66th Independence Anniversary of Pakistan

پاکستان کا جشن آزادی مبارک

پاکستان کا جشن آزادی مبارک

14th August 1947 was the day when Muslims of the sub-continent finally got a ‘home’ for themselves where they could spend their life practising the golden principles of Islam, without any fear. Under the great leadership of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, later knighted by the nation as The Big Leader (قائد اعظم), Pakistanis started their journey with full zeal and devotion. Founder of the nation Mr. Jinnah had also assured non-Muslim minorities for giving them the equal rights just like their Muslim countrymen.

Pakistan was founded with a great though and after a long brainstorming. It was envisaged that this young Islamic country would emerge as leader of the Islamic countries. However this dream could not be fulfilled. Due to the corruption and political mismanagement in the country the goals could be achieved. Today in spite of being the only Islamic atomic power in the world, we are under the huge debts. We have compromised on our sovereignty just because we have to pay the USA billions of dollars.

Afghan war and so called ‘war on terror’ have brought us the worst circumstances. On one side we have been facing the drone attacks and on the other side our internal terrorists are carrying out the suicidal attacks in which thousands of innocent Pakistanis have lost their lives. Everyday our media brings us ‘breaking news’ that really break us and bring disappointment. No one in the government is bothered about the deteriorating economic condition of Pakistan. In any public department, you cannot get your genuine works done without bribing or having references. Similarly there is no control on the prices of everyday grocery items. Common man is the one who is suffering the most. He cannot provide fruits or meat to his kids. Was Pakistan created for this???

There is no justice in the country. Chief Justice’s son was not punished at all in spite of the clear witnesses against him in the corruption case. Similarly Shahrukh Jatoi, son of a landlord in Sindh, has not been punished till date for murdering the innocent Shahzeb Khan in Karachi, who had just returned home after attending his elder sister’s wedding. Overseas Pakistanis, like me, get stressed when they visit Pakistan and face difficulties in getting the simple things done. They always visit Pakistan with happiness but after a few days the happiness is gone.

I wish that our passport could also get the respect like the other passports. We could travel to any country without applying for the visas, and even of the visas are required, being Pakistanis we could get them without any problem. For this we have to come out for changing our corrupt system and play our role in improving country’s impression in the eyes of other citizens of the developed countries.

At this great day I wish all my Pakistani friends and their families a very happy Independence Day. At the same time I would request you all to consider seriously whether we deserved an independent country or not. We have to prove that we deserved it.

پاکستان زندہ باد


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  1. Nations face hard times and they get out of the crises by planning, management, unity, vision and leadership. Pakistan is also going through hard times. People want instant change but, to me, it is an evolutionary process and People’s thinking is now changing slowly and gradually. I dont know when we will be out of these crises’ but I am sure that one day we will be …. InshaAllah. Happy Independence Day

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