Liberal government not focusing on the key issues in Australia

In 2013 Australian nation went for polls and elected Liberal party for making the new federal government. Tony Abbott became the new Australian Prime Minister in September 2013. Australian job market was going very slow since March this year. Recruiters were telling the candidates that it was quiet because of the forthcoming federal election.

In July 2013 country’s biggest city rail organisation RailCorp that runs trains in Sydney metropolitan area went into transition and became Sydney Trains. A large number of professionals were fired in the name of short sizing. Liberal party is running the state government of New South Wales. Many intelligent engineers opted for redundancy also known as voluntary separation. As a result they were paid huge amounts. However, after a month or so Caucasian (white) professionals were hired once again on high salary contracts. They not only enjoyed the redundancy benefits but also got jobs again at much higher salaries.

Unemployment in Australia increased in 2013

Unemployment in Australia increased in 2013

We demand equal employment opportunities for immigrant professionals!!!

We demand equal employment opportunities for immigrant professionals!!!

Situation is in the private job industry is also very bad for the skilled immigrant. You apply after preparing a very good covering letter completely addressing the selection criteria but if your name is of a Muslim and/or nationality is Pakistani, even the recruiters don’t shortlist you for the interviews. This has brought disappointment for those who migrated to Australia with high hopes.

Hon. Tony Abbott and his cabinet have done nothing to improve the unemployment and the discrimination with the immigrant professionals. I am highly disappointed from their performance. On the other side opposition party Greens are just interested in getting the equal marriage rights for the same-sex couples. They consider it to be a very important issue. Gays and Lesbians make just 1-2% of the Australian population, whereas immigrants make around 35-40% of the population. I am unable to understand that why no one is bothered about their problems who have to earn for their families to live in the highly expensive country Australia. We have come here with high hopes after getting the skilled immigration which has a very difficult process. Being an engineer I had to first get my qualifications and experience recognised by Engineers Australia, for which I prepared the required report (Competency Demonstration Report). The report was assessed by the Engineers Australia and they approved it after making sure that my experience was of the required Australian standards. After that I applied for the immigration.

I therefore demand Australian government to take necessary actions for improving the employment opportunities in the public and private sectors and eradicate the evident discrimination that has brought disappointment and depression for the migrated peoples.



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