Illogical stance of Asma Jahangir on fake degrees issue

I have just watched 2nd April programme of the political TV talk show ‘Islamabad Tonight’ where host Nadeem Malik discussed the issue of fake degrees which has resulted in the incapability of a large number of former lawmakers who had submitted the fake certificates and degrees to contest the last election in 2008.
Asma Jahangir
Dr. Shahid Masood and famous senior lawyer Asma Jahangir were the guests. To my disappointment and surprise, Asma Jahangir raised her voice for the convicted lawmakers, who are facing trial in the courts on proving guilty after verification of the fake documents from the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan. Asma said that it was an attempt to derail the democracy. She was of the view that first there was a need of long investigation of the matter before declaring anyone incapable or convicted. It was really shameful to see a world known human rights activist and senior advocate defending the fraudulent politicians.

Dr. Shahid Masood came up with a very logical and clear viewpoint. He said, “Any politician who won the election by giving a false declaration, must be thrown immediately behind the bars and treated in the worst manner. Such people have looted the nation”. Dr. Masood faced tough response from the so called senior lawyer, who had no logic in her comments.

I am happy to see that such people are now being exposed in front of the whole nation, for which we must give credit to our media. Asma Jahangir in this programme exposed herself and now I would suggest all those who respect her to watch the recording of this programme on Youtube or Jadoo TV.


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