True picture of Election 2013 and the contesting political parties

Pakistani nation is going to polls on 11th of May 2013 for electing their candidates for the national and provincial assemblies. I was in Pakistan from 12th to 27th of April. During my visit I met a number of people in Lahore and Multan belonging to different social, cultural and economic backgrounds. It is clear that after the worst performance of former Pakistan People’s Party federal government, now main contest is between Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PMLN).
elections 2013
PMLN has recently governed in Punjab province and their performance remained better than the federal PPP government. They constructed roads, schools, and Metro Bus Route in Lahore. Overall law and order situation in Punjab remained better than the other provinces. Punjab government also distributed laptops and solar energy panels in the college and university students. Biggest success of the Punjab government was the eradication of dengue disease. However they could not control inflation and extra-long electricity load shedding. Their schemes ‘Sasti roti’ and ‘Yellow cabs’ got failed.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has emerged as the most popular political party in the youth of Pakistan. Imran Khan’s charismatic personality and a clear vision for building a new Pakistan have attracted a very large number of people who have lost their hope in the previously ruling political parties.

During my interaction with the people in Lahore and Multan (as mentioned above) I found that around 85-90% of them were supporting PTI for the upcoming elections. They were determined to cast their votes in favour of the PTI candidates for bringing a real change. They believe in the leadership capabilities and honesty of Imran Khan. However some friends told me that this situation is only in the urban areas of Punjab and in the rural areas people will cast their votes to the typical politicians. Therefore I believe that it will be a very tough competition. Top leadership of both parties is holding large gatherings. Let us see who wins the game on 11th of May.


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  1. Rural aress of Pakistan still stuck in cast or few families system politics. I pray for khan success. So called Educated people have a degree only but hardly seen the 1st world so they get carried away with sharief family promise of bullet train. There are lot of bullets training in karachi already under so called political elite.

    Cities will vote for PTI and even local Labour will votefor PTI in their villages.

    Shahid one request just vote for PTI do not change ur vote as Pakistanis are famous for slagon ” jara jeetay onday nal ” meaning whichever party win I with him.


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