The long journey is over! (For Dr. Ali Murad Syed)

Ali Murad

Today I feel proud to write for a person who has enlightened my life throughout our 22 years old golden friendship. A person who deserves love, encouragement and pride for being a true gem!

When I and my twin brother Rashid started studying Pre-engineering at Forman Christian College, Lahore in 1990, a nice guy Ali Murad Syed became our friend. We became very close friends within couple of months. After F.Sc. we all got admission in UET Lahore. Ali got admission in Mechanical Engineering Department, Rashid in Electrical Engineering Department and I got enrolled in Civil Engineering Department. Ali was promoted to Civil Engineering after 2 months. Somehow I managed to bring him in my section (Section –A).

Ali Murad Syed

And now the journey started where a beautiful triangle formed: Ali, myself and Ashfaq. We became the best friends. We shared our happiness, grieve and lot more and are sharing them even today. Ali lost his both parents, got his arm fractured; Ashfaq got divorced twice, and I got my leg fractured, and later lost my younger brother Majid. At these tough times, we stood united as one. Rashid of course has always been a part of our friendship.

Ali got enrolled in PhD after struggling a lot. After his mother’s death in 2008, he took the courage and started his PhD in a university in France on Government of Pakistan scholarship. As he had done his MBA after engineering, he chose field of finance for his research. Ali’s family (wife and kids) suffered a lot but set a great example of sacrifice. They were living in Pakistan, whereas Ali used to live in France. Ali was managing the studies in a very difficult way. Many times he thought of dropping the PhD in the middle, but we always encouraged him to complete the journey. Meanwhile Ali got immigration of Denmark and moved there with his family. As new settlers in a non-English speaking country they faced number of challenges…… but they did not give up!!!!!!

Ali Murad kept studying and finally Allah blessed him with success…. 11 December 2012 is the day to remember. Mr. Ali Murad Syed became Dr. Ali Murad Syed.

Ali Murad Syed-1We all love you Ali. I am always with you my friend and wish you the very best of luck. You will find me always standing beside you holding your hand firmly. Your parents are not alive today unfortunately to feel proud on their great son, but my parents are in their place for you. We are your family! Dad and you both were born on 5 September and both are PhD’s. I love you both and feel myself lucky on being part of your lives.

“Whatever you do, wherever you go, I will be always supporting you”.

Mr. Muhammad Ashfaq greets Dr. Ali Murad:

I wish all his dreams come true in the future and May Allah bless him with all the happiness. I also wish that he settle in Denmark possibly but if he wish to go back, May Allah fulfil his dreams in all situations.  I like to say about him:

“We shared our smiles and tears, over the years our friendship has grown and he is a wonderful part of my life now”.

Ashfaq's message for Dr. Ali Murad

Ashfaq’s message for Dr. Ali Murad

Regards,CNN (Ashfaq’s nickname)

Mr. Rashid Javed greets Dr. Ali Murad:

I knew Ali in 1990. He was my classmate at FormanChristianCollege, Lahore. We became close friends and later on studied together once again in UET. Ali was one of very few students who aimed for further research. He was with me when I lost my younger brother. I can never forget how he came and held me. He gave me the strength to keep myself composed in those tough moments. I learnt about sincerity from him. I congratulate him on defending his thesis successfully in France and pray to God for his success in life.


Rashid Javed



  1. Ali always has very good sense of Humour. I like to share a discussion between us. Ali asked me, Rana , how much money we required to build a kothi. I replied , A Lot….. Then he immediately throw next question on me, what you think about Kotha….? I replied, its not difficult to build Kotha but required lots of maintenance Fee…. After that we had a good laugh while attending this CRP Class.

    I congratulate Ali and his family for this wonderful achievement. God bless him, he always shared our grief. Allah bless him lots of Happiness.

  2. MasahALLAH, i am impressed alot. And after reader such a wonderful sharing. I am impressed of my Supervisor. May ALLAH blss you and your family in every walk of life.
    your new student
    Engr Abdul Haseeb

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