Nawaz Sharif could not learn at all

Attack on Express

Bad governance of PML(N) government has resulted in the further deterioration of Pakistanis’ life. Since the start of 2014 almost every single day terrorists attacked and killed the innocent men, women and children in different corners of Pakistan. Even the Polio workers are unsafe now and recently many of them have been attacked and killed allover Pakistan.

Federal government has always been targeting PTI and Imran Khan on latter’s advice for conducting dialogues with the Taliban terrorists. However they could not come up with any other solution that could help improving the situation. Taliban are now attacking media as well. Last week they attacked on an outdoor satellite vehicle of Express Media Group in which poor workers lost their life. However TTP spokesman Ehsan Ullah Ehsan defended the attack and warned that if media continued ‘propagating’ against them they would attack them again.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif few weeks back had officially authorised Maulana Sami Ul Haq to help government in arranging dialogues with the leadership of TTP so that this turmoil could be finished. Yesterday Maulana announced that he would not be playing any role in this regard. He accused the government of not showing any interest in the peace process. Today Prime Minister House issued an official statement that Mulana was not delegated with any such responsibility. Maulana responded on this that all this process is on record.  Now government is going to have a combat with TTP and Pakistan’s armed forces will soon start an operation in North Waziristan.

If I personally see the present scenario, I feel that Nawaz Sharif has not learnt at all from his past mistakes. He came up with a commitment this time that he would take all government and opposition leaders in confidence before taking any important decisions. However since his coming into the power, he has been visiting different countries and seems to be least bothered about the country’s key issues. He has pulled himself completely out of the issues like missing persons, Dr. Aafia and the worst lawlessness in the country. He does not like to attend the parliamentary sessions at all. KPK Chief Minister Mr. Pervez Khattak has complained that he cannot meet Prime Minister in spite of his best efforts and Mr. Sharif seems to be only Punjab’s Prime Minister.

PTI always has stressed on first having the dialogues with TTP so that they could not make it an excuse for their brutal actions that they were ready for the dialogues and no one came to them. Imran Khan always says that if they do not follow the signed agreement after the dialogues then armed forces must carry out the operation against them. However he says that we are fighting someone else’s war (on terror). If Nawaz Sharif is sincere with the country he must come up with a clear stance for solving the core issues of Pakistan, i.e. terrorism, lawlessness, poverty, inflation, unemployment, and electricity and gas load shedding. Otherwise he must remember that he could be in problem again after this term of PMLN government.


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