Pakistani actors protesting on telecasting of foreign drama serials

Unfortunately we are such a desperate nation that we never feel pride on our assets and always love to promote imported items. During 80’s and 90’s Pakistan Television produced drama serials that got great popularity. Scripts of these dramas were very strong always giving good messages to the viewers. Actors were selected according to the roles and there was always a very good and healthy competition between them for awards. I still remember that PTV Lahore and Karachi centres tried their best to be number one in the race of awards.

In late 90’s private TV channels started their telecasting. STN was the first private TV channel. Later Geo, Aaj, Hum, ARY and many more private channels were given licences to telecast their programmes. During the first decade of 21st century, once again Pakistani drama got its revival which was suffering from Star TV Indian dramas. Writers like Umera Ahmad, Farhat Ishtiaq and Momina Duraid came up with fresh ideas. However it was noticed that in many serials actresses wore objectionable dresses. There was also a change in the topics and many bold topics were selected, which were not appreciated by the Islamic families in Pakistan.

2012 is ending with a new turmoil for our TV drama industry. Many channels are now importing TV serials from Turkey and Middle East countries, which are dubbed in Urdu. Urdu-1 TV started this new wave and selected telecasting a Turkish play ‘Ishq-e-Mamnooh’ (عشق ممنوع). After this other TV channels also followed the trend and now number of such imported plays is being screened. Pakistani TV artists of course didn’t appreciate the idea and have started launching protests outside the press clubs in Karachi and Lahore. Their point of view is that these plays are based on vulgar stories and do not show our culture.


I am not a supporter of these foreign plays, however I just question Pakistani artists that if they never feel shame on wearing western and vulgar clothes, and speaking on bold topics, why they are angry on the same things being done by the foreign artists. We can accept a Pakistani grandmother in her 60’s or 70’s wearing no dupatta at all, and married women shown wearing tight fitting jeans with short shirts; but we cannot accept foreign artists doing the same. Sawera Nadeem can be shown as pregnant without being married in our dramas and discussions on having extra marital relations can be aired without any problem on our television channels. Therefore in my opinion our artists have no right to defend their industry. Have we ever promoted Pakistani or Islamic culture? Have we ever felt pride in wearing eastern dresses? Have we ever given a thought on the script of our plays? Have we tried exporting our TV plays to other countries (dubbed versions)? The answer to all these questions is ‘No’. Therefore first we need to correct ourselves and then point finger on others.



  1. Well .. dear Ma Sha Allah you wrote wonderfully and covered the topic .I appreciate it. Keep writing more and more .. Pakistan needs us to do something and it seems you are playing your part well ..
    The topic is good and I totally agree to your idea. I want to end with a famous saying in urdu
    ” Kawwa chala hans ki chaal apni bhi chaal bhool gaya”

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