Toughest Ramadan for the poor in Pakistan – PML-N Govt. failed in giving any relief!!!

Poor people in Paksitan

Poor people in Paksitan

Today I was reading Wasi Shah’s column in online version of Urdu newspaper Duniya (دنیا). He has shared very terrible facts about the inflation that has made it very difficult for the poor to even fast in the holy month of Ramadan. In Pakistan it has been a trend that when Ramadan approaches each year, the dealers reduce the supply of daily use food items like tomatoes, potatoes, chillies and other vegetables from their storage yards. As a result prices of these most necessary items, without which no food can be prepared, go out of the reach of a large population of the country.

Our federal and provincial governments have made price control committees and it is their responsibility to make sure that price of the daily use items remain within limits so that the poor people can survive. However they always fail in fulfilling their responsibilities and in Pakistan as a matter of fact there is no control on the inflation. Every day we read sad news in the newspapers that many people commit suicide just because they cannot get food or clothes for their families.

On the other side PML-N government is claiming of providing the bullet trains and motorways in the coming years. My question is that if people are not able to meet their everyday needs, what is the benefit of showing them such dreams? Can they enjoy boarding the train when they cannot afford its ticket?

Our civil society must bring this worst inflation issue, resulting from the illegal storage of food items, to the government authorities so that the poor could also survive and earn rewards of the Ramadan which comes only once a year.



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  1. Pakistan came into being to safe guard the interest of the elite class.
    Elite class gets its power / authority from National Assembly.
    Wadera, Chaudhry, Zamindaar, Businessmen, Industrialists rule the economy of Pakistan.
    Democracy is a shield to stop & prevent the revolution.
    Middle class is melting fast.

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