloved country Pakistan. I have live for three years in Dubai. Many times there were big accidents on roads and at the construction sides, but no newspaper or TV channel ever reported the correct figures of the causalities. Where 20 persons lost their lives, only 3 were reported over the media. That’s the reason that UAE is developing rapidly. I request Pakistani media to take a review of their own actions and play a positive role in educating and informing the people of Pakistan.

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