Thori Si Wafa Chahiye: Analysis of Geo TV Drama Serial

Thori si wafa chahiye
I recently watched Urdu TV drama Thori Si Wafa Chahiye on Youtube. This drama was telecast in 2011 on Hum TV. However I could not watch it live and now in Sydney I got a chance to watch the 18 episodes of this nicely directed drama. Syed Wasi Shah is a talented script writer, who wrote this drama. One of the most popular OST ‘Jeena Koi Mushkil Tou Naheen’ is the soul of this drama, sung by none other than world known qawwal Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

Drama evolves around a family of four; Sajid Hassan (playing character of Sheraz) is head of the family and Iffat Raheem (playing character of Rania) is his wife. They have two cute young kids named as Maham and Arsal. There is lack of understanding between the parents and due to the arrogant attitude of Sheraz the marriage results in a divorce.

Sheraz is shown as a corrupt government officer, who has love affair with a beautiful young girl Mehreen (played by Mehwish Hayat) belonging to a poor family. He leaves his family for Mehreen and later gets married to her. He also forcefully takes his kids into his custody. The story moves on. Rania somehow gets her daughter and Sheraz agrees with her on keeping son with him. Rania gets married to a nice man Jasim (played by Adnan Siddiquee) who has a son from his expired wife.

Story is beautifully written and shows that a cheater gets cheated end of the day. Same happens with Sheraz when he is dismissed from his job on corruption charges. He, on advice of his assistant, transfers his assets in his new father-in-law’s name just for saving his skin. He is sent to jail after the investigations. Sheraz when comes out of the prison after a deal according to which he could not join his office again, he goes to his wife who is running love affair with his assistant (role played by Shamoon Abbasi). She asks him to get lost and tells that she would not give him a single penny.

Sheraz starts a new life with his son Arsal, who is diagnosed with brain tumour. From here story takes a dynamic turn. Sheraz doesn’t have enough money for his son’s treatment as with each passing day his son is getting closer to the death. How he manages the funds and how Rania reacts on her son’s sickness is the beauty of this great story. Actor Akhtar Husnain, who performed role of Rania’s brother Arif, also gave exceptional performance.

I would highly recommend this classic drama to all Urdu drama viewers. Only objectionable thing is the unnecessary bold dressing of Mehwish Hayat. Yasir Nawaz has done great job as a director and has proven that he is a talented guy.


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