PMLN Government failed within 6 months of their rule


Pakistan is bleeding once again….. Our unfortunate people, who had high hopes with PMLN and voted their candidates in the 2013 election, are now repenting. It has now been proved that Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif and their ministers cannot control or improve day-by-day deteriorating situation. Nawaz proved to be the most irresponsible Prime Minister in the history of Pakistan, who kept enjoying his foreign visits when Rawalpindi had the worst sectarian clashes in its history on 10th of Muharram. He left for Thailand after attending the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Following are the areas where PMLN government shows a complete failure:

  1. Law and order situation: Government has failed to maintain its writ.
  2. Highest rate of inflation:  Government could not implement any price control strategy due to which common people are facing the worst living conditions.
  3. Pakistan International Airlines: Government is planning to privatise the national air carrier of Pakistan so that they could hide the corruption and earn commissions for awarding the contract to some favourite business entrepreneurs.
  4. Increasing religious conflicts: Many Pakistanis are now facing discrimination and threats because of their religious and sectarian beliefs and government has done nothing to solve this alarming situation.
  5. Rapidly decreasing foreign investments: Due to the poor law and order conditions, foreign investors are closing down their businesses in Pakistan. Recently Citibank closed their business in Pakistan.
  6. Drone attacks: Government failed in making sure that USA will not continue its drone attacks in Pakistan. In the latest attack, Taliban leader Hakeem Ullah Mehsud was killed and after that Taliban boycotted the peace dialogues with Pakistani Government.
  7. Geo TV: It has been proved that Geo group is being funded and used by our enemies. Pakistani Government failed in putting any ban on them.
  8. Electricity crisis: PMLN Government failed in controlling the long going load shedding. They did not take any serious initiative in improving the situation.

Due to the non-serious attitude of government and their poor policies we cannot expect anything good from them in the coming days. Hiring of the incapable and referred (سفارشی) persons in Police has resulted in failure of the whole department. Police could not control the riots in Rawalpindi in spite of the high alert. Similarly Police officials in Lahore failed in finding the culprit who raped 5 year old girl Sunbal, inspite of having the CCTV footage. This is because of the reason that they are not trained in carrying out the scientific and modern investigation techniques.

Highly educated and well groomed Pakistanis now are facing problems in getting visit or study visas for the European, American and Australasian countries. The reason is that these countries fear that after arriving they would apply for asylum. Some Pakistanis have done this and now it’s hard for the developed countries to believe us. Australia even does not like to invite Pakistani cricket team here because Pakistani cricketer Fawad Ahmed applied for the asylum here. For more than last 4 years Pakistani team has not toured Australia.

I wish that Imran Khan and Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed could lead our country. Both of them are aware of the public sentiments and present law and order situation. Sheikh Rasheed has already warned that if the things keep on going like this, he would call the public on roads. This is the time when we need a real visionary leadership, otherwise God forbid Pakistan’s future is in danger.


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