New Challenges………..‏ (by: Arman Sajid)

The election results have given many challenges to the political parties; greatest challenges are for PML(N) and PTI. PML(N) did every possible thing they could have done to win maximum seats but now they will face a real opposition in the form of PTI, promises they did with its voters to deliver and an overarching; vigilant media. Since the surge of PTI in 2011, unlike PPP, PML(N) leadership had to step down on the ground and deliver something to secure their “promised turn” after 2013 elections. PML(N) will form its government, but it has to perform to sustain in the system, due to ongoing pressure from PTI. Economy, terrorism, energy, drones, Baluchistan, law and order, war on terror, pending cases, NAB, and on the top; Karachi, will be toughest challenges for PML(N).

At the same time PTI, very likely will form government in KPK. Imran Khan had been referring to Nitesh Kumar of Behar (India) and comparing it to the PML(N) regime in Punjab. KPK will be also a challenge for PTI; huge reforms will be required to bring KPK back to normal life and progression. For PTI to maintain its credibility and prove itself, KPK should be a model for rest of the Pakistan. At the same time, at federal level, a strong opposition should be effective enough to encircle the day to day businesses of PML, and demonstrate its value.
PTI as a party will get more time to learn from its mistakes in past, reorganise itself, get out of the pho bia of old and new, and substantiate its claims by a demonstrated performance.

Good Luck to PML(N) and its supporters, celebrate your “success”, but remember, this is Naya Pakistan, and not 1990’s; you will face aggressive, constructive opposition, all your claims and promises are on record and any deviation can’t be put under the carpet.

Thanks to Imran Khan, he did his best; his supporters did what they could do, in some cases unprecedented. The struggle continues……………………….
God bless Pakistan………we all love it, as it comes first………


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