Thank you Malala….

I am Malala - the autobiography of Malala Yousafzai

I am Malala – the autobiography of Malala Yousafzai

These days Pakistanis are once again in a difficult position to decide whether Malala is a good girl trying to create a better image of her country or she is being used by the forces who don’t want to see a stabilised Pakistan.

Honestly speaking I did not write about Malala for a long time because like many other national issues I was not able to get crystal clear information about her ideas and actions, based on which I could write as I try my best to bring the confirmed and correct information only.

I think that I can never in my lifetime get 100% correct information about the following issues:

(i) Facts behind Osama’s presence and assassination just 400 yards from the Pakistani Military Academy Kakool, without information of the Pak Army

(ii) Bail of Pakistani ambassador to US Mr. Hussain Haqani and permission granted to him by the Supreme Court of Pakistan for flying to USA,

(iii) Arresting and handling over of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui to the US authorities

(iv) Million dollars corruption by Arsalan Iftikhar (son of the Chief Justice of Pakistan) without his father having any information on this

(v) Aetizaz Ahsan’s undue support for the former Prime Minister Mr. Yousaf Raza Gilani and presenting his services for the later in the Supreme Court

(vi) Supreme Court’s permission to the fake degree holders for contesting the 2013 general election, and

(vii) Taliban’s attacks on mosques and churches

We must thank Malala that she wrote a book and we can now at least make an opinion about her intentions. I have not read the book yet, however as some of the well reputed journalists wrote their reviews about the book, we can now easily understand that the so-called head covering Islamic minded girl supports her father’s action who was wearing black ribbon as a protest on Pakistan’s golden jubilee. Mr. Zia Yousafzai and his companions were not happy to see Swat as Pakistan’s part after 50 years of the country’s independence. Malala just forgot that it was Pakistan Army’s doctor who saved her life initially. After the attack, she was shifted to UK with her family by the Pakistani government with the appointment of her father in the Pakistani High Commission UK.

Malala also writes that her father tried convincing the people around him that there was no need of blushing out after the publishing of blasphemous writer Salman Rashdi’s book “Satanic verses” in which he insulted Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his wives (mothers of the believers). Her father suggested that such a book could be answered by writing a book in the opposition. She writes that a religious person in Pakistan who started movement against this book was controlled by the Pakistani military agencies. Also in her book she has written Holy Prophet’s name without using the salutation words “Peace be upon him” which is a must for a Muslim to write in English or Arabic (صلی اللہ علیہ و آلہ وسلم).

Malala highly dislikes President Zia for his actions of imposing restrictions on women. I have seen Zia’s period and my honest opinion is that there was nothing like this. My mother, aunties and female cousins were never forced by anyone for covering their heads. However vulgarity was not appreciated at all. There was no Veena Malik or Matheera at that time and TV dramas were watched by the whole family sitting together. If you remember dramas like “Tanhayian”, “Andhera-Ujala”, “Alif-Noon”, “Aanch” and many others were cast during that tenure and they got great success. Similarly she has written too much against Pakistan Army, where she wrote that General Musharraf was playing double game. She also felt sad on the declaration of Qadianis as non-Muslims by the parliament.

Malala also suggests that students in the schools must be taught that Pakistan lost wars against India. Orya Maqbool Jan, one of the respectable journalists of Pakistan, comments that Americans don’t teach their children in schools that their forefathers had killed a large number of the Red Indians.

Malala takes Alexander (Sikandar) as her childhood hero, whereas she doesn’t know that he killed countless number of humans including innocent children. In spite of the fact that Taliban did a cowardly job by attacking a school going female child, I am disappointed to learn Malala’s views. She was nominated for the Nobel peace prize this year, which she could not win. Nobel committee have never considered great people like Abdul Sattar Edhi, Ansar Barni or Imran Khan for their services for the humanity however they consider Malala for the award, which is quite strange.

Malala has been compared with Pakistani Nobel laureate Dr. Abdus Salam who has never been acknowledged for his efforts by the majority of Pakistanis because he was a Qadiani. I would like to comment that Dr. Salam was a great scientist who deserves lot of respect for bringing good name for our country. We are such a narrow minded nation that we did not appreciate his efforts. If Malala is being considered for the Nobel prize just because she was shot in head by the Taliban, then all innocent kids deserve this award who were murdered as result of drone attacks or Taliban’s suicidal bomb blasts.



  1. Shahid bhai, Salam, Malala is not such issue that we waste precious time reading her blogs and discussion. Her service to Pakistan or Swat is nothing else but defacing the image of Pakistan as a non-conducive state for women especially. She also opted to leave Pakistan but has plans to be the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Why? Keep any eye on her but discuss her any more. May Allah bless Pakistan and keep it safe under His karam and ehsaan.

  2. Thanks for writing such a good article/blog. I totally agree with everything you have written. I think you live in Australia, and you will then now that Australians like Europeans and Americans give prices to those who agree with their politics, those who support their point of view and people who confirm their point of view. Malala and other like her are doing all this. And therefore she has a lot of support in west. Because I live in Norway, and Norway is giving the Pace prize, I can ensure you that this price have nothing to do with peace. This is just another tool to support those who work for their values.

  3. Pamela sense with lots of things and I like the most in your article is admitting narrow minded nation as whole. I think that’s where our biggest problem is. I personally not very impressed with Malaala’s personality but her voice is very important , the issue she is raising are critical. I am listen her voice rather than paying attention which channel is broadcasting it .

  4. Nice article that throws light on important issues. After getting through some of the writings in Malala’s book I have also changed my opinion about her.

  5. Good article. Malala is nothing more than a tool, first used by her father for his personnel benefits and now being used by the west for defamation. Literacy rate in swat, as compared to other districts of KPK was higher during the rule of Wali Swat due to his love for education who during his rule had built hundred of schools (each for boys as well as girls) in each and every small and large village of the then state. After merger of the state, these schools could not be maintained by the authorities. These buildings collapsed and no one cared to re build. The only reason for non education of girls as well as boys after Wali swat was the poor economic situation of the swati people who could not afford to send their children to the expensive private schools like the one run by malala father ziauddin who used to charge un-affordable fees.

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