We will always love you MAJID!!!

25 June 2014 marks the fifth death anniversary of our beloved younger brother Majid Javed. A charming youngster with an exceptional intellectual level, a champion’s smile and great sense of humour; left us for his heavenly abode five years ago.


Rashid and I were very lucky on having such a loving brother in our life who always stood beside us whenever we needed him, who always brought respect for the family with his successes and achievements during the studies and later in his jobs. He achieved whatever he wanted. However he could not fight with his long fatal disease that claimed his life.

Majid passed away physically on that day but he started a new journey in our hearts where he has his eternal place. No day passes by without his memories. He breathed his last on Thursday and since then every Thursday morning makes me sad….. I never need to think about Majid but he is always there in mind.

On Majid’s 5th anniversary Dr. Javed’s Family would like to thank our beloved Muhammad Ashfaq for his never ending love and care for us. Ashfaq is a true gem who always has proved his love, loyalty and dedication for us and above all for Majid. Ashfaq is my class fellow from my Civil Engineering class and has a very close association with our family. His father Muhammad Yousaf passed away on 27th December 2013. In spite of going through such difficult time he didn’t forget Majid and performed an Umra for him just after a few weeks. He is the first person out of our family who performed this noble act for our beloved Majid. We are highly obliged to him and pray Allah to bless Ashfaq with happiness, prosperity and success in his coming life. We are also highly obliged to Majid’s special friend Aamir Ali who put Majid’s name in RSVP on his wedding card even when Majid was not alive.

Dr. Javed’s Family can never ever forget two great persons who are not among us today, but they are always in our thoughts and prayers. We love our beloved uncles Humayoun Shamsi and Dr. Zaeem Jafri who managed to reach on his funeral in spite of their critical health conditions. We also remember the great role played by Major Tahir Ali on his death when he was in Abbottabad with his family and was at a medical centre for getting his son’s leg plastered that had a minor fracture. As soon as he heard about Majid’s death he left the treatment incomplete and rushed to Lahore.

We are also very much thankful to our beloved friend Ismail Ajaz (Khayaal) who wrote two beautiful poems on Majid after his death. He expressed our thoughts for Majid in a very beautiful way in his second poem.

We as Dr. Javed’s Family once again repeat our commitment with Majid that whoever ignored him on his death has no place in our life and insha Allah we will never forgive those who didn’t reach us in our pain and made lame excuses.

Majid……. We will always love you and you will remain with us forever like a glowing light and a twinkling star. Allah SWT bless you with the highest ranks in Jannat Ul Firdous. Ameen!



  1. Thanks for conveying my feelings. I always wanted to say what you wrote here. Majid is with us and will remain there till our last breath.

  2. Asalamoelekum ! This is indeed very sad and a great loss..a brother is so precious…but as you said yourself that he is eternally living in your hearts! Allah loved him so much that he called him before all of us. May he be heaven with angels and smiling! May Allah wash away his sins (ameen) our prayers are with your family.

  3. Majid javed was a wonderful loving personality , he is still alive with his beautiful memories in our Hearts
    May Allah bestow him jannat ul firdaus
    ماجد جاوید
    ایک محبت کا پیکر ایک خوبصورت انسان ، جو اپنی یادوں کے ساتھ آج بھی زندہ ہے ،ہمارے دلوں میں ایک خوبصورت احساس بن کر ، اللہ پاک ماجد جاوید کو اپنے جوارِرحمت میں اعلیٰ مقام عطا فرمائے (آمین)
    وہ ہم میں آج بھی موجود ہے
    محسوس کریں ، اسے محسوس کریں
    کہ جب وہ شمس کی کرنوں کے جیسے ہولے سے
    محبتوں کی حرارت کے روپ میں ڈھل کر
    ہمارے دل کے اندھیروں میں روشنی کی طرح
    خیالؔ چپکے سے آکر جو جگمگاتا ہے
    تو اک حسین سا احساس ہونے لگتا ہے
    کہ جیسے آج بھی موجود ہے یہاں ماجد
    ہمارے آس پاس ہے کہیں نہاں ماجد
    ہمارے جینے کا احساس خوش گماں ماجد
    وہ اپنی یادوں کے حسین لمحات لئے
    ہمارے آس پاس آج بھی موجود ہے
    اسے محسوس کریں ، اسے محسوس کریں

    اسماعیل اعجاز خیالؔ

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