Tough time for MQM

MQM leader Altaf Hussain has dissolved the party’s administration structure in Karachi, after losing one national assembly and two Sindh assembly seats from Karachi which has been the most supporting city for MQM since it’s creation. During last five years the city has been facing the worst living conditions. MQM, PPP and ANP made residents’ life the worst. Their members have been fighting with each other using modern arms. As a result several youngsters lost their lives and their families are suffering as many of them were the main source of earning for the families.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), led by the visionary leader Imran Khan, emerged as the fastest growing party among the educated class of Pakistan. Especially youngsters joined PTI higher than any other political party of Pakistan. MQM could never think of losing a single seat from Karachi. However on the polling day (11/05/2013) in Defence Housing Authority, Karachi, MQM did not allow people to cast their votes as most of the voters were supporting PTI candidate Dr. Arif Alvi openly.

Election Commission of Pakistan took the notice and held the result from this constituency of the national assembly. After a week, poling was done again at 43 affected poling stations. Dr. Arif Alvi won the seat. MQM boycotted the election as they knew that they were going to lose this seat. However just a night before the re-polling, PTI’s Senior Vice President (Sindh) Mrs. Zahra Shahid was murdered in Karachi by shooting outside her residence.

PTI chairman Imran Khan openly put the responsibility of Zahra’s murder on MQM leader Altaf Hussain. Khan added that British government was also responsible for this as it had taken no action against Mr. Hussain on threatening the PTI workers in Karachi through his telephonic speeches. Before this development, MQM leader few days back gave very unreasonable statement about Karachi saying that the city should have been separated from the country if people could not digest MQM’s mandate there. A large number of Pakistanis from different areas called London Police and registered their complaints against Altaf Hussain.

Yesterday their chief Altaf Hussain dissolved the party structure and also the ‘Communication Committee’. He also added that from now onwards no member of MQM would threat any resident of Karachi for collecting donation for the party by force. Now after the overwhelming victory of PML(N) in the recent election, it is established that MQM would not be part of the federal government as PML(N) has go good majority without requiring any support from MQM. This time MQM’s long time governor of Sindh Mr. Ishrat ul Ibad Khan will also be sent home and PML(N) government will appoint their own governor in Sindh. I believe that MQM will face a difficult time now in Karachi and other urban areas of Sindh as they would not be able to deliver like before when they will be on the opposition benches. On the other hand people now have seen PTI growing rapidly in the urban areas of Sindh. Therefore MQM will have to struggle a lot more for remaining in the picture.


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  1. MQM needs to mend its style of politics. People are fed up now and they have other options for voting.

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