He walks besides me…for Majid, on his 4th death anniversary

MAJID - Prince of Melbourne & Hero of Lahore (RIP)

MAJID – Prince of Melbourne & Hero of Lahore (RIP)

June 25, 2013: Today marks Majid’s 4th anniversary. We as his family members feel proud to be associated with his sweet memories. He was a guest sent to us from Allah SWT and we thank our Lord for sending such a wonderful person to us, who enlightened our lives till his last breath.

He gave us hope, courage and ideas that have helped us in handling the problems in our life. Today I live in Australia. I am here just because of Majid, who I always regard as Captain James Cook from our extended family. He was the first person in our maternal and parental families who landed in Australia as a student in March 2002. Those days I was just planning to apply for the Canadian or Australian immigration, but was finding it bit difficult to choose between the two options. Majid encouraged me to opt for Australia in spite of the fact that all my close class fellows were applying for Canada.

I listened to him and opted for Australia, which had a very difficult immigration procedure for overseas engineering professionals. Majid was the youngest member of our loving family. He was 8 year younger to me and Rashid and we loved him so much. He suffered a lot due to his irrecoverable disease Bipolar Disorder, which affects highly intellectual people. After fighting against this fatal disease for more than 4 years, finally he gave up and left us on 25th of June, 2009 forever.

Honestly speaking we have never accepted it that he is no more with us. He is still with us in the form of his memories. In fact I feel that he walks beside me every morning when I walk to the train station for catching train to reach my office. My day starts with his memories and when I am in my bed for sleeping, he is the last person who says me goodbye at that time. I never forget to pray for him before sleeping. Similarly he is the first one in my prays after offering any of the everyday Islamic prayers.

Allah SWT is the kindest and most merciful and we are 100% sure that Majid is in the heavens. However we miss him a lot and on any of our achievements, his absence is felt badly which makes us sad. Our houses in Lahore and Sydney are named after him as ‘Al-Majid’. We (Rashid and I) have pledged that anyone who ignored Majid on his death is out of our life and we will always fulfill our commitment with his noble soul.

Majid used to listen this song of Brian Adams in Melbourne, whenever he lost his hopes during the initial tough days of his settling. He played this song once for me when I was little sad in Melbourne on not getting a job. Today I feel that perhaps he is giving us this message from the other world where he is now, and where he is healthy and happy with no depressing thoughts…. Just read!!!


Here I am – this is me
I come into this world so wild and free
Here I am – so young and strong
Right here in the place where I belong

It’s a new world – it’s a new start
It’s alive with the beating of a young heart
It’s a new day – in a new land
And it’s waiting for me – here I am

Oh it’s a new world – it’s a new start
It’s alive with the beating of a young heart
Yeah it’s a new day – in a new land
And it’s waiting for me – here I am



  1. That’s love. No substitute for such a brother. Insha Allah, in Jannat, all together.

  2. Jizak Allah for wishing jannat. Allah bless you with all the happiness in this world and hereafter. Ameen!

  3. I was just browsing around and came upon this post … I was devastated … I knew majid(Rox) from FAST … I could not believe what I just read … He was a very exceptional person … May Allah bless him Jannat … My condolences to the family although I just met you all once at Majids brothers wedding … I remember the whole family being very nice and loving !!

  4. Shahid bhai, my name is Salman. I used to work with him at TRG in Central Voice. I wasnt an “apparent” close friend of his like many others but the relation I had with him was more than that. He used to call me a brother. I tried a lot to pull him out of the ditch his social circle had pulled him into but I failed. I miss him so much. His smile was the best and the most genuine ever !!!! There hasnt been a day that I havent remembered him and there wont be a day that I wont remember him for as long as I am alive. He is a gap that can never be filled. Allah give you guys patience and bless his soul.

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