Australia says ‘NO’ to asylum seekers arriving by boats

by boat novisa

Australian government has finally announced that people coming to Australia by boats, without having valid Australian visas, will not be allowed to remain in Australia. These people will be sent to Papa New Guinea or Nauru, or another participating regional state (source:

The government website reads clearly “If you come here by boat without a visa you won’t be settled in Australia”. Australian government has signed Memorandums of Understanding with the Republic of Nauru and state of Papa New Guinea for the transfer and assessment of persons coming by boats, including women and children.

Website further explains that asylum seekers’ cases would be dealt in those countries and even they are found to be genuine refugees, they would not be allowed to live in Australia. This new development has received lot of criticism from the supporters of asylum seekers living in Australia. People in Sydney and other major cities have protested in streets against the ruling Labor party’s verdict. They are of the view that asylum seekers must be allowed to stay in Australia.

Being a skilled migrant to Australia, I support the law as I believe that people like me who get Australian immigration after meeting their strict criteria feel disappointed when they see people coming through illegal ways with false stories about themselves getting the same rights. People coming by boats have lot of money that they pay to the human smugglers, who operate the boats. Moreover they put their lives at risk as any accident can happen to the boats that most of the times are overloaded.

I wish that human smugglers could be chased and brought to the justice so that they could have no courage to play with the lives of poor people.


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  1. Dear Brother Shahid, its great to see that you wrote a good article about asylum seekers and shows your good interests about this issue. As this is an very important matter and the second most serious topic of this year’s election campaign.

    However, I don’t support this policy of Labour Government, and I think asylum seekers should be processed in Australia and afterwards they should be given rights to stay in Australia if they are fund to be “genuine” refugee’s and not to resettled in other countries.

    We all need to understand that we are talking about peoples and its “Human rights” ! Anyways Australia is only filling up a small number of its UN refugee quota.
    I have conflict with your statement as It has nothing to do with “skilled migrants” and refugee’s also go through a strict selection criteria. Imagine how disappointed those will feel who, are genuine refugees, risking their life’s and still not given the rights to stay in Australia. but, everyone has different personal opinion on this issue. However, I strongly condemn peoples smuggling and I will only appropriate this policy if this is set to deter the peoples who are risking their life’s.

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