Insha Jee Utho Ab Kooch Karo……. (انشا جی اٹھو اب کوُچ کرو)

Another news that could not get a reasonable place in today’s Pakistani newspapers because it was not about any actresses, politician or business tycoon. It was about suicide of a helpless 31 year old poor man, father to two daughters. Kaleem who was living in Habib Park, Lahore with his wife after their love marriage and had two daughters committed suicide by eating the mice killing tablets. The reason was his poverty and failure in feeding their daughters. Kaleem was jobless for last few months and the family was running their kitchen with great difficulty. His kids needed milk or something to eat and were crying…… Dejected father couldn’t bear it and chose to die.

I know this blog cannot bring food or milk for the orphan poor girls. Also it cannot bring their father back. In Pakistan poverty is your worst crime. If you don’t have resources to earn enough money for your family, you are left with three to four options. Either you join some terrorist groups, or start corruption wherever possible, or abduct some rich man for heavy ransom, or allow your wife or sister to sell their body at some brothel putting your ego and status aside, or at the end otherwise commit suicide.

People pushing each other for getting charity.

People pushing each other for getting charity.

Like other news this one will also not bother our so called government officials like Chief Minister, Prime Minister, Imran Khan or Munawar Hassan. No one will ever take care of the grieved family who will be facing more difficult times in the future. I love to live in Australia even when I don’t have an engineering job, because their government takes money from the high earning professionals and entrepreneurs and distributes that money in the less privileged families. They give value to every single citizen and permanent resident living here. This is the reason that you will find all the supermarkets flooded with the customers because they can easily afford basic life necessities. This is true Islamic system that Caliph Omar (RA) had introduced during his reign. Everyone one in Australia has free medical insurance. Government pays living allowance to the jobless people after making sure that they are putting their efforts in searching jobs. Jobless people and the students enjoy low railway and bus fares.

I wish that PTI could make the federal government next time and Imran Khan could bring true revolution in Pakistan by implementing the fair tax collection system so that the less privileged families could also at least run their kitchen and their members do not have to commit suicide or adopt unfair means for running their kitchen.


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