Loyalty of Overseas Pakistanis (by: Arman Sajid)

A tram in Melbourne designed like Karachi bus (Commonwealth Games 2006)

A tram in Melbourne designed like Karachi bus

27 Feb 2013: Whether Overseas (OS) Pakistanis love Pakistan or not, cannot be determined which passport they hold, however it can be one of the factors, but not the only one to determine loyalty with Pakistan. I hardly came across any Pakistani (may not be in my circle) who migrated because he did not like living there, but there are many other push factors or drivers which could be the reason behind the moves. Yes, there are burgers who hate Pakistan regardless of where they reside, I exclude them.
Majority of factors are economic reasons, whereas new factors played role after 90’s. Lack of social security, social injustice, lawlessness, greater distance between the two extreme classes, race of materialism and many other reasons, depending upon each individual, his/her personal circumstances. After late 90’s there are many Pakistanis who have been migrating despite of having capital in their homeland, large bungalows being looked after, rather enjoyed by their servants/keepers. The owners of such bungalows live abroad in small townhouses or units, bought through mortgage, and returning almost 70% or more, of their earnings back to Banks /Government. There are many Pakistanis, who wish to migrate back and I personally know some families who did and are still living there.
Quite a long debate, but in short, loyalty of Pakistanis cannot be judged upon their status of residence.
Dear CJ; if you can ensure fairness and justice in Pakistan; we will be there, but the problem is “your” Anglo-Indian legal system, where people die while waiting for justice.

You can contact me at armansajid@gmail.com for your comments.


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