Arman Sajid joining our writing panel

Eng. Arman Sajid Qureshi (Sydney)

Eng. Arman Sajid Qureshi (Sydney)

Sada-e-Shahid feels pleased to announce that Sydney based Pakistani Engineer Mr. Arman Sajid Qureshi has shown his desire to write for us. He is a Civil Engineering professional basically from Lahore and has a very good vision and knowledge of the national and international political and religious issues.

Arman Sajid is desirous of sharing his ideas and thoughts with the Pakistani community so that he could play his role in educating the people for creating a better Pakistan. I welcome Arman Sajid on Sada-e-Shahid and offer my best possible cooperation here. Sada-e-Shahid ( was started back in 2008 from Dubai and now has completed four years of its continuous publishing. Writing panel consists of Shahid Javed (Australia), Ismail Ajaz (UAE) and Arman Sajid Qureshi (Australia). Our blogs and pages have been viewed by a record 300,000 times. We are committed to highlight important national and international issues maintaing our unbiased policy.

We always try to educate our fellow Pakistanis through our blogs, poems and pictures. Our purpose is to work towards the spreading of peace, tolerance and harmony between people belonging to different walks of life.

Long Live Pakistan!

SHAHID JAVED (Sada-e-Shahid)



  1. Thanks to Mr Shahid Javed for the encouragement and providing me an opportunity to share ideas using his forum.

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