Noble Mission Australia – giving message of Allah with love

Noble Mission Australia (NMA) is an Islamic charity organisation based in Sydney, Australia. This organisation is rub by the Pakistani community living in Sydney. Main purpose of the organisation is to give message of Islam to the peoples of other faiths. In addition to this NMA also collects donations for the Muslims in need. NMA regularly holds a stall at Mount Druitt near Westefield Shopping Centre every Saturday, where published literature on Islam is freely distributed to the non-Muslims. Free glasses of juice and lollies are also available for anyone who visits the stall.

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On Saturday 22nd of December NMA especially arranged free sausage rolls and soft drinks for the residents of Mount Druitt and Rooty Hill as a gesture of goodwill from Australian Muslim community on approaching of Christmas, which is observed with respect by the Muslims as well being the birthday of Prophet Jesus (Issa Alaih Assalam). Stall opened at 10:00 am and highly energetic team of NMA kept serving the rolls and drinks till 2:30 pm when the stock got finished. This was first kind of event in Sydney. Christians visited the stall in a large number and acknowledged the spirit in very good words. They were delighted on enjoying free lunch. Guests were briefed about the Islamic concepts and given the leaflets which covered detail on Islamic way of life.

I am thankful to Allah SWT that I also took part in this noble cause purpose of which was to bring awareness of the great religion of Islam to the non-Muslims. We all had a very busy day, but had happiness and content within our innerselves. After the success of this event, it was decided by the team members that such events would be arranged regularly after every three months. Bashar, Sarwar Sial, Arman Sajid, Imtiaz Chaudhry, Saeed Sb., Sheikh Nadeem, Rana Amjad and others worked very hard for making this event successful and deserve lot of appreciation. I apologise if I miss any name.

مجھے ہے حکم اذاں

لا الہ الا اللہ


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  1. Thanks for sharing, this may attract insha Allah getting more people involved for this noble cause, insha Allah

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