Think before you vote in PTI NSW Intraparty elections 2014

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) New South Wales, Australia chapter is going to have their intraparty elections next week (13-15 January 2014). I have been working with the last winning team as Information Secretary for few months until I resigned from my post as a protest.

This time former President Mr. Waqas Bashir has come up with new candidates for the positions of Vice President, General Secretary and Information Secretary. Here I would just like to mention what were my main reasons of resigning, even though I got great respect from the PTI NSW members and Pakistani community members living in Sydney. I request the readers to think before they vote for the contesting candidates.

On our special request Mr. Muhammad Farooq, a well known solicitor has agreed to contest for the position of President PTI NSW against Mr. Bashir. He is supported by Imtiaz Chaudhry, Dr. Faiza Cheema and Mr. Umer Farooq for the positions of Vice President, General Secretary and Information Secretary respectively.

PTI NSW TeamDesigned by the talented Mr. Shahid Iqbal Ch.

After winning the last intraparty election, Visionaries lead by Waqas, formed a very large working team comprising of several groups. I was interviewed on Skype by the President and his General Secretary Mr. Imran Mirza formally and then was selected as the Information Secretary. My long experience of blog writing helped me in getting this position. After a few weeks we arranged our first big function in November 2012. I came across many hardworking members, i.e. Shahid Iqbal Chaudhry, Waseem Shah, Dr. Faiza, Muhammad Ahmed (Vice President), Tahir Saeed, Zahir Khan, Arfeen, Salik Khawaja and Murtaza Hamid who put best of their efforts under the leadership of Mr. Waqas Bashir. The function was a big success for the newly elected team and it motivated all of us.

Shahid Iqbal especially played a great role as he arranged 20 Kg PTI flag designed cake for the event for free. Not only this, he also designed the beautiful posters and tickets with the coordination of team members. I arranged the chief guests, photography and live music. We all were very happy and satisfied. When it came for the next function on 23rd of March 2013, once again we started our preparations. However we felt that Mr. Bashir started doing very strange things. First of all he and Imran Mirza started keeping the Vice President Muhammad Ahmed out of any decisions. Both strangely gave poster and ticket designing job to some unknown person sitting in Dubai. Highly motivated and talented Mr. Shahid Iqbal was not even asked for once to design the same. This was very strange thing for us. Secondly, they tried keeping me out of the music arrangements and related things. I and Shahid Iqbal together with Muhammad Ahmed had sold out the maximum tickets in the first function. Waqas once again gave us too many tickets, without knowing that we had come to know what he was doing on our back.

When I felt that he was planning to keep me out of any major activity, I resigned from my position. Mr. Shahid Iqbal also announced that he would not sell any ticket and not participate as well. On this our beloved members started contacting us with the requests that we should have been in the programme. Matter was taken up very seriously when some other members also came up with serious concerns about Waqas’s attitude. Everyone was complaining of his dictatorship. We arranged a meeting with him in Lakemba where the complaints were raised up. Waqas could not answer a single allegation and the meeting adjourned without any conclusion.

For the sake of PTI we later decided to participate in the function and joined the team. Waqas welcomed us in a good way. On Imran Mirza’s request I took my resignation back. However later Waqas again started to dictate us like a child. On this I resigned permanently from my post. Due to his behaviour many talented people like Shahid Iqbal, Waseem Shah, Muhammad Ahmed (Vice President), Asim Saleem, Umer Akhlaq, Hussain Chagani and Dr. Faiza Cheema left his team. Imran Mirza came up with a very strong stance against him at the end of their tenure and the matter was referred to the PTI Pakistan for their intervention. Mr. Bashir later apologised Imran in writing on his wrong attitude.

Mr. Bashir’s action demotivated the whole team and caused big damage to the PTI image in Australia. In some protests later and their last program held in August 2013 people’s turnout was very disappointing. Due to his attitude local Urdu meida, i.e. Sada-e-Watan, Raabitah and Pak Link also stopped covering our events properly.

I request all eligible voters not to trust Mr. Bashir at all as he is responsible for the de-motivation of highly talented and patriotic members. I request my PTI NSW member friends to vote for Mr. Muhammad Farooq (presidential candidate), Mr. Imtiaz Chaudhry (candidate for the Vice President), Dr. Faiza Cheema (candidate for the General Secretary) and Mr. Umer Farooq (candidate for the Information Secretary) in the forth coming election so that we could see a real change. UNITED FOR CHANGE!!!

Designed by the talented Mr. Shahid Iqbal Ch.

Designed by the talented Mr. Shahid Iqbal Ch.



  1. Shahid Bhai,
    With due respect, Don’t try to build a CASTLE on someone’s TOMB.

  2. Whose tomb brother? Saeed Bhai believe me I respect you a lot, regardless of your support for Muhammad Waqas Bashir. I always liked you participating in the meetings. Unfortunately it is Waqas whose silly actions made devoted people frustrated and they started opposing and criticising his way of action. We have to bring some good and trustworthy people now.

  3. Shahid Sahib,
    Its my personal thinking and may be I’m totally wrong here that we should avoid defaming others in Public and while working for one cause/idea we can’t sit together then how we can sit together against something.

    All I can request is to be a little bit flexible and try accommodating others. We don’t like many people at work place but we still work with them.

    @ meetings I’m mostly a silent listener 🙂


  4. Shahid Saab its absolutely your opinion and ad a PTI member we we accept your opinion. However on a positive note in your next blog please also Publish the comparison as to where PTI was and where it is today? That includes the finances that includes membership levels paid and unpaid members. Your followers deserve to see the good side of the visionaries as well.

  5. We must tell the voters what blunders our opponents did that brought dissatisfaction in the team.

  6. I have seen Manifesto of both teams in detail any intelligent/literate person can see the difference as to what Visionaries have done and what they are offering in the future compared to all the bitter, twisted and negative people who got together and playing with this negative campaign, Not a single negative comment has come forward by visionaries, Shahid bhai i respect you a lot and you are like brother to me.However I would really appreciate if you keep your blog neutral and highlight to the voters all the good things done by the last panel which has never been achieved in the history of PTI NSW.

  7. Aatir bhai I have no doubt on you, Zahid and Shakil sahib. However Mr. Waqas Bashir is not capable of leading a team. I feel sad to see that you guys chose him as your leader. It shows your lack of knowledge and failure in judging him.

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