Insafians need to prove themselves


Today I am writing on an important issue which needs our immediate attention and action being the members and well-wishers of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). I am sorry to say that despite our claiming of being different from the rest being the followers of Imran Khan, we have failed in proving ourselves as better and educated people.

PTI members in Pakistan and overseas (Australia in special) have been in the same dirty politics and blame games that suit other political parties of Pakistan. In Australia so much mess has been created during the last two years that Pakistanis living in this beautiful country are now least bothered in taking any interest in the party events and programmes. I will not mention any name as this could lead to further deterioration of the prevailing bad situation. All the members claim that they are the best and rest is useless.

I would just request all my respected friends to come together and work side by side for promoting the party and its cause. Imran Khan is the most sincere and capable leader after the founder of Pakistan Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah who the nation trusts on. If we just follow his actions and thoughts, I am 100% sure that we can present a much better image of our beloved country and the party. We have to prove that if we like Imran Khan we want ourselves to be like him.

I hereby offer my sincere efforts for resolving the issues with the hope that all affected and involved team members will put their difference aside and listen to each other with the intention of solving the matters in the best way.

Pakistan Zindabad!!!


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