Pakistani Muslims wasting their time on fake Islamic pictures

For last 2-3 years I have noticed that some Facebook users post pictures showing Islamic miracles on their timelines and community groups and pages. You see trees grown up in such a way that Allah’ or Prophet Muhammad’s name would be formed because of their form. Sometime they share Prophet’s or Allah’s name written on forehead of a baby, on a fruit or vegetable, or on the sky by clouds or flying birds. Sometime you will see the holy names on bread or on a goat’ or cow’s skin. There are many other things that they share to impress the viewers about Islam.

Pic-3 Pic-1  Pic-2

Almost all of these pictures are fake where Photoshop is extensively used for this purpose. Pakistanis are so simple in the religious matters that they immediately get impressed by such purposely created images and start liking and commenting on them. Many of them even share them without investigating about their reality. Now there is a new trend, which I would call as a ‘cheap’ act. Persons who share such fake things or even sometime real pictures of a praying person or a holy place write in caption, “It deserves at least 5000 likes”. Number 5,000 is just an example. The range starts from 100 and goes up to 50,000. I really feel sorry to see such things. Our nation needs to understand that peoples living in the developed countries are not going to be impressed by such things. They have good computer skills and easily judge the self-created things.

We waste our energies in such things and have hardly done anything for the betterment of human being. We use mobile phones almost 18 hours a day, which is an invention of non-Muslims. All useful applications like Google maps, Google earth, GPS Navigator, compass, Viber, Skype, online banking apps, Youtube, and Facebook etc. are developed by non-Muslims and we have done nothing except using them. These things even help us in following our religion more conveniently. If you are living in a developed country, you can immediately search a masjid near you by using Google and then you can reach their within minutes by using Google maps (mobile version) or GPS navigator.

There are software applications that give you the correct direction of Qibla from your city, which you can easily locate by using a mobile phone application ‘compass’. Some Muslim brothers (not Pakistani) have developed Islamic software applications which give you information about prayer timings. There are software applications that provide you the facility of reading and listening to the Quran in Arabic and other languages.

I therefore request my Pakistani Muslim friends to stay away from wasting their energies on the fake pictures and try to do something positive that could create a better image of our country and great religion of Islam.



  1. Bro’ Shahid! 100 percent True.
    We waste our energies in worthless stunts just to prove that Islam is the best religion.
    Islam is NO DOUBT the best religion, but to prove this, we have to show our skills, knowledge, value for mankind, love/respect for others (taught by our Prophet PBUH and Islam o Quraan) etc etc for which the non muslims are far ahead of us.

  2. Thanks for writing this piece. My sentiments exactly. I get mad whenever i see such nonsense photoshopped religious images.

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